At first i wanted to talk about rappers and basketball players, but then i realized the discussion would be limited to bigger wheels and spinners.
So autoevolution comes to the rescue with not only the names and description of the cars you need to buy, but also where you want to go with them.
When you just won a cool couple of million, buying cars that cost pennies might seam strange, but there’s a time and a place for everything. The one-off Codatronca Monza has been commissioned by Aznom - who realized the interior design of the car. At number nine on our list of cars you must buy if you want to be respected, not just as a millionaire, but as a human being, sits the Golf R32. Also, in some countries lottery winners or their close kin are kidnapped by and held for ransom. If you can’t stand the idea of an older car like Golf R32, get a MINI Cooper S or Audi S3, and they might drive you just as anonymously.
If you live somewhere in East Asia, a German SUV like the Porsche Cayenne or the aforementioned BMW X5 is your best choice if you want the respect of people driving Honda and old Toyota. This one was used as an exhibition car at the Geneva Motor Show and there are only five others like it. Also, the 2012 model features insane attention to detail, as the suspension has been set up to compensate for the driver not being in the middle, and the engine’s map has been fine-tuned to create a bit more torque wherever possible.
So if you buy the latest supercar that tops out at over 200 miles per hour, you are going to die in an accident.
But, no man with a free soul should live his life without passion and beauty, so you still MUST have the car of your dreams. The 458 Italia is better not only than all other Ferraris on the track, including its predecessor the 430 which has 80 less horsepower, but it also offers all the on-track feel you’ll ever want. Just make sure to spend plenty of time creating your unique version of the car, because you’re bound to come across another on trackdays! AP ImagesDon't buy these.The Powerball lottery drawing for Saturday evening has hit a record-high estimated jackpot prize that was $800 million as of this writing, after no one won the jackpot in Wednesday's drawing.
While that's a huge amount of money, buying a ticket is still probably a losing proposition. When trying to evaluate the outcome of a risky, probabilistic event like the lottery, one of the first things to look at is expected value. Prizes are then given out based on how many of a player's chosen numbers match the numbers written on the balls. Powerball's website helpfully provides a list of the odds and prizes for each of the possible outcomes. Our first problem is that the headline $800 million grand prize is paid out as an annuity: Rather than getting the whole amount all at once, you get the $800 million spread out in smaller a€” but still multimillion-dollar a€” annual payments over 30 years. On the other hand, the state is investing the cash somewhat conservatively, in a mix of various US government and agency securities. We need the expected value contribution of the jackpot to counter the very negative and very likely outcome that we win nothing, offset by the contributions from the smaller prizes.

Under our assumption that we could lose up to half of our winnings to taxes, that means we need the pretax prize to be $981,867,643.44.
Since we are inclined to take the lump sum rather than the annuity, factoring in the importance of time value of money, if we assume the same ratio between the annuity and the lump sum that currently holds a€” a $800 million headline prize compared with a $496 million cash lump-sum prize a€” that means that, to even get close to a breakeven value, we would need the headline annuity prize to be a whopping $1,583,657,489.42. Of course, even at that astonishingly high, nearly $1.6 billion headline prize, we could run into the problem of the possibility of splitting that prize with another winner.
I say this because most new models launched these days in the premium segment or higher basically cater to new money - the guy who sells cement and wants to show the neighbors he’s made it by going over the top with the brashest SUV.
By definition, people of lower economic rank buy luxury goods that were previously unobtainable. Obviously, these are more like guidelines than rules, since no two lottery pots are the same. If you want the world to know you’re a car lover, the best thing to buy is something people have never heard of before.
If you’re going to build a ten-car garage, there is no way to get away from the fact that supercars and sportscars are impractical.
Yes, we know there’s an R20 that is faster and gets better milage, but you must have that V6 in your life. If you live in Europe, we’d suggest the proper Range Rover with a big V8, in black with every camera, screen and speaker you can demand from your dealer. Another choice for wafting about would be the Bentley Continental GT, which is sold with more chrome than an American trucker’s whole front end. Both of these are recognized as design icons and will not brake the piggy-bank, so you’ll have money left over for the new supercars you like. There is nothing better new money likes to do during the day than drive around, annoying all the other motorists that have to work for a living. Though you want hold on to your convertible money until next year, when the mid-engined Audi will reportedly get S tronic double-clutch gearbox.
We’ve stuck with the Japanese theme for the second to last car of the list and there is no better four-wheeled creation made in the land of the rising sun than the Nissan GT-R. It’s got a staggering 550 horsepower, 70 more than when when it was introduced back in 2008.
Have you noticed that we have suggested very few cars that actually go like they are on fire? As a result, your money will be split between you wife and Carlos Armando, your gardener with a ripped body. The expected value of a randomly decided process is found by taking all of the possible outcomes of the process, multiplying each outcome by its probability, and adding all of these numbers up. If my expected value for playing the game, based on the cost of playing and the probabilities of winning different prizes, is positive, then in the long run the game will make me money.
As of October in Powerball, five white balls are drawn from a drum with 69 balls, and one red ball is drawn from a drum with 26 balls. We can use those probabilities and prize sizes to evaluate the expected value of a $2 Powerball ticket.

If you choose to take the entire cash prize at one time instead, you get much less money up front: The cash-payout value at the time of writing is $496 million.
Powerball points out on its FAQ site that in the case of the annuity, the state lottery commission invests the cash sum tax-free, and you pay taxes only as you receive your annual payments, whereas with the cash payment, you have to pay the entirety of taxes all at once.
It's quite possible, though risky, to get a larger return on the cash sum if it's invested wisely. While state income taxes vary, it's possible that combined state, federal, and in some jurisdictions local taxes could take as much as half of the money. Divide both sides by that insanely low probability that we win the jackpot and we get our desired take-home winnings to be $490,933,821.72. Factoring in further issues with the lottery then, we would need a prize at least twice as high as the current record to even consider buying a ticket, and even then it's still probably a bad idea. When attending class reunions, also jump in the R32 to make sure people won’t ask to borrow money. And if you are, the 250 or so horsepower of the 3.2-liter V6 makes for a decent getaway car. Now that i got the more practical choices out of the way, time to get creative and pick a good every day grand tourer. The first Corvettes were virtually handbuilt in Flint, Michigan in Chevrolet's Customer Delivery Center.
It’s a natural evolutionary step you too will have to step in order to ensure your brain comprehends your superiority to regular folk.
Building the ultimate car garage shouldn’t be cheap, and not all fun should be had one a fresh piece of asphalt.
Honestly, you might as well call it a million horsepower, because this car does the standard sprint faster than just about any other car out there.
Further, having more money today is frequently better than taking in money over a long period of time, since a larger investment today will accumulate compound interest more quickly than smaller investments made over time. It’s Corvette-powered hypercar with no no windscreen, the purest of designs and some monumental performance figures.
The bodies were made of fiberglass, which makes them harder to recondition, but that shape is surely worth it.
Launch control engaged, left foot on brake, build up the revs and that Lamborghini owner will be humiliated by now. We’d suggest buying the FAB Design Mercedes SLS Gullstream - bold, white and with plenty of character, it will work wonders with a long-legged Russian model at your side when you hit the clubs at night. It’s something that you will want to stroke every day or look at early in the morning when you have a cup of coffee in one hand and the newspaper in the other.

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