ICF Approval: This 33-hour program of Core Competency Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), Cluster Or Individual Training.
A 2009 International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Client Student conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, reported the median coaching ROI to be 700%. Three stock portfolios comprised only of companies that spend aggressively on employee development each outperformed the S&P 500 by 17-35%. According to a study of senior level executives at Fortune 1000 companies who received developmental coaching, the average return from the programs was nearly 5.7 times the initial investment.
For individuals who wish to complete the CELDC certification, there is also a requirement of 5 mentor coaching calls (approximately 1-hour each) to focus on developing leadership coaching competencies. The individual mentor coaching must be completed within 8 weeks after completion of the 12-week CELDC program in order to qualify for your credential.
Susan Whitcomb, Founder and President of The Academies, Inc., is a leading authority on career coach training. Fran LaMattina brings 30 years of business experience in marketing, sales, finance, and operations gained from leadership in telecom, financial services, consumer products, and non-profits. No special computer technology is required for the coaching clusters, although it is highly recommended that you have a computer for obtaining email and sharing files. With Coach Training Intensive (CTI) as a prerequisite, the Certified Personal and Executive Coach Program is a training geared to master the art of advanced coaching skills.
Following a successful 16 year career in the corporate and creative arena of the Fashion Business, at Senior Director level, I understand the personal, political and relationship challenges of dynamic, results driven environments.
Courses can be tailored to suit your business needs and to meet the requirements of your team. I also work One to One on Performance Coaching with individual team members, Key Managers and Leaders to help them find the Clarity, Focus and Creativity to Thrive, Innovate and Perform to their Full Potential. I immediately felt at ease with Lisa and she made a positive impact on my life, for which I’m really grateful. My life has changed drastically in a positive way, being more confident within my line of work and in myself, which has led to more success and great feedback from others who were able to notice a difference in me after one or two sessions. This drastic change has also improved my personal life with my girlfriend, friends and family, way more than I expected from Coaching. Overall I feel more relaxed within myself and I’m living my life in a pretty stress free way, exactly the way I wanted to. Perhaps the most critical part of reading more again is that I realized how important it is to take care of myself – reading is a much more nurturing activity than staring at Facebook, or working more.
I discovered Audible (try it and get two free audiobooks, yay!) so now I listen to books in the car, when I’m folding clothes or sometimes in the shower (we have a speaker that links to the phone with bluetooth, so I can perch it nearby and hear the book).

And maybe this one doesn’t work for novels, but I have some beautiful cookbooks, so for now I designated Monday as Thai night and it gives me an excuse to come back to this lovely Thai cookbook and explore it bit by bit. This year was one of embracing the abundance of now, while letting go of the clutter of what could have been, and the guilt of what should be. Our Homeschooling is becoming more fun, and I think ultimately more successful, with the help of our Homeschool Journals by Sarah Janisse Brown.
For 5 year old daughter – Ages 3 to 7 Fun-Schooling Journal – Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling for New Readers and Non-Readers! Americanah, Everything I Never Told You, Life After Life (Kate Atkinson has been a fun discovery for me), The Circle, Astoria (by Peter Stark about the trip after Lewis & Clark) were solid faves. It’s so fun to read through and add more books to my wishlist, will definitely add Station Eleven. Best read-aloud with the kids has been the Anne of Green Gables series and Our Country’s Founders.
I read every morning for 20 minutes and then get ready for work and get my kids ready for school. Coaching shifts people from a “problem state” or a “status quo mentality” into a “possibility perspective” where awareness, curious exploration, the power of choice, and intentional action lead to the claiming of new territory for the client and increased productivity and profitability for the client company.
Over the 12-week program you will receive ICF core competency training, leadership essentials, and hands-on coaching experience. Whitcomb directs a team of 10 career thought leaders who have trained and credentialed hundreds of career professionals worldwide. Also, if you don’t already have one, purchase a good quality telephone headset and use a telephone that is not dependent on a battery charge.
With Coach Training Intensive (CTI) as a prerequisite, the Certified Personal and Executive Coach Program is a training geared to master the art of advanced coaching skills, positive psychology, and business development.
I also know how the stress and demands placed on individuals and teams, can potentially impact on Performance, Leadership and Engagement if left unacknowledged.
If you’re career minded and want to improve within your field, then I highly recommend Lisa. It has been about finding the blockages in my thinking and working my way around these blocks, creating new pathways, to develop a new way of thinking. This book is written so beautifully that I would go back and reread paragraphs just to enjoy them again. These are characters I am surprised to find myself liking, but beware if you are offended by rough language. I squeezed in time to read Everything I Never Told You and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

I think that reading allows a person to create a certain reality internally, like they can see what’s described on paper and then visualize it in their head. We’ve just started The Witch of Blackbird Pond and my kids are both enchanted so far.
The mysteries in the Lady Emily series by Tasha Alexander remind me a little of it too (though they take place a bit earlier) and an interesting read this year was Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey – which gives a lot of background about the castle and you can see where they pulled some of the stories from for the show. She is completing her PhD in Executive Coaching and runs a thriving coaching business serving corporate, nonprofit & entrepreneur clients. She helped me to transform some of my thought processes, making a big difference in both my private and professional life in a short space of time. Her techniques in coaching are engaging and easy to comprehend making the whole process relaxed and fun. I have come to know a new level of happiness and internal peace that I have not experienced in the last 17 years.
The books – when my kids were little I hardly touched a book except to glean parenting ideas here or there. The way Mari Kondo approaches clearing out and cleaning up (with joy as the central focus) allowed me to let go of so much. This book came to me recommended by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, but it applies to more than just business and can help you make more deliberate, intentional choices in your life. I’m not sure if others will find a connection between the two, but I found both to write characters who are quickly relate-able, interesting and funny.
Including the obligatory family stuff by Gary chapman called the family you’ve always wanted, talk less listen more. I am a huge fan ofJim’s work and it is fascinating reading about how he started and the details of his creative genius.
For those of you going through an internal war, anxiety or whatever it may be, the issue is that no one can understand it because its not physically shown like an injury. I cleaned out loads and loads from my house, and while I’m not all the way finished, for the first time in my life I see the possiblity of living in a tidy home surrounded only by what I love best.

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