In both 2010 and 2011, Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno reached a legendary coaching milestone versus  the Northwestern Wildcats. This time, the 84-year-old grandfather of 17 and father of five tied Grambling legend Eddie Robinson for 408 career coaching wins.
A Fulbright scholar and MBA, Banks has appeared on live radio shows all across the world from Houston to New Zealand. I feel that you simply can do with some % to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, that is magnificent blog.
I spent fifteen years creating innovative solutions, processes, customer experiences and business models for global companies.
In Supersoaker, Nicole Malcolm shares how growing “an $80 billion company like P&G requires a lot of effort.
In part 2, I will share lessons learned from the Aerialist, the Freshmaker and the lovely Bean Queens. Tags: Career Vision, Innovative Career Strategies, Reinventing your career, Where Do You Start? Last year, the all-time FBS coaching wins leader notched his 400th career win in Happy Valley, as the Nittany Lions nipped the Cats 35-21.

I really enjoyed what I did, in that I got to create idea, bring those ideas to life and then sell the vision to people who said they wanted change but were not really ready to accept or initiate the change required. We need to find ideas where we can blow out a concept and make it big.” If reinventions were easy, everyone would be in their ideal role, the difficulty is in starting and progressing to a point where you can actually commit to a specific action. For the entrepreneurialy minded and career switchers, one of the best place to identify opportunities is by looking at industries in turmoil. Going to the gym?” Worry and concern unfounded, however.  What I saw was a young adult with well developed, positive coping strategies feeding a healthy resiliency. The 34-24 win at Northwestern meant gridiron history was made this evening on the shores of Lake Michigan just outside Chicago.When asked about in the postgame media session, JoePa gave a joking sarcastic response. Switching industries, working in different countries and transitioning to new roles, meant that I was reinventing my role every 18 months or so.
Your ideas will come from articulating your interests, priorities, values, motivations, strengths, career highlights and low-lights. As always if you have any comments or questions, feel free to use the comments section below or email me directly. Keeping up with his workload throughout the term, making the most of his time, thereby avoiding the First Horseman of the Apocalypse, PROCRASTINATION.

Drawing on my corporate experiences, today as a coach, I work with clients who are ready for change and need help defining or fine tuning their career vision or next step.
At this stage when working with a client, I create an interests map, that documents the pertinent information my client has shared during our coaching sessions and summarize elements of their career vision for us to ponder. What strengths can you contribute to the solution?  Once Best Buy settled on an industry, they aggressively experimented with a lot of ideas. His 75% winning percentage is third all time among FBS coaches with at least 10 years experience. Similarly to bring your vision to life, think about two or three Test and Learn Experiments, that  will help you to pilot your new vision and gain the necessary information to determine your next step. One of the challenges of entering a new space, much like when you are considering a completely different career is whether others will take you seriously, Best Buy invested millions to prove themselves, in my clients case they invest a lot of time researching, some cash (not millions mind you) to work with an expert, experiment and perhaps to learn a new skill or two.
Loss of credibility is one of the many concerns, my client might have, together we work though this obstacle and others to ensure that they are moving forward courageously.

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