The Ontario Training Network connects business and government organizations with trainers who are known experts in their fields. We offer over 90 workshops in areas such as business writing, communications, listening skills, presentation skills, project management, time management, leadership and management training, customer service, and conflict resolution.
Ontario Training Network works in partnership with J Watson Training, an organization with over 25 years experience delivering workshops to corporations and all levels of government in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, and across Canada. You may be able to reduce your company’s training costs by up to 67% with this government-funded program. Learning RetentionOn-site training builds morale and increases communication within a team or organization. Great execution with just the right amount of depth and detail for a two-day course on Project Management. Nearly every police executive in the nation, whether from a large metropolitan department or a small-town agency, faces issues and opportunities, but in the Native American community, the law enforcement leader must address a unique set of challenges and concerns. To address these challenges the COPS Office funded the Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute (UMCPI) and its partner, Community Safety Institute (CSI), to create and deliver a Tribal Law Enforcement Executive Leadership course. For over a decade, the COPS Office has provided tribal policing grants, as well as trainings and technology. The essence of leadership is a mixture of physical and mental traits, intelligence, aptitude, and temperament.
In the law enforcement community, teams of officers are assigned the task of maintaining order and arresting offenders within a defined area. In tribal policing, strike teams or support teams are often deployed to address crime problems in specific geographic locations. Throughout the course, participants take a variety of self-assessments in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses in important leadership areas, such as: accountability, delegation, decision-making, management styles, motivation, teamwork, and time management.

The NATS III – Tribal Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Course prepares tribal police leaders to effectively address leadership challenges of today. Improve children's social skills and reinforce positive character traits!There are no right or wrong answers in these six unique board games! It is normally less expensive per participant to have people trained on-site rather than in a public workshop setting. The Tribal Police Chief must be able to perform under extreme environmental and social conditions, while blending officers from other cultures who may have differing values and philosophies on Native American policing, into one agency—unified to fight crime, protect citizens, and improve the quality of life for everyone. This third and final installment of the COPS Native American Training Series (NATS) is specifically designed for the tribal law enforcement chief executive and their command staff. McDowell Yavapai Nation Police Department, wrote after receiving the training, “I would like to say how beneficial this training was for me. However, research has indicated that many of these programs were not being utilized because they were not tailored to the Native American community. Conventional theory tells us that leadership is a tough quality to define and that there is no one definition that fits all aspects of leadership.
In tribal police departments these terms are further blurred as managers are assigned to take temporary leadership positions before returning to their permanent positions.
A leader has a special responsibility for the functioning of this group and must know the best way to produce the highest level of success.
Teams of officers who have never worked together before are often assembled from various agencies and sent to assist their host agency on large tribal reservations far from their regular duty stations.
The COPS Office materials selected for inclusion in this course, combined with cutting edge 21st century leadership training and identified best practices, have been enthusiastically accepted by Native American police.
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We can incorporate your templates and examples and use relevant case studies in our sessions and workbooks. And as they have extensive years of experience in their chosen training fields, they have numerous stories and examples to share. The COPS Native American Training Series is designed to tailor existing successfully implemented community policing initiatives to meet the needs of Native Americans, thereby increasing utilization of the training programs and institutionalization of community policing in tribal communities. Even more difficult may be the transition from supervisor to police executive with little or no formal training or preparation. Effective leaders have the ability to determine the type of leadership interventions that are needed for the group to be successful.
For tribal police executives, leading these disparate teams can present a significant challenge as they try to address concerns regarding officers, their operations, and their ability to work with local community members. The PDP is a multi-page document created by each individual and based on their self-assessments and other materials presented throughout the course. This means they offer their workshop participants relevant, practical, and proven information. In the PDP each leader lists challenges to themselves where they can personally improve their leadership skills, and then they build an Action Plan detailing the timeframe for this personal development, how they plan to achieve their goals, and an evaluation of how they will know when they have succeeded in increasing their leadership capabilities.

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