Comment by AB: I didn't think it was possible, but Barnaby Furnas can actually paint music. Review and images by Kathryn Arnold: Here is a scene that seems straight from the mid 1700s or 1800s but it's Now! The gallery also creates a magical sense in its environment with dimly lit spaces and figures, almost as if posed straight out of a Daumier. On my way out I take a shot of the curio cabinet (painting-- although a true trompe l'oeil). Artists: Heidi Anderson, Reed Anderson, Michael Arcega, Michelle Blade, Monica Canilao, Tammy Rae Carland, Cynthia Connolly, Chris Duncan, Edie Fake, Amy Franceschini & Wilson Diaz, Kathleen Henderson, Rich Jacobs, Xylor Jane, Mads Lynnerup, Griffin McPartland, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Jay Nelson, Matt O'Brien, Brion Nuda Rosch, TM Sisters, Daniel Tierney, Ryan Wallace, Lindsey White, David Wilson, Will Yackulic. Review and images by Laura Chenault: This exhibit marks the end of the Hot and Cold Fanzine and Baer Ridgway is not only selling the final issue, they are showcasing artists featured in the 'zine. One conceptual piece by Reuben Lorch-Miller features a waist high pedestal that is exactly the dimensions of a standard piece of paper. Brion Nuda Rosch's "99 Somewhat Culturally Significant Artifacts Purchased at the 99 Cent Store" is a humorous installation perfectly displayed on the ledge around the stairs leading down.
Reused file folders are combined to create an earth-toned background in Monica Canilao's mixed media piece featuring a beautiful foreground created from teabags.
99 Somewhat Culturally Significant Artifacts Purchased at the 99 Cent Store by Brion Nuda Rosch. 99 Somewhat Culturally Significant Artifacts Purchased at the 99 Cent Store(detail) by Brion Nuda Rosch. Review and images by Laura Chenault: Robyn Twomey's large color photographs are interesting portraits of unique individuals.
Ricardo Richey's work is an interesting counterpoint with a couple of organic, mobius strip-like sculptures and an almost entirely white massive drawing dominating the wall over the stairwell. Review and images by Laura Chenault: Upon entering, the front space has been transformed into a Rex Ray living room complete with a Rex Ray designed rug and wallpaper depicting colored droplets. Review by RWM: Nice to see the playful and optimistic work of Rex Ray whose images explode on the canvas like celebration fireworks and amusement park structures. Review by Kathryn Arnold: Just up the street from my studio is Nathan Redwood's exhibition "On a Neck" here at Electric Works. Review by Laura Chenault: This unique gallery is also "a studio for experimental traditional and digital printmaking" as well as a store featuring great toys for grownups.
The real show begins as you turn the corner out of the front store area and into the main gallery space. Contrasting this body of work is a selection of six black and white hand drawn lithographs by Robyn O'Neil. Review and images by Kathryn Arnold: Just across the street from Electric Works, I go into the artspace located inside of CIIS and come across Richard Bolingbroke's large flower and almost Mandala-like paintings.
Comment by AB: I get what Mitzi Pederson's up to-- really needling the definition of what art is, sculpture in particular, and I'm OK with that.
Comment by AB: Perhaps Owen Schuh's most notable work here is comprised entirely of lines, circles and numbers, mainly penciled onto canvas-- geometry as art-- enticing in its compositional intricacy and rather impressive overall.
1 AM Gallery: Ode to the Spraycan - Montana Colors and Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle.
Artists: Estria, Eon 75, Chez 1, Ceybal 1, Wane One, Queen Andrea, Cern, Cekis, Rome Won, Chucho,Tsel One, Melon, Like One, Debl, Ckaweeks, Prime, Katch 1, Eukarezt, Vyal, Neon, Bounce, Vogue, Germs, Marcial Cruz Cabada, Bam, Peps357. Review and images by Kathryn Arnold: At Silverman I view Luke Butler's exhibition titled "Captain!" The works are small in scale, featuring appropriated imagery from television, movies and additional sources-- Star Trek in particular. Eleanor Harwood Gallery: Nancy Chan, Matt Momchilov, and Jesse Schlesinger - Always is Always Forever.
Artists: Tres Rock, Erin Yoshioka, Scott La Rockwell, Shaun Este, Borish, Djay Pele, Cece, Miguel Bounce Perez.
Comment by AB: TrustYourStruggle Collective arts up an actualization about getting what we deserve in life.
MCLOUGHLIN - JOHN PENCE - CHANDLERCIIS - ELECTRIC WORKS - DA ARTS111 MINNA - CITY ART - MODERN EDEN04.01.11(with assistance from ">Geoff Smith, Anneliese Vobis and RWM)Want to be a famous artist & make big $$$? Artists: Juliette Aristides, Noah Buchanan, Carl Dobsky, Adam Forfang, Greg Gandy, Carin Gerard, Tara Keefe, Dean Larson, Jeremy Mann, Clark Mitchell, Stock Schlueter, Randall Sexton, Will Wilson. Comment by AB: We've got some prodigiously talented representational painters way out West, and this show leaves no doubt about it. Review and images by Anneliese Vobis: New abstract works by Kumi Korf on sensitive,thin paper.

Review by Anneliese Vobis: Christina Mazza reclaims used materials in a highly sophisticated manner. Review by Geoff Smith: This one person show entitled "What's Mine is Yours" features Bay Area artist Christina Mazza. The show encompasses multiple large mural installations, assemblages of smaller drawings, and two three-dimensional installation pieces constructed out of waste materials. Mazza recently completed Recology's Artist in Residence (AIR) program as well as the Artist Studio program at the De Young museum. Review by Anneliese Vobis: Bryant Austin's photographs of whales capture our full attention, especially his monumental works.
Artists: Atticus Wolrab, Buff Monster, Danni Shinya Luo, Doze Green, Gary Arlington, Isabel Samaras, Jay Howell, Joe Sorren, Jud Burgeon, Karen Hsiao, Kathy Staico-Schorr, Last Gasp, Mark Bode, Mark McCloud, Michael Hernandez de Luna, Miso, Nora Rodriquez, Rockin' Jelly Bean Justin Green Charles Kraft, Rogelio Marinez, Ron Donovan, Ron Turner, Scott Musgrove, Scott Saw, Seonna Hong, Shawn Barber, Spain Rodriguez, Todd Schorr, Vaugh Bode, Vaughn Bode, Wednesday Kirwan, Winston Smith.
Review by Anneliese Vobis: "Art Almighty" group show presented by Last Gasp,eminently esteemed publishers of underground books and comics, includes drawings, paintings, prints, collages and more. Artists: Amy Levine, Yvonne Jones-Most, Hilary Williams, Marisa Escolar, Jeanne Hauser, Katie Gilmartin, Mike Kimball, John Kraft, Stephen C.
Review by Geoff Smith: There is something here to suit everyone's tastes including a wide variety of paintings, lithographs, photographs, mixed media, jewelry and more. A very classy space and the patrons well-dressed, many holding the information sheets and magnifying glasses, viewing the works close up to catch the detail.
I go around to the back and walk through a narrow byway to get to the other side where multitudes of additional works are held. The artists in this show work in every medium imaginable and the eclectic selection is inspiring. The top of the pedestal is a stack of bright pink "unlimited" photocopies with mystical imagery and text for each viewer to take. Hot and Cold Zine produced by Griffin McPartland and Chris Duncan release #1, the final edition of a series of 10 zines.
Although the curves and lines are smooth, the surfaces are textured, adding another dimension to the piece. Walking in, the first thing that catches the eye are a series of small prints displayed salon style.
Bam's piece features a traditional looking geisha girl with a stylized "B" in the background holding a can of spray paint. One shows a humanistic spray paint can draped over a crescent moon and lifted by hot air balloons on a field of blue sky.
On the way out the artist BAM is caught promoting the Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle on the outside wall of the gallery-- in spray paint of course. One of my favorites is a landscape done in gray-scale containing scenery similar to that from a Wild Wild West film shot in California.
She uses her exquisite drawing skills on used wooden materials to bring the hidden stories to life.
The work follows the tradition of the pop artists who found beauty among what we normally discard, and also reminds of what we are losing in our throw away society. Mazza's work typically combines her considerable drawing skills with materials derived from found objects.
Her eight foot long mural "Threads of Consciousness" is painstakingly rendered with latex paint, ink and pencil.
Two artists being featured, Tony Curanaj, portraits and still lifes, or should I say Master of Portraits and Still Lifes, and Dean Larson city and dance studio scenes with techniques that rival and surpass some of the major French artists of the mid 1800s. On one large wall dozens of black and white classical drawings are exhibited-- most fine, and hung salon style. A monitor featuring old-school video game graphics stars a figure flying through fields of colored rectangles and silhouetted palm trees by TM Sisters.
A pure white sculpture by Kathleen Henderson portrays a donkey pulling a cart that has morphed into some strange creature. The release party and coordinating exhibition is a star-studded event, and the zine is sold out and it's easy to see why-- chock-full of photocopied artwork, limited-edition prints, stickers, a bandana, a secret treasure map and golden ticket for special zine #0, and even a photo of Duncan and McPartland's cute kids, both born during the zine's 7-year run. Powerful Patty Baker, a former Bunny, stands proud in front of a tattered plastic shade in black leather pants and a Playboy tee. The scale is impressive and the sculptures evoke imagery of complicated knots, crashing waves and rolling clouds. One features a bird with a human face, laying prone; a second face, ghostly, looks to be rising from the body.

Whimsical ducks are the focus of Cern's trio of paintings while Marcial Cruz Cabada has a series of small tattoo inspired watercolor and ink pieces. The companion piece is an armored soldier carrying a fallen comrade or captive that is another human paint can that is draped in the arms of the soldier bleeding from arrows puncturing the body. Delicate textures and imagery transform the surfaces and enable these objects to have second lives. Maybe there could also be a separate residential recycling container for discards that can be reincarnated as beautiful works of art.
The smaller drawings in the Forsaken Articles series are archival prints of ball point renderings of various found objects, such as "Seagrass V," a rendering of a found object washed up on the beach. Kohls, Ryan Bieber, Andreina Davika, Kayla Garelick, Anne Marie Hodrick, Maria Rodriguez, Beka Brayer, Suzanne Beabrun, Kaya Suttva, dk haas, Valerie Harris, Marianne Bland, Prashant Oaloskar, Sonya A. Going further, I enter a room with realist paintings as if from yesteryear-- one I swear is a John Frederick Kensett or a Fitz Hugh Lane (look 'em up). Featuring a utility sink with a video of black gloved hands under running water, the monitor shows what could happen in this sink.
Prominently featured downstairs is the final issue of Hot and Cold f in a large display case.
Kelly Morgan, another former Bunny, is shown languishing on a small, ornate couch and sharing the frame with a dog and a child, presumably hers. Blues, grays, and blacks swirl into another figure with strong diagonal lines that almost appear to be rain. Some feel connected in attitude to Georgia O'Keefe's Southwestern works and I swear I see a cow's skull. Here it is also fun to find image identification from the various sources and piece together meaning like a puzzle-- but on some of them I find myself being pop-culturally illiterate. Ljubinkovic, Amelia Lewis, Tom Heinz, Kate Moore, Diana Hartman, Rachel Lyra Hospodar, William Rhodes. Looking up the viewer is reflected in a mirror that is reminiscent of high school bathrooms everywhere.
The issue includes records, DVD, photos, buttons, bandannas, books, stickers and more including a golden ticket. An unnamed older Bunny is still glamorous and connects with the camera while smoking a cigarette. Some of the pieces feel very sci-fi perhaps because of the otherworldly colors combined with earthy hues, while others feel humorous, such as the Pinocchio nose.
An explosion in red and black appears to be a cosmic image, but remnants of neck and shoulders are clearly visible at the bottom of the canvas.
Really nice exhibition overall-- I look forward to seeing more of Luke Butler's work in the future!
Mazza's three dimensional "City Scape" is made from reclaimed wood panels and metal strips with latex paint and pencil renderings, symbolizing the residues of human urban life.
Nearby encased in Plexiglas and sitting on a pedestal is a giant recycled ball of soap slivers. William Kentridge, the talented multimedia artist, is shown larger than life allowing inspection of every pore and wrinkle on his face. The layered cut papers, each textured with brush-strokes of color are meticulously combined and ordered into intricate designs. Equally lust worthy are the great toys and books including Edison style light bulbs and Klein bottles.
The grey-blue center of "Packing" consists of ink and pencil renderings set in and surrounded by a found scalloped baking dish.
Lava-like colors and dripping horizontal lines almost look as if the figure is being effected by it's neighbor. Another striking piece is a red mass of swirly lines on a blackish brown body that seems to have been burnt and torn to create white areas on the page.
Nathan's work has a very unique look and his technique is reminiscent of finger painting or traditional paste paper.

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