As the rate of technological change accelerates and the world becomes more interconnected, engineers and technology professionals must understand and manage the social, political, economic, and environmental impact of their work. The Management Science and Engineering graduate certificate offers you the opportunity to design your own plan of study at the intersection of policy, management, and technology. Professionals from all industries and function areas who want to understand and manage the social, political, economic or environmental impact of their work. Earn a respected credential and advertise your grounds management, maintenance, and construction expertise.
Do it all in one winter - or take a few courses each season until you've completed the requirements! Learn plant classification and biology basics to better understand how plants and trees are grouped and identified.
Gain an understanding of the practical aspects of soil science, along with strategies for proper plant selection. Learn about the philosophy of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and discover practical strategies for implementing IPM. This course covers identification and control of diseases, along with weed and insect problems in landscape plants.
Learn leadership styles and management strategies to increase trust and tackle tough issues head-on.
Learn valuable clues to effectively diagnose and treat insect, disease, and weed problems in turf.
Discover how to establish, maintain, and renovate athletic fields, as well as make the best choices for your specific site conditions.
Learn how to properly prune your landscape plants while preserving their natural vigor and beauty. Copyright ©2016, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.
Thunderbird Online's facilitated online professional development programs are available to global business professionals around the world. Multi-cultural and multi-lingual commercial industrialist with proven track record in bridging local and global practices, driving change and performance improvement across a broad range of commercial and operational activities within an international context. Extensive leadership experience in Planning and Supply Chain management, having demonstrated a strong ability to mobilize and build organizational capability and high performing teams.
Recognized strategist, proficient in implementing the vision within complex environments creating, restoring and delivering performance. Innovative developer of offers and products, with deep insight into market drivers that building sustainable competitive advantage.

Experienced change manager with a proven track record in portfolio management, including start-ups, turn-around, acquisitions and divestments. Astute influencer of internal and external audiences, with credentials in interacting and facilitating at Board and Government levels. Have great ability to develop and sustain relationships in multi-cultural settings, as well as knowing, understanding and respecting both personal and professional relationships, allowing the executive team to discover the economic impact of trust. Operating with this level of expertise permits the leveraging of resources within the company, make judgments on business advancements and pursue and capture qualified opportunities for the benefit of the company and its shareholders. Generate new business opportunities a€“ emphasis on Crude oil trading opportunities within Europe and North West Africa.
Developing strategies for developing new business using annual marketing and profit targets, working according to developed sales strategy and sales processes. Maintain an in-depth knowledge of capability at Petroineos Trading in terms of products, services and resources in order to optimize any new business opportunities working closely with internal and external stakeholders. Monitoring market and competitor activities providing detailed information on the progress of sales activity and targets. Arranging and attending meetings with potential clients and preparing and presenting as required. Teaching Class of MSs in Oil Trading and Finance, Course of Downstream Economics and Applied Refining Economics Course. Responsible for business development in the Balkans area as well as regional coordination with government bodies, the European Union and other international organizations.
Manages the processes of sales and supplies of crude products, petrochemical feedstock and base oil. Supervises export deliveries through multimodal transportation while developing logistics schemes and marketing strategies for Balkans markets.
Leads regular company meetings and generates reports on company development and targets, while maintaining control over information flows.
Responsible for business development in the Mediterranean area as well as regional coordination with government bodies, the European Union and other international organizations. Supervises export deliveries through multimodal transportation while developing logistics schemes and marketing strategies for Mediterranean markets.
Represents LUKOIL in international trade union matters with organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and various associations of producers and sellers of petroleum and petrochemicals.
In a dual management role, developed successful logistics schemes and marketing supplies for European markets. Oversaw the management of processes of sales and supplies of crude products and petrochemical feedstock.

Coordinated commercial activities and answered directly to the Board of Directors of LUKOIL, whose annual turnover exceeded $80 billion dollars, with results of the companya€™s performance in the region of activities.
Ran the commercial activities unit, mainly covering trading, supply issues and activities with the Caspian Pipeline Consortium.
Managed the companya€™s operational activities while supervising traders in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and Azerbaijan.
Supported and managed CIS logistics and operations contracts between the company and third parties. Ensured that all contractual and operational matters were executed in close cooperation with Milioa€™s trading, financial and legal teams. Responsible for operations of all Caspian and Black Sea ports as well as for the National Iranian Oil account.
Supervised a team of seven professionals and oversaw logistics and transportation of all export cargo, which included cargo preparation, inspection, loading, documentation and customs clearance. Developed expertise over a five year period in trading activities and operations duties with CIS energy customs, insurance, inspection and transport companies, with banks and financial institutions, as well as with Transneft, the Russian state-owned business responsible for the worlda€™s largest oil pipeline system.
Metalvar ha scelto strategicamente l’adozione del sistema di gestione della qualita per garantire la capacita di fornire regolarmente prodotti che rispondono ai requisiti dei Clienti. These top-ranked programs are accessible, convenient, and up-to-date with the most insightful global business content from the world's #1 ranked school in international business.
Broad experience of developing Successful Functional and Product strategies involving Production, Technology, Supply Chain Management and Sales. These values help generate speed of execution while cutting the cost of redundancy, rework and conflict.
Operating with this level of expertise allows the executive to leverage resources within the company, make judgments on business advancements and pursue and capture qualified opportunities for the benefit of the professional, the company and shareholders alike.
The uniquely flexible online continuing education programs, combined with unmatched global business content, ensure you are fluent in the language of global business. Thunderbird Online's professional development programs provide you with a comprehensive education in core global business concepts to broaden your global mindset, sharpen global skills, and enhance your marketability. This involves strategic thinking and identifying key elements of industry analysis and information which the professional must not only be able to judge reliably, but also be able to analyze quickly and effectively in order to understand the impact on profitability.

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