In this session of The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) Podcast, Chris Knutson and I are going to answer questions from our listeners asking for career advice.
In the Take Action Today segment of the show, we give you some tips on how you can stand out as an engineer.
I am a chemical engineering student and I was wondering if you think taking the FE exam would be worthwhile? What is the best way to stay vigilant and focused on improving myself as a professional, and finding opportunities in a shrinking job market?
We would love to hear any questions you might have or stories you might share on how you have been able to advance or stand out in your engineering career.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider downloading our free 3-part video series that provides tons of engineering career skills including how to use LinkedIn, how to communicate and how to develop your leadership abilities. Career Coach: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Your Teen Find Their Life's Purpose The tools every parent needs to help their teenager find the career of their dreamsIn Ireland, one in six students drop out of their chosen college course feeling disillusioned about their career path and uncertain about their future.
Because over 90-million of you are out of work in America, the job marketplace overflows with competitors for the job you want. Youa€™ll pick up all the job-finding tips you need to know in much less time than it takes to color your parachute or wade through information on the Internet. By applying the game-changing coaching tips to your search, youa€™ll make money sooner by finding a job faster. Your One-Minute job Finding Coach belongs on the bookshelves and reading devices of anyone who must make decisions about how to plan and conduct a job campaign.
Thanks to a Workforce Development Grant, Omnitrans is introducing a series of FREE 1-week training programs to prepare  participants for a career as a transit driver with a regional transit agency! The selection process to become a coach operator can be very stringent, and initial testing has proven to be a big hurdle for many.

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International students can participate in on-campus jobs as long as they are covered by F-1 student visa status.
Remember, each state and school may have different requirements, so make sure you’ve met all of your schools specifications and have filled out all the required paperwork before you begin applying for jobs. You have a wealth of experience from being a student: team building and problem solving skills from group projects or athletics? In this special episode of The Civil Engineering Podcast, I interview some of the most successful civil engineers in the world during the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2015 Annual Conference in New York City. I have been able to make it through the recession but how do I know when I can (or should) hire another engineer? As a result, the demand for expert advice about how to find jobs has increased considerably. This unique book contains chapters of knowledge essential to anyone looking for work, changing careers, and succeeding in their next jobs.
Youa€™ll carry these skills with you for the rest of your life -- whenever you need a job.Find Your Direction Hypnosis CD - Set your brain on autopilot so that it is always looking for the right path to improve your life and make it awesome! The Bridge Training Program will teach various topics to provide candidates with the tools they need to successfully apply for  and pass the first phase of the hiring process. Working on campus is a great way to build your resume and create connections with your school community, while still having time to study and excel as a student. Your first stop will be to visit your International Student Office where your representatives can give you all the information needed in order to work on campus, including whether or not you need a social security number. Connect with classmates in your field, and see if any are student workers. When the time comes for them to graduate or move on, ask them for a recommendation and an introduction to the hiring staff member.

If you’ve already established yourself as a diligent campus worker, it will be easier to make your way into the position you want. Edward's University, and worked with students at Concordia University Texas' Career Center. Ita€™s the first book to digest hundreds of game-changing techniques into coaching vignettes you can read in a minute. She developed a passion for Career Counseling after leaving undergrad without much guidance, and grappling with unsatisfying work. Whether you are caught in a career crisis, a victim of corporate downsizing, or suffering from old-fashioned burnout, you need America's #1 career coach, Robin Ryan. Whether you are looking for your next opportunity, stuck in a rut, or even wanting a complete change of career, this book will help you have a happy, successful career. A BRILLIANT OUTCOMES Understand what makes you happy at work and how to identify your ideal job Create a plan to ensure your future success and satisfaction Know every technique to land the job of your dreams Use smart ways to get ahead and stay ahead at work Know that your future work will be fulfilling and rewarding. NFL Head Coach 09 gives you the opportunity to make the decisions that can turn your favorite NFL franchise into a perennial champion. Not only can you design and call plays, but NFL Head Coach 09 puts you in the thick of managing players, coaches, and the front office. With practical and easy to understand tips and tactics to get you into the job you want, and soar in the career you're in.

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