The AFC Indigenous Programs started its 2015 Indigenous Youth Leadership Program last week with a new intake of student and school participants. The IYL Program delivers four camp based experiences per year, incorporating Certificate II in Business qualifications, together with educational opportunities in leadership, mentoring, active lifestyles, and social and emotional wellbeing. The aim of the program is to help students gain further credits toward their South Australian Certificate of Education, by acquiring a nationally accredited Certificate II in Business that can be used in the future. Having fun and making the learning experience enjoyable is the number one priority for our team who engage students in a variety of games and challenges that stimulates both the mind and physical performance.
During Camp One, we were fortunate to have Crows players Eddie Betts and Charlie Cameron pop in to share their personal stories about life and their pathways into the AFL. Rewarding students for their hard work is something we like to do and this happened on the final day when Bubble Sports SA provided the students and staff with a bit of R&R.
What ensured was a belly full of laughs, some great teamwork out and lots of entertainment for onlookers.

Some current AFC players came out to complete a skills session on Max Basheer Reserve, while the Bubble Soccer was happening, and from their reaction we weren’t sure who was more excited, the students to see the players or the players itching to run around in the bubble suits themselves.
After the session was complete, Rory Sloane and Patrick Dangerfield came over to chat to the students and congratulate our Camp 1 award winners – and to find out more about the bubbles!
I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Bubble Soccer as part of a recovery session during the year! Indigenous school based apprentices15 December 2011NTPFES are proud to acknowledge the achievement of five School Based Apprentices who worked tirelessly throughout the program.
On 21 November, four apprentices graduated with a Certificate II in Business, and School Based Apprentice Sekur Clayton completed the Certificate III in Business.
The program provided an opportunity for the apprentices to spend time in the workplace practicing, building their confidence and developing skills relevant to their VET Course, as well as workplace skills such as teamwork, initiative, and responsibility. I have enjoyed working and further developing my skills with all the mentors and other apprentices during my time here at NTPFES.

I have learnt many different skills whilst working here and I know that I can use these skills to further develop myself and have a great career ahead of me.” SEKUR CLAYTON - 2011 Apprentice. Navy Recruits from the Defence Indigenous Development Program - Navy march into position for Remembrance Day service at the Afghanistan Avenue of Honour. We also encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge their way of thinking.
It was wonderful for the students to experience that personal touch as many found they could relate to the stories around culture, school and being away from family.
We knew this would be a treat for the students with most very excited to have a go, while the rest were curious and a little apprehensive to initially jump into the big bubbles.

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