SkillPath Corporate Strategies Business Writing and Grammar Skills training course will provide employees with a wealth of shortcuts, easy-to-remember tips and insiders’ secrets to help them produce first-class business correspondence, overcome their doubts about business writing and have fun in the process. We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction.
This two day course will provide you with the high level skills necessary to communicate more effectively with your audience. Highly practical and interactive group and individual exercises will be used to ensure the participants get sufficient practise and exposure. Optional: You can opt to being your laptop or handheld devices for writing practice purposes. Marinella has vast experience in training locally gives her the competitive edge in understanding the needs of the participants. The tone of voice of your organisation and the precise documents your team writes are similarly unique. Delegates on our courses come from every level of seniority and experience – from interns and analysts to senior partners and chief executives. Our discussion-led approach means that, by the end of the day, delegates will be full of ideas for applying their new skills to their day-to-day writing. This means the cost of the course varies depending on how many people you’re looking to train. A wide range of people commission our courses – including team managers, board members and professionals in L&D and HR. Emphasis is the UK’s leading business- writing training company, offering specialist business-writing training and consultancy services to private and public sector organisations all over the world. ClarkMorgan has been doing business writing training in China for over 10 years now, and so we have a lot of experience.
Patrick first moved to China in 1998 and joined the ClarkMorgan team in 2004, making him one of ClarkMorgan’s most experienced China-centric trainers.

Beware, this is an intensive writing course and there’ll be substantial writing tasks involved. Reid a former British Diplomat’s wife with over 18 years of experience in a wide range of language based training in many countries particularly England, Islamabad, Budapest and Malaysia. Her participants come from many different industries from Oil and Gas, TV stations, banks, Advertising, Heavy Equipment, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Electronics and IT. Instead of leading your team, you have to spend hours re-writing or editing documents that should be correct the first time.
It will give your team a complete grounding in all areas of professional writing, whatever they write – whether that’s day-to-day emails, management reports or customer letters. They all have their own challenges – whether it’s because they do different things, operate in different sectors or markets, or simply employ people with different skill sets. Indeed, we think that a huge amount of good writing is learning how to make the best use of that.
Based on fifteen key writing areas, it will tell us exactly what each person should focus on first.
This means they will understand the writing issues of every one of your people – before anyone even enters the training room.
Called Emphasis 360, it will allow your team to revisit the techniques they covered in the course and learn new ones. If you’d like to find out prices for your group size, call us on +44 (0)1273 732 888 or send us a message. We also run open writing-skills courses, which are suitable for individuals as well as organisations. It’s one of those perpetual skill sets that is continuously sought after by our clients.
The first forms of writing (depending on your definitions) are only 6 to 8 thousand years old (and yes, it was even business writing back then, ways to keep track of accounts).

From hardwired hundred thousand evolved survival forms of communication to a writing medium less than twenty years old.
His trainings are illustrated with stories and anecdotes from his past experience that bring the interaction alive for his trainees, while also tailoring the training to the specific needs of the trainees and company. She always receives rave reviews from the past participants for her ability to generate interest and motivate participants to improve their language skills. Or they could simply fail to get to the point, filling up documents with meaningless waffle.
This means our expert course developers can create a course that engages your team. We tailor the course to make sure every exercise, discussion and example rings true for your organisation. But our trainers are also sensitive to the fact that writing skills are something that many people feel very nervous about discussing. We also send every delegate regular reminders about Emphasis 360, to make sure that writing stays at the front of their mind. Patrick holds an MBA specialising in International Business and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute. That’s why we train mainly in small groups and do all we can to build a rapport with everyone who takes part. He studied Industrial Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, and East Asian Studies from Loyola University – Chicago.

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