The process of giving life to words through positive thinking affirmations is a way to garner positive results for wants or needs in your life. Affirmations for success are only as strong as the belief you place behind each declaration.
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Affirmations are statements that are created to train the subconscious mind to detach from any sort of negative thoughts or actions for implementation into the conscious mind. Believing in each affirmation is one of the most important learning tools in making each statement come to life. An excellent first step is writing down the words that will make up the positive affirmation. Each pupil has their own account, with their own personalised "buddy" and their own online sticker album. In that case we will call your administration team to confirm the order and billing details. If you don't already have an account, you'll need to create one during the checkout process. The mind has a tendency to easily sway towards negative emotion based on your upbringing or societal pressures.
The thoughts are transformed into energy that will attract similar energy from the universe. Positive thinking affirmations are present tense statements that are short, concise, and repeated on a daily basis to assure a positive outcome. You must envision the feeling of what it would be like to have each affirmation already in your life.
The subconscious mind must hear or envision positive thinking affirmations on a daily basis so only positive thoughts are filtered through the conscious mind to attract similar energy from the universe.

The subconscious mind can become confused with affirmations that are long or drawn out with complicated wording. Affirmations for success are practiced through the conscious mind with verbal action that is brief and repetitive in nature. Each statement should be easy for the subconscious mind to grasp while remembering to stay in the present tense. Use positive affirmations as daily mantras to bring everything into your life that you may desire. Believing in your affirmations is another way to train the subconscious mind to automatically attract what is necessary to fulfill each positive affirmation through conscious actions. Speaking affirmations out load gives each declaration life to attract positive results from the universe.
Any sort of negative wording or thoughts should be completely avoided to give each affirmation a clear path to attract the focus of each statement. In effect, affirmations are thoughts that are put into action through the combined efforts of the subconscious and conscious minds.

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