A college education facility designed for students studying construction subjects with environmental best practice has won the award for sustainable design at this year’s Scottish Design Awards held in Edinburgh last week (16 May 2008).
ECOSpace, designed by architects RMJM, is a highly sustainable training workshop run by Carnegie College in Dunfermline, which has been open since September 2006. The ?2.2 million centre aims to lead the way in training students in sustainable construction and encourages the integration of environmentally sustainable work practices such as waste reduction, re-use of materials, procurement of renewable resources and minimisation of energy consumption.
Alan Huey, Head of School of Built Environment, Carnegie College, commended the building for its ability to give students first hand experience of an environmentally sustainable workplace with green practices including waste reduction, reuse of materials, procurement of renewable resources and energy use minimisation.

The facility also features a suite of restoration workshops that train craftspeople from across Scotland, helping to boost the number of people practising traditional crafts in the construction industry. Janet McCauslin, Assistant Principal, Carnegie College, said: “The ECOSpace project was so named to draw attention to the green features of this interesting new learning space. It is the first of its kind in the UK and is built from renewable materials and incorporates renewable energy systems that reduce the energy consumption of the building and its impact on the environment. The project was part of our aim to reduce the ecological footprint of our campus and our negative impact upon the planet over future decades, taking our students, staff and customers with us to consequently change behaviours in their future work and home lives.

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