These three critical factors are better identified and assessed through professional help, as considerable expertise through years of professional training and practical experience are required to properly assess and report on these traits. Our Company provides career counseling based on the Psychometric Tests developed by us, over the years. The student community faces considerable confusion with regard to choice of courses that would lead them to successful careers. Students are under emotional stress in selecting courses, due to pressure from parents, peer groups and the society - such as the current hype about Business Administration. At Gaston College, we are committed to providing equal access to higher education for individuals with disabilities. Gaston College provides education and support in compliance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you think you need special accommodations while attending Gaston College, please contact Special Needs Counselor at 704-922-6224 or 704-922-6220 to schedule an appointment. For more information about becoming eligible for special accommodations, please read Fast Facts about Disability Services and the Student Guide to Disability Policies and Procedures. Some students with disabilities find that they need additional support from community resource providers. For general information about disability resources at Gaston College, please contact Special Needs Counselor at 704-922-6224 or another member of the Counseling Center staff.

Current job openings, labor market information, veteran services, Idaho labor laws and advice on job search and career planning. The Wall Street Journal's career site covers a wide variety of timely employment topics: hiring trends, job search, salary profile data, etc. It helps students to select courses based on their level of intelligence, interests, and personality to prepare for appropriate careers. This is where standardized psychometric tests help in evaluating oneself in a short span of time. A lot of time and money is spent to prepare a concrete base for one’s career by taking relevant courses.
Career Choices, in our country are usually made when the students enter the 11th grade or when they enter college. This is the place to go when you have questions about scheduling classes, picking a major, transferring to another college, finding a job or just making sure you are on the right track. The first student ID is free, any additional or replacement student ID cards cost $5, which is payable at the Cashier’s Office. was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional. We serve the lifelong learning needs of a diverse population by providing comprehensive educational programs to all students, including those with disabilities.

If you have a documented disability and would like to discuss how you may be eligible to receive special accommodations while attending Gaston College, please call the Special Needs Counselor at 704-922-6224 or 704-922-6220. You will complete a confidential Disclosure Form, and we will discuss your challenges and needs in a college setting. If you are not currently employed, you may wish to contact Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), a federal agency that assists individuals with disabilities in finding employment and living independently.
The Special Needs Office is located in the Counseling Center, second floor Myers Center, 201 Highway 321 South, Dallas, NC 28034, or please call 704-922-6220; 704-922-2345 (fax). The resume begins with a brief outline of the applicant’s skills and qualifications listed in the profile. You will need to provide documentation written and signed by a credentialed professional, usually within the past three years, that states your diagnosis or diagnoses and any limitations caused by your disability. At such difficult, crucial decision making circumstances, career counseling comes to the aid of students and guides them to choose the right career path.

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