Call center customer service training can be a real challenge, because once someone is on the phones, it is difficult to release them for a training session, as it will affect service levels. Telephone SkillsThe importance of telephone skills in customer service relationships, key for your call center customer service training.The importance of telephone manners in call centers and customer service trainingNo longer a given, telephone manners should be included in your call center customer service training. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Call centers are centralized offices used for receiving or sending large volumes of telephonic requests. In TBAE’s Call Center Training course, participants will learn phone etiquette such as speaking clearly, tone of voice and effective listening. It is important therefore, that any training carried out achieves its objectives, and that the business feels the benefits of taking people off the phones and the disruption that may cause. This is highly effective when having to implement a new strategy within the business and your agents or advisors need to be engaged in order to deliver your customer experience goals.

Set the standards you require.Use the Phonetic Alphabet to help ensure clarity in your callsLooking for some reading around call centers?i»? Visit our books page. There are inbound call centers for incoming product support inquiries and outbound call centers for telemarketing, solicitation of donations, debt collection and market research.
TBAE’s Call Centre training course will help participants to increase their phone skills. They will be taught how to close sales including knowing when it is time to close, closing techniques, maintaining the relationship and what to do after the sale. To build competence, telephone skills and manners, good practice for customer service call center training will need toa€?include attitudinal training, early on in their employment, to help people understand the importance of the customer and what they do for the customer - our video at the top right hand corner of this page can help you tune into how important the customer service job actually is.a€?include call handling skills training during the induction or orientation period, so that people can understand how communication over the telephone works, and the vital skills of questioning, listening and summarising for call control. A call center is operated by call center agents with work stations that typically include a computer and a telephone or headset. They will gain skills that will make them more confident, improving sales and retaining existing clients.

Other subjects covered in the course include Call Center Basics, Call Center Tools, Speaking Like a Star, Types of Questions, Benchmarking and Goal Setting. Don't just concentrate on internal processes and systems training, people need help translating those into a great customer care experience. Giving your agents call center training will assist your company to lower costs by reducing staff turnover.
Use telephone coaching equipment like the one below to record calls and play them back to your trainees. Participants of the course will learn skills to increase productivity and performance, assisting to create a positive environment throughout your call center.

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