Career Marketing Techniques is a careers industry leader and benchmark resume design, writing, career coaching, and professional career coach certification firm. We also offer the leading Career Coach Certification program in the USA: The Certified Professional Career Coach Program (CPCC).
To win the ‘war on talent’, all companies are vying for top candidates—those who are innovative, savvy, inventive, creative, fresh, and results-oriented. As a career change strategist, Diane collaborates with clients engaged in complex and challenging career transitions including layoffs, M&As, military retirement, military upgrades (warrant officers), federal government employment (federal to federal, corporate to federal, and federal to corporate), firing, “boredom”, and other difficult or life-impacting career challenges.
Today I want to share with all my readers a great satisfaction: I was just promoted to PCC! Probably, for many of you this acronym says nothing: it means Professional Certified Coach and is the second of three levels of expertise with which the International Coach Federation (ICF) classifies professional coaches, intermediate between the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and the prestigious MCC (Master Certified Coach).
I thank each personal and corporate coachee, who, in these years of activity as a professional coach, relied on my services and gave me precious opportunity of learning. And I also thank the coaching companies that trusted in me, allocating me on projects with major corporate clients.
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A certified coachGianfranco Nocilla is a professional coach, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and associated to ICF and ICF Italia federations. Life can be an unending series of challenges—often referred to as “problems.” On the work front, our problems may center on how to reach a revenue goal, how to find the right talent, how to resolve conflict, or how to find more time in the day. The Rat Race usually conjures up images of a draining work routine, devoid of purpose and rife with pressures to deliver or be ditched. Here’s a different take on the Rat Race—one that could actually strengthen your brain health, as well as your work-life-leadership success. UC Berkeley neuro-anatomy researcher Marian Diamond has studied the impact of the environment on brain development, and the likely link between positive thinking and immune health. Diamond placed one group of rats in bare small cages by themselves; others were placed in larger cages holding 12 rats, with many objects and mazes to explore, climb in and out of, and manipulate. Not surprising, the “enriched” rats showed a significant increase in the size of the brain in every dimension.
These geriatric rats became significantly smarter in learning how to make their way through a maze.
Too often, we perceive the ever-changing demands of our work environments as negatives—“it’s a Rat Race.” But what if the opposite is happening?
The next time you’re feeling stuck, embrace it as an opportunity for brain health and longevity! Now there’s someone who knew how to play to his strengths and not get distracted with the detritus of details.
If we could make a great deal of our “50,000 thoughts a day” ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, we would see abundance, feel abundance, live abundance. I was reading an article recently on the 7 Daily Habits of Great Leaders. One of the “habits” was to “Be Vulnerable”—specifically, own your mistakes. Maybe the decisions could be that the customer will say yes down the road, maybe it’s not the right customer for you, maybe your explanation of relevant benefits could be tweaked, maybe it’s an opportunity to trust that the right customer is around the corner. Of course, never beat yourself up over the “Maybe’s.” Be curious, be reflective, and be experimental in how you might do things differently. While the UNC researchers used artificial electrical stimulation to boost creativity, you don’t need to go to a laboratory to make it happen.
Research reveals that meditation adds to the cortical thickness in your brain, which enhances your ability to connect different pieces of information in new and creative ways.
Consider these two types of questions when it comes to talking with your colleagues, employees, managers, friends, and more. Invites the brain to find new answers that might not have been there before or were buried and had not come to the surface. Notice your response to the situation separately from the employee’s response to the situation.
The next time you encounter frustration, anger, or other negative emotions from a coaching client, resist the temptation to cover over, tamp down, or ignore the emotions! Certainly, don’t leave the client wallowing in negativity, but as part of the process, recognize that these emotions can be valuable “data points” that can be clues for how to move forward! Whether you established goals or not for 2016, give some thought to what you DON’T want for the new year. When you experience the sensation of an upspiral—that sense of optimism, possibility, hope, strength—you create a chemical cocktail within your brains and body that floods you with “positive” neurochemicals.
Doing so will slow your heart rate, release a concoction of “happy” neurochemicals (such as dopamine or serotonin), increase blood flow to the “smart” parts of your brain, and cause you to both think and feel better (and even live longer).
But people don’t just bring their brains to work—they bring their bodies, too … which brings us to an important piece of anatomy that every coach should be aware of. If your client is hesitant, that’s when the “incremental increase” technique can come in handy. Next, ask the client to shift those pie slices to show just a 5-10% increase in the areas that would give him the most leverage.
I’m a movie fan and recently saw “90 Minutes in Heaven.” It’s about a man in a horrific car accident who was hit head-on by a tractor-trailer rig. Unfortunately, most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to push that button! One quick way to dose yourself with dopamine is to take 60-120 seconds and read a short article or watch a video on a topic that fascinates you.
This made me wonder… what are the things that we believe today that we might not believe tomorrow?

Really Want: The need for insight often starts with the lack of it, meaning we need something—a question solved, an idea sparked, a material need fulfilled. Rattled: With the lack of an answer, we often find ourselves racking our brains, stressed, and slipping into scarcity mentality. If your work includes career coaching inside organizations, you’ve likely had coaching conversations with individual contributors who are looking at getting promoted to management. Oftentimes, employees equate longevity or seniority with moving into management, but that is not necessarily the case.
How have they already been using these strengths to manage, if even informally or organically? If management does makes sense for the employee, what does the game plan going forward look like? Jill has followed her own unique path and has had an interesting life journey so far.  She went to High School and University in Paris, France and Tel Aviv, Israel and lived on the East Coast of the United States and in Washington, DC for over twenty years before moving to the GTA in late 2006. The combination of deep personal assessment that allowed me to see potential opportunities I had never considered before, along with very practical and applicable tools, such as CV help, cover letter structures, and interview preparation techniques, combined into an amazing service.
I really appreciated the fact that CareerJoy looked to identify my strengths as a person, and what types of jobs and roles I would be best suited for, not necessarily just those within my field of study. On a personal level I would say this process has helped me significantly in terms of knowing which careers are suited to my personality and work style.
ICF Approval: This 33-hour program of Core Competency Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), Cluster Or Individual Training. A 2009 International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Client Student conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, reported the median coaching ROI to be 700%.
Three stock portfolios comprised only of companies that spend aggressively on employee development each outperformed the S&P 500 by 17-35%. According to a study of senior level executives at Fortune 1000 companies who received developmental coaching, the average return from the programs was nearly 5.7 times the initial investment. For individuals who wish to complete the CELDC certification, there is also a requirement of 5 mentor coaching calls (approximately 1-hour each) to focus on developing leadership coaching competencies. The individual mentor coaching must be completed within 8 weeks after completion of the 12-week CELDC program in order to qualify for your credential.
Susan Whitcomb, Founder and President of The Academies, Inc., is a leading authority on career coach training. Fran LaMattina brings 30 years of business experience in marketing, sales, finance, and operations gained from leadership in telecom, financial services, consumer products, and non-profits. No special computer technology is required for the coaching clusters, although it is highly recommended that you have a computer for obtaining email and sharing files.
We deliver solutions for career change, career search and career development success with a global perspective.
We work with corporate executives in any industry and also offer group career speaking and training services. Competition is tough; and nothing less than a stunning resume and well-prepared interview, combined with personable, positive, first-impression chemistry will do to help you gain the competitive edge required in a tough career search.
With an eclectic career background (former Recruiter for a major aerospace corporation, and a Special Agent Investigator for the Department of Defense), Diane is able to integrate myriad careers industry options into your career search plans. For the promotion to PCC, I had to demonstrate that I had performed more than 800 hours of coaching (actually, 500 would have been enough), I had to present reference letters from ten companies certifying my commitment, specifying the period, number of guests and hours of coaching and I had to pass a written exam.
The great attention paid during the coaching sessions makes me remind every sentence and every coachee remains impressed in my memory. All were fed the same diet, but the “enriched environment” rats had the added element of tender loving care from the laboratory researchers. Upon their death at around 900 days, their autopsied brains (despite the deterioration that had already taken place) showed increased thickening of the cortex compared to the isolated rats in the bare cages. So brilliant that at the age of 16, two years earlier than his classmates, he sat for entrance exams to get into the prestigious Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich.
There are reports on the internet that we think some 50,000 thoughts a day, apparently according to the National Science Foundation, but I haven’t found the research to back that up. When people are experiencing these emotions, there are a few things they do NOT want to hear! You probably gave some thought to goals, and there are some who probably went so far as to commit them to paper and share them with an accountability partner. It revels in the brain’s ability to quantify, analyze, sequence, strategize, execute.
Ask your job seeker client to draw a pie and divide the pie into wedges that represent where he is spending most of his time in the job search. For example, reducing the time on online postings by 5-10% and increasing the time talking to real human beings by 5-10%! In the hospital, he is given a push button that allows him to self-dose himself with pain killers, presumably morphine. I have a different faith tradition, yet truly appreciated seeing him conduct mass at Madison Square Garden, talk to Congress, feed the poor. What are today’s stories, myths, frames that we have created, hold dearly, and cling to tightly when, come tomorrow, we will think differently about? This is the “really want” in the first row of the diagram—there is an unrealized goal, a predicament, a challenge. This, of course, shoots cortisol through the system, causing us to think even less clearly and creatively. We can write it down, talk about it, draw a picture of it, sense it with our various senses, visualize it, and describe it in greater detail.
Bottom line: When you find the meaning in the midst of it, you’ll find the “lever and fulcrum” to change the employee’s world!

She now resides with her family in Mississauga, Ontario.  Jill is an active professional and is currently serving as the Vice Chair for the Association of Career Professionals International, Toronto Chapter. I heard about their service through the radio and at the time had been working in an industry that did not interest me in a job that drained my energy and left me questioning if the money was worth the amount of my time that it took up. With the support of my coach and the entire team, I found a way to move to the city of my dreams, to get into a whole new industry and find a role that challenges me every day and where I feel like my work makes a difference to the overall performance of the company.
I had struggled before to get interviews even within my own industry and afterwards had interviews with over 30 companies in several different fields that interested me.
Before I began this program I was not exactly certain as to where too look for jobs within my field, but now I have a greater understanding of where I can find jobs that are more closely related to the type of employment I am seeking. Things such as the online battery helped me to identify which aspects of my personality and work ethic would be best suited to different jobs, with some turning out to be careers I had not yet considered but am now interested in.
Knowing what CareerJoy has taught me with regards to this, I feel much more confident in choosing careers that are more suited to my strengths. My career coach Jill was not only extremely knowledgeable and helpful, but connected me with people she knew within my field of study that would be able to assist me in my career search. Let our Certified Career Management Coach be your career guide for career counseling, career coaching, career assessment, career testing, interview coaching, resume writing, company research, resume distribution and job openings. Career Coaching with a Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified MBTI Practitioner. Coaching shifts people from a “problem state” or a “status quo mentality” into a “possibility perspective” where awareness, curious exploration, the power of choice, and intentional action lead to the claiming of new territory for the client and increased productivity and profitability for the client company. Over the 12-week program you will receive ICF core competency training, leadership essentials, and hands-on coaching experience. Whitcomb directs a team of 10 career thought leaders who have trained and credentialed hundreds of career professionals worldwide. Also, if you don’t already have one, purchase a good quality telephone headset and use a telephone that is not dependent on a battery charge. We coach you and help you gain the edge you must have to stand out and get the position you want. I stress this because the new procedure – in its new and sometimes heavy structure – guarantees clients and coachees about the real preparation and experience of the ICF certified coach and ensures us about the significance of the acquired title. For example, when conflict arises because of a lack of communication, one “solution” might simply be to share the information more systematically. We have learned to allow our minds to hop, jump, skip, float, and flit from thought to thought to thought to thought. Chances are you did for the first day or two, but by now, you’re probably in the swing of things.
It may look something like this first graphic, with the greatest amount of time spent on searching online postings and tweaking the resume.
Relief and hope ensue, with their accompanying rush of positive neurochemicals, and we feel energized. I certainly intend to make more use of their services to continue to improve my professional skills.
She was able to empathize with what I was going through while helping to provide key questions, which guided me to understanding more about what I was looking for in a career.
Not only that she provided valuable information and help me immensely but I also feel that I’ve got a friend. On a professional level, I feel I have a larger network of contacts from which to reach out to, and other elements such as my resume and cover letter are more updated with what is expected in today’s workforce. The program was dedicated to helping me identify different career paths based on my strengths and learning about career avenues I had not yet anticipated. Career Coaching, Career Coaching Tips, Career Counseling, Career Testing, Career Tests, Career Assessment, Resume, Resumes, Professional Resumes. She is completing her PhD in Executive Coaching and runs a thriving coaching business serving corporate, nonprofit & entrepreneur clients. Career Marketing Techniques provides a comprehensive resume and career search documents portfolio design service. But in another experiment, she took 766-day-old rats (equivalent to 75 human years) from the bare isolated environment and moved them into the enriched environment.
You barely notice that getting up at 7am (or 6am or 5am) is really getting up at 6am (or 5am or 4am) on your body clock, right? My list is a lofty one, and includes items that society has subtly and overtly taught us to do for decades. Five hundred years later, Luther’s name will be given to a prominent hilltop square in Rome. Studies have shown that people solved problems better when they were in a higher positive mood. From here, we can use a metacognition technique, a process that puts us into an Alpha Wave state, where we block out external stimuli and reach inside for answers. It was also clear that she truly cared about me as an individual and wanted to be a part of helping me to succeed. We help you to manage the entire process, shortening your learning curve, helping you to begin a systematic and effective campaign. He excelled in the physics and mathematics segments, but he failed the non-science subjects. She often went above and beyond and would research information that would help me grow as a person not simply as a professional.

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