Samantha Baker (left) and Jose Zepeda (center) watch scientist Lia Kent (right) working as they participate in a summer science camp hosted at the WiCell Research Institute at University Research Park.
He is a proud PEOPLE Scholar, a McNair Scholar, and Peer Learning Associationa€™s Psychology course coordinator. His research involves finding kinase inhibitors that can effectively inhibit antibiotic resistant bacterial strains. She is majoring in Operations & Technology Management, Supply Chain, and Management and Human Resources and pursuing certificates in Global Health, Health Care Management and Leadership. A second year fellow, she is excited to connect with scholars as they adjust to the challenging world of research.
He was born in the Dominican Republic but has spent most of his teenage years in Queens, New York. As well as being a URS Fellow, she waitresses at Camp Randall, and studies the metabolic pathways involved with the protein complex mTOR in the Lamming Lab in the department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the UW-Madison School of Medicine. Born in sunny Southern California, Edwin chose to brave the bitterly freezing winters at UW-Madison because of a prestigious full-tuition scholarship offered by the Posse Foundation on campus. Recently he started research involving how effective autism diagnosis is in the medical community. She aspires to combine her love of business and healthcare, and improve the healthcare vulnerable populations receive. After graduation, he intends to go to graduate school and build a career as an economist, contributing for research projects and working closely with schools and universities.
Michael Sheets of the Biomolecular Chemistry Department studying a translational regulatory protein, Bicaudal-C.
Aldo spent a year working under Francisco Moyaa€™s supervision in the McMahon EBPR Lab studying microbial ecology and the process of Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal used in wastewater treatment plants. Through a Hilldale Fellowship, Carol is currently working on a project in the Badger Athletic Performance lab with Dr. Hammera€™s Laryngology lab and as an intern at Extreme Engineering Solutions and Alliant Energy. Charles Kalish's Study of Children's Thinking Lab in the Department of Educational Psychology since her sophomore year. She also helps teach riding lessons to individuals with special needs at Three Gaits in Stoughton, WI.
She is also serving as Co-President of UWa€™s Tri-Beta chapter, the nationally recognized biological honors society. As an upcoming junior, he highly treasures any free time that he has, as he uses it to pursue his hobbies.

In his free time, he enjoys playing several sports including but not limited to soccer, basketball, tennis and racquetball. He currently works under the coordination of Professor Kathryn Moeller in the Department of Educational Policy Studies, studying different aspects of public education in Brazil.
A little more about her: she has a lovebird, collects cool fruit stickers, and is very excited to be a URS fellow once again! After graduation, he hopes to make use of his gap year and teach at a school for mentally and physically handicapped kids in India. After graduation, he aspires to enter medical school and hopes to pursue a career in cardiology electrophysiology. When Aldo is not busy with school or work, he enjoys cooking, listening to music, mentoring students, and working out.
Susan Paskewitz in the Department of Entomology, analyzing the Borrelia burgdorferi genotypes across the state of Wisconsin.
For the past two years she has been researching virology at the University of Kentucky and UW-Madison. His pastimes include playing basketball, watching Netflix, chilling with friends, and appreciating the environment and nature.
When not occupied with school work, he enjoys watching tennis, particularly the Grand Slams. Elisa Torres in the School of Nursing, studying the potential relationship between physical activity and white matter hyperintensities.
In his free time, JAµao enjoys playing sports and spending time with his friends exploring the many activities Madison provides. After graduating from the UW this May, she hopes to pursue a Master's Degree in Sociology of Education with a special interest in researching and developing creative enrichment opportunities for at-risk, underprivileged girls. Outside URS, he is a sports photographer for The Daily Cardinal, a dancer for the UW School of Bhangra, a HELP volunteer at Meriter Health, and a violinist in the UW-Madison All-University Orchestra. He enjoys tutoring bilingual students at the Eagle Winga€™s Program and participating at the HELP program at Meriter Hospital. In her free time, she enjoys running and staying active, trying out new recipes, and painting. Outside of URS, Erik is the President of CALS Student Association, a member of the CALS Deana€™s Advisory Board, a CALS Ambassador, and a PEOPLE mentor for upcoming freshman. In addition to his involvement with URS, he works for University Health Services as a student medical assistant and serves as an officer for both UW Dietetics & Nutrition Club and CALS Health & Research Society. After graduation, she hopes to travel and take a few adventures before finding a position as a Registered Nurse and begin a wonderfully exciting new chapter in life.

Corya€™s research experience includes working in a lab that studies motivation, and in another lab that studied small group conversation in the communication arts department. With only two more years until graduation, Edwin has started to actively explore his post-undergraduate plans. Through the organization HOPE, he mentors high school students from low socioeconomic status and fosters their interests in health professions. On campus, shea€™s the secretary of the Global and Public Health Club, a member of the professional business fraternity-Alpha Kappa Psi, and a Student Leadership Consultant at the Accenture Leadership Center. In her free time, Nicole is the Editor-in-Chief of the Madison Misnomer (UW's satirical newspaper) and also writes and performs with UW's Manhole Sketch Comedy Team, of which she is co-director. When he is not busy with school and work, he enjoys playing intramural soccer and working out at the SERF. In the future, she hopes to apply her Spanish language and cultural skills in order to consult on engineering projects internationally.
She looks forward to helping scholars explore research and the academic opportunities available to them. Cory enjoys mentoring, tutoring, cooking, and hanging out with his friends in his free time. Andrew Mehle in the department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology studying influenza virus. His ultimate goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.
He volunteers at the food pantry, Second Harvest Bank, and in the emergency department of Meriter Hospital. Emily enjoys all things active, and if shea€™s not stopping dogs on the street to pet them, you can find her running, biking, or knitting. In her free time Olivia enjoys gardening, going to the farmers market, and seeing concerts in Madison. Edwin hopes to be able to use his education and experience to bring joy and happiness to those around him.
Last but not least, he is a proud POSSE Scholar who is willing to meet new people and optimize his college experience.

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