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The ideal buttock augmentation shapes and sizes are determined by several factors such as the patient’s cosmetic goals, pre-existing butt contour, amount of soft tissue coverage, gender, and sometimes even ethnicity. Ethnic plastic surgery aims to respect the ideals of beauty based on culture and race, and the patient’s underlying anatomies and cosmetic goals to achieve high satisfaction rate and more natural appearance. There are only two safe and “predictable” methods to perform buttock augmentation surgery: placement of solid silicone implants in the “pockets,” and fat transfer in which donor fats from several parts of the body are injected into the butt cheek. But if the goal is to achieve mild to moderate augmentation, most surgeons prefer fat transfer-alone surgery.
Butt implants, meanwhile, are reserved for patients who lack donor fat but wish for a large augmentation. Simply put, the ideal techniques are determined by the cosmetic goals, particularly in terms of buttock augmentation shapes and sizes, and the patient’s anatomies as well. Ultrasound liposuction uses sound waves to liquefy the excess fat prior to its extraction, making this technique ideal for treating areas known for their dense fat such as the male breasts, area around the navel, and chin.
As with most liposuctions performed in Inland Empire plastic surgery, ultrasound technique uses a few small round incisions that heal and blend well in the skin after 6-12 months.
The ultrasonic waves are transmitted via a cannula or hollowed suction probe, so the fats are liquefied before they are vacuumed out. Due to the perceived high level of accuracy, which could result in lower surgical trauma, ultrasound liposuction might be an ideal option if there is a need to remove large volumes of fat at one time. In addition, ultrasonic-assisted technique may also be ideal for touch-ups in which the goal is to provide further contouring.
But regardless of the tool used, it remains ideal to limit the liposuctioned volume under 5 liters to minimize the surgical trauma, bleeding, and risk of fluid imbalance.
Despite the perceived benefits of ultrasound liposuction, some doctors avoid the technique due to the higher incidence of seroma (accumulation of fluids within the cavities or skin) and dermal necrosis (death of skin tissue) compared with the standard technique as suggested by some studies. While there are newer liposuction technologies the tumescent technique remains the gold standard due to its highly predictable result and significantly lower risk of complications compared with the older methods or even the newer ones. Tumescent liposuction injects a solution, which consists of anesthetic, saline, and epinephrine, into the fatty area to make the extraction faster, quicker, and more efficient. You can determine whether you can benefit from some form of muscle repair by tensing your abdominal muscle while lying on the floor, with your head and neck slightly raised. Muscle repair requires the use of internal sutures to tighten and reshape the splayed abdominal muscle.
Proponents of permanent sutures suggest that they provide stronger support and additional structure than absorbable stitches.
Other surgeons prefer to use absorbable sutures; ideally they should be slow absorbing or can last at least six weeks, just enough time for the body to form a strong adhesion between the muscles. Regardless of the suturing techniques and materials, a well-executed muscle repair can create a narrower, more feminine waist and could withstand or at least minimize the effects of “unintended” weight gain or pregnancy, according to California Surgical Institute website. To further create natural, athletic-looking abdomen, it is also important to remove just the right amount of skin. Some patients will also need their flank-hip area to be treated with liposuction or fat removal to further contour the waist, allowing it to gently taper down towards the wider hips, leading to a more graceful, feminine contour. To promote “favorable” scarring, the wound must be closed in a way that there is no very little tension on the superficial surface of the skin. To make the most out of your breast augmentation consultation, you must prepare certain things ahead of time. Your questions should always include your doctor’s qualifications (board certifications, training, and experience), how long and how frequent he performs the sought procedure, its benefits and possible risks, the surgical venue (accredited surgical facility center vs.
Bear in mind that aspirin, ibuprofen, NSAIDs, and certain vitamins and herbal supplements must be avoided for at least two weeks because they are known to increase bleeding and lead to prolonged recovery.

A consultation with a surgeon will help you decide if he is the right one for the job; however, you must be able to throw some difficult plastic surgery questions and get satisfying answers from him. The list below shows some of the difficult plastic surgery questions that can help you choose the “right” doctor. Take note that board-certified plastic surgeons only operate at accredited surgical centers and hospitals—venues that are fully equipped should problems occur at the time of surgery. This is an important question that must be answered to help you form realistic expectations and possibly encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain your new appearance.
You should also ask your surgeons on how to maintain your results or at least delay the need for touch-ups. Nonetheless, facelifts almost always reshape the deeper structures of the face, as opposed to a skin lift alone, to achieve longer lasting, more natural-looking results. In general, younger patients heal quicker and experience lower complication rate after surgery. Choosing a proactive treatment for early signs of aging means more options, including non-surgical alternatives such as Botox injection, laser skin resurfacing, medical-grade chemical peels, and dermal fillers. Facelift surgery at a more advanced age, meanwhile, can lead to drastic changes that most patients will have no option but to admit that they have had a surgical enhancement. The California Channel Islands Laboratory is in the UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (photo) and has been open since 1988. The most recent field and lab project in California has been supported by the National Science Foundation and involved excavations at northern Channel Islands village sites dating to the terminus of the prehistoric era and the first half-century of intensive contact between indigenous peoples and Europeans (ca. UCLA Summer Field Schools in Archeology complemented the NSF project and supported excavations at one of the focal village sites. While a sweeping generalization may not do justice to every patient, this could serve as some form of guideline to achieve high patient satisfaction. They tend to ask for larger augmentations, which may require bigger implants or more fat transfer, to achieve buttocks that are very full, especially at the lateral part or outer thigh. Most of them also ask for significant augmentation, although they usually want the “bubble look,” which is achieved by making the upper butt cheek very prominent. They generally ask for mild to moderate augmentation and often have aversion to the “exaggerated” look. In this approach, most of the shape and volume comes from the implants, with the fats—ideally derived from the abdomen and flanks through liposuction—providing additional coverage to “soften” the implants, leading to a more natural look and feel.
Because there is no synthetic material used, the procedure involves lower risk of injection and wound healing and avoids implant-related complications such as palpability and malposition. Because they are made of solid silicone, which does not rupture, they are expected to last for the duration of the patient’s life.
For this reason, proponents of this technique feel it provides smoother appearance and more amount of contouring; however, the consensus is that good results are primarily determined by the operator’s skills and experience, as opposed to the tools and methods he is using. If there is a need to remove more than this amount, it might be better to stage the surgery to reduce the potential risks. Patients who are thin may have lower safety limits, while those on a “heavier side” may tolerate more aggressive liposuction.
It is important to note that for each pregnancy the abdominal muscle becomes more splayed, which contributes to the sagging appearance.
This is not the case in men who generally require tummy tuck after massive weight loss, which only results in redundant abdominal skin and “stubborn” fat rolls. If you feel some gap in your stomach area, then you will need this type of surgical maneuver.
However, they could “cheese wire” or cut through the tissue with incorrect construction techniques.
An over-aggressive excision must be avoided because it can lead to unnatural or tight appearance especially between the lower abdomen and the pubis area, and poor scarring.

It is also helpful that you equip yourself with some knowledge about the surgery by reading reliable sources from the Internet, magazines, and newspapers. Take note that all plastic surgeries have potential risks, which can be avoided or at least minimized through proper patient selection, preparation, surgical planning, and wound care.
Should you require hospitalization due to complications, he can treat you personally instead of another doctor who may not be fully aware of your surgery and medical history. Bear in mind that some doctors offer free surgical revisions and minor touch-ups, although the usual practice is that only their professional fee is waived, meaning that their patients will still have to pay for other expenses such as anesthesia fee, implant replacement, operating room fee, and postop medical supplies. In general, body contouring such as tummy tuck, liposuction, thigh lift, lower body lift, and arm lift can provide near permanent results if you maintain a stable weight. For instance, proper skin care that includes daily use of sunscreen is crucial after a facelift to prolong its effects. In the past, facelift was typically performed when the face was already showing advanced signs of aging, however, some doctors nowadays feel that a proactive approach, as opposed to a reactionary one, can provide the most benefits.
Most doctors also use some kind of internal sutures to support the new contour and minimize the superficial tension, allowing the wound to heal and fade into an imperceptible scar. Nevertheless, it remains imperative to perform a complete medical evaluation to rule out healing problems or other conditions that could lead to undue risks. For instance, anyone whose only problem is the jowling and upper neck laxity can benefit from a mini lift in which a bilateral short incision behind the ear contour is enough to rejuvenate the appearance.
With this approach, they can claim to their friends that their youthful appearance is due to their good genes and healthy lifestyle. According to anecdotal reports, men are more private about plastic surgery compared to women. Primary processing of the collections from the field, data entry, and subsequent analyses occur there.
Simply put, several factors are taken into account to minimize risk of complications and achieve the best possible results. Take note that there is no silly question and it is your surgeon’s legal and ethical responsibility to explain to you every surgical option and its ramification.
Your doctor must know your lifestyle, level of physical activities, career, and “how you carry yourself” to help him predict your surgery and recovery. You can write down all your drugs, including supplements and herbal remedies, or better yet, put them in a brown bag and show it to your surgeon, allowing him to read the actual ingredients and identify possible contraindications to surgery. Most surgeons use implant sizers that their patients can actually “wear” beneath their unpadded bra, allowing them to see and “feel” the most likely results of their chosen implant size and profile. Ideally, their body frame should closely resemble yours to further improve your communications with your plastic surgeon. Several graduate students and postdoctoral scholars working on issues related to complex hunter-gatherers have desk space.
A prudent doctor will try to use layman’s term to promote good communications, as opposed to confuse you with jargons. UCLA investigations encompassed about 35 households at several Historic-era village sites on Santa Cruz Island.
Our theoretical focus includes exploration of social status, craft production, occupational specialization, and household organization and size.

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