We teach busy employees how to solve problems, meet deadlines, and keep projects on target by Writing to Get Things Done (WGTD). This popular onsite business writing seminar focuses on improving productivity—using writing as a powerful tool for getting things done.
WGTD focuses on improving participants’ actual on-the-job business writing skills—writing clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, and reports. This is not a remedial writing program for “problem writers.” This business writing skills course is for everyone who uses writing to get things done.
For training to be effective, participants must learn the material and put what they learned into practice. Pre-seminar Analysis: Two weeks before the seminar, each participant emails us a business writing sample for review—this can be an email, letter, memo, or report. Seminar Session: The focus is on improving participants’ actual on-the-job business writing skills.

Follow-up Support: In keeping with our commitment to offer a learning and development process, we offer a number of free value-added options to help seminar participants become more productive on the job. Practice and exercise session for participants to apply the techniques of planning and structuring in the writing process. Our training course, Business Writing for Professionals, will train your employees to write effective business communication that will persuade and inform readers. We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction. Employees learn how to write quickly and effectively, saving time for themselves and their readers. WGTD is a must for architects, attorneys, analysts, engineers, contract specialists, and managerial and professional staff whose job requires effective written and email communications.
They possess vast relevant experience in their own specific fields as practitioners and trainers.

We’ll untangle the writing process and break it down into a handful of straightforward steps that will help them communicate with clarity and ease.
When organizations create a critical mass of people writing to get things done—things get done! They will impress others with their ability to get to the point quickly, clearly, and concisely!
Each comes with an impressive list of clients whom they have personally rendered their training services to. They’ll learn to organize thoughts and present messages in a way that earns respect, credibility and achieves positive results.

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