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Sports Overview Sports is an obsession for many countries and that obsession has created a strong demand for a wide variety of jobs. Summary: Currently a loyal, focused, and determined student, majoring in Sports Management.
Summary: For the last ten years, I have worked as a professional athlete, Olympian, and brand ambassador. Everything you need to make your resume stand out, ace the interview, advance your career, and navigate the digital world through social media and digital communication. Learn how to build your brand, get promoted, and move your career in the direction you want!

Make sure your social media presence and digital communication style are working to your advantage.
Some of the jobs associated with the sports industry are sports marketing, physical training, sports medical professional, facilities management and sports venue construction. These are real resumes created by LiveCareer subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder.
The need for sports related workers is growing constantly and the expansion of the major professional sports leagues around the world means that the opportunities will only get better.
Search Sports resumes by specific job title to find more resumes that are relevant to your career path. You also need to be a highly trained expert to have a sports related job, which means that the pay is substantial.

Being part of the sports industry gets you into situations most people only dream of being in. You could be the sports marketing expert for a championship baseball team, or you could find yourself working as the athletic trainer for a popular ice hockey team in a large city. Your sports resume needs to put a bright spotlight on your educational background and your professional experience if you want to work in sports. You can use the LiveCareer sports resume resources to develop a professional sports resume that will advance your career.

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