Ralf'sA opinion is based on pre-season's testing timesheets, which often listed McLaren and Renault's drivers as the fastest.A  He should know better than be fooled by Ferrari's sandbagging, but, "By the look of it in the testing season, you would say that Ferrari are not the benchmark any more," the younger Schumacher told Reuters. As for McLaren's chances, a€?We look pretty good, but I don't want to say that we're going to be massively competitive and then turn up at the first race and find we're nowhere," he said. That theA new Juan Pablo Montoya - leaner and trimmer - even to the naked eye a€“ he even has his trademark brashness and swaggering confidence. When asked how Norbert would perform as a competitor in the Champ Car series, Derrick Walker said a€?I was very impressed with Norbert, he got down to business right away and adapted to the car well.A  Looking at his lap times, he has gone as quick if not quicker than we have ever run on the Homestead coursea€?. After completing almost 200 miles in seasonal conditions at the Miami course today, Norbert has a good impression of the Champ Car series and the Walker team a€?I have to thank Derrick and the Walker Racing team for a very professional and serious testing opportunity.A  I know I can be competitive in the Champ Car series with Walker Racing and I am working hard to make that a realitya€?.
Placing a word, words, or a phrase (a phrase should be in "double quotes") will return all occurrences of the search items in bold text, all upper case and with a yellow highlight. Malaysia is joining a growing list of nations that severely restrict tobacco sponsorship of sporting events - long a favorite publicity playground of cigarette sellers - for public health reasons. The new anti-tobacco rules are among a slew of steps Malaysia is taking to ban promotion of cigarettes and other products as it prepares to join the WHO treaty.
About 3.6 million of Malaysia's 25 million people are smokers, and nearly half of adult men light up regularly, according to Health Ministry statistics. Booker, a 47-year-old Reseda resident, was one of the handful of African-Americans in the garage area Saturday morning. Webber, from Queanbeyan, near Canberra, crossed the bridge at 8am this morning, local time, with the event broadcast live on Network Ten and beamed around the world.
New South Wales Premier Bob Carr flagged off the Aussie F1 star on the bridge, who then roared across, spun around at the end of a rather bumpy ride, and completed the return journey a dozen times. There was no public access on the bridge for the Overdrive, but a superscreen as set up at the Hickson Road Reserve so fans could see and hear the spectacle. Webbera€™s next appearance in his F1 car will be at practice for the 2005 Formula 1 Fostera€™s Australian Grand Prix at Melbournea€™s Albert Park on Friday, March 4, ahead of the race on Sunday afternoon but before then he plans to take a couple of days to rest, arriving in Melbourne on Wednesday for a dinner appearance. I know there still are Champ Car skeptics around, but I'm no longer one because Kevin Kalkhoven assures me with great passion that his organization is destined for success.
Promoter RPM Racing and Renault Sport Technologies have been issued with notice of intent to sue by Vergani Racing, which is claiming damages estimated at more than E3million following what it considers to be 'unfair and unjustified exclusion' from the World Series by Renault in 2005. Vergani had been a staunch supporter of the World Series by Nissan which preceded the new championship, but occasionally failed to run a car owing to its drivers' sponsorship shortfalls.
The 90-minute event saw officials from Ansan City and Gyeonggi Province as well as from The Racing Korea and Champ Car event organizers turning shovels at the site of what will be a 1.9-mile race course in Ansan, South Korea. The event drew nearly 1,000 people to witness the groundbreaking in Ansan City, which is located approximately 45 minutes southwest of Seoul.
Can he win a world championship this year?A  "You look at F1 and think it's tough to go to that level . NASCAR announced this winter that the electronic equipment would be tried out in conjunction with the old system that relied on handheld stopwatches. Giebler's European return will see him compete against twenty top young drivers for one of two fully funded rides in the new Renault Pan Am Championship. Says Phil: "It was great returning home and having a chance to get reacquainted with my family and friends for most of 2004, but I am really glad to be able to get back to England for a bit. I believe weather is going to be the biggest obstacle, I understand it's snowing and about 20 degrees at the track today. Sunday morning, two crew members per car go in, again with a NASCAR official, to plug in the oil heater, prime the oil system, turn on the car's master switch, start the engine, set tire pressures, torque the wheels, install the radio, put a water bottle into the car, remove or repair tape on the grille and valance and brake ducts. Batteries for telemetry systems used for televisions broadcasts also may be changed by the companies that install those systems.A  Teams can not jack up any part of the car, add water to the cooling system, climb inside the car add oil or brake fluid or adjust the fenders or any other body components.
At the platform where the car's height is measured, teams can adjust the wedge bolts a maximum of one turn in front and one and a half turns in the rear. Expy Multimedia's blog: WHY USE EXPY MULTIMEDIA TO SUMMIT YOUR AMERICAN VISA LOTTERY APPLICATION? Last April and last Memorial Day had sellout crowds of 110,000, while Sunday's race drew an estimated 95,000.
Searching works for Hot News and Rumors from August 2004 and newer.A Searching of other pages will be implemented at a later date. Sawyer, whose vision for a unique motorsports facility helped make the track into one of the most popular stops on the NASCAR circuit, passed away late yesterday. Same thing in the second-tier Busch Series.A  Not until you reach the Craftsman Truck Series do you find a black driver, Bill Lester. In spite of the late start for the advance booking, the organizers of the Silverstone event are confident that they will sell all available tickets for the race, which takes place on 10th July, 2005.
After the event was over, Mark spoke briefly to the press before moving on to make a public appearance at the Hickson Road Reserve, Dawes Point, The Rocks. The team has announced, since being left off the World Series entry, that it is to cease competitive activity, and has begun to sell off its equipment and cars. The series of 180-degree turns on the backside make the track Mickey Mouse for the bulky and heavy Champ Cars. Vice Mayor of Ansan City Doo Hyun Kwon and Governor of Gyeonggi Province Hak-Kyu Son were among the luminaries on hand along with Champ Car co-owner Kevin Kalkhoven and Champ Car Senior Vice-President Joe Chrnelich. A marching band added to the festive atmosphere during what was the first official public activity regarding the 2005 event.

But neither the new car nor Jacques Villeneuve has been able deliver a fully convincing performance in the test days thus far.
Through the years I raced in CART all the four engine manufacturers--Honda, Toyota, Mercedes and Ford--were winning races and Lola and Reynard were always winning races too, so I think that shows the rules are competitive rules. Martin won his first Busch event since 2000 with a dominating performance in the Stater Bros.
Juan (Pablo Montoya, the Colombian whom he has replaced at the outfit) gave the championship a fair shake in 2003, but last year was a very tough year. Communications manager Geoff Harris has quit after eight years, citing the event's lack of direction.
Usually those who are better can react quicker and better and adapt.A a€?It's a different challenge. I love Silverstone and I'll be staying with my old roommate, Adam Carol who may very well end up in my old Super Nova seat.
Pan Am, with events in Canada, America, Mexico, Brazil and other South American stops planned, looks like it will turn into the first great Western Hemisphere series and the chance at a fully funded Renault World Series ride in the 2006 Championship should see some great racing this season. The signature style, deemed a€?E Eyewear,a€? is actually the brainchild of Earnhardt himself. With Mario's ties to Ferrari and Frank Williams along with Michael's ties to Honda, it appears he could have a great chance to become the next American in F1. The movie is based on the life of Kulwicki, who won the 1992 NASCAR championship and died the following year in a plane crash.
It concludes by saying - I wondered why a 60-year-old man who had been retired for a while and living in golfing tranquility wants to come out of it and invest many millions of dollars into such a shaky enterprise. Preliminary plans for the proposed course, named High Rock International Raceway due to its location adjacent to High Rock Lake, call for sweeping elevation changes, two high-speed straightaways, and dramatic carousel, corkscrew and ess turns. An interview with the Team Principal, conducted by the team's partner and sponsor, Credit Suisse.Peter Sauber, before the rollout of the new car in mid-January confidence levels were high at Sauber. A fight over F1 guest Bo Derek and Mark Webber's drive over Sydney Harbour Bridge are also believed to have played a role. But these crew chiefs out there can take a 99-cent calculator and figure out exactly what RPM number their driver has to hit to be right at the speed limit. Phil was also a standout in World Karting prior to cars where he won the Formula A North American Championship and three American Karting Championships. Or a water polo game.A  ``I can tell you I wouldn't be here if I wasn't getting paid 120 bucks. The forty-five-foot wide track will be designed by world-renowned planner Alan Wilson of Wilson Motorsports and will provide a venue for sports car and motorcycle club racing as well as nationally sanctioned professional road-race events.
What's the situation now, shortly before the season gets under way in Melbourne?"The situation's different for each person on the team. There are some very good drivers lined up for this shootout, many of which I've competed against in the past. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet worked throughout the entire design process to dream up even the most minor details of the glasses. With his talent and name there is no doubt he will be hot property in a couple years and I could imagine sponsors, engine manufacturers and team owners will be lining up for his services. Sawyer, who promoted NASCAR races in Richmond since 1955, helped modernize Richmond International Raceway with several visionary projects, beginning with paving the once-dirt facility in 1968.
The development team will also include civil engineer Daryl Wagner from Salisbury Engineering & Planning and Leo Dunn from Salisbury-based Carrol Fisher Construction, who will serve as project architect and contractor. Ford, having botched the relatively simple job of maintaining the Taurus as a top-selling consumer sedan, is phasing out the model. Every couple of months, you keep thinking you have got to dig deeper, go further, to prove to yourself that you can do it.
It is believed relations between Mr Harris and Grand Prix chief executive Tim Bamford had become strained.
I've always done well in these kinds of situations and even though I haven't been on a road course in eighteen months, I feel really good about my chances. Matt Jones, Phoenix, AZA  Dear Matt, Yes Marco appears to be talented, at least up to this stage in his career. Providing marketing consulting services for the track is Ellen McGuire of Charlotte-based Meridian Marketing & Media, Inc.
This is the same problem Dodge had last year: Its NASCAR teams raced "Intrepids," a year after the Intrepid was dropped.
This sounds like the current Mazda6, and for good reason: The Fusion is based on a slightly lengthened Mazda6 platform, and uses the same engines as the Mazda. Mr Harris resigned on Friday morning and later that day left Grand Prix headquarters in South Melbourne.
So the Dodge race cars were simply "Dodges" last year, but this year, they get to be called Chargers.
Many NASCAR fans are flustered about a Japanese car, the Toyota Camry, joining all-American NASCAR Nextel Cup racing in 2007.
We are extremely fortunate to be working with Alan Wilson and to have acreage that offers exceptional topography on which to construct a world-class road racing course,a€? said Risdon. A year ago, we came out with a good car, but the gap between us and Ferrari was about 1.8 seconds a€“ which is a lot.

The glass itself is inset a little bit, kind of like the headlight of a a€?70s-era hot rod. Sawyer was born June 26, 1916 in Norfolk, VA, where he later worked at the Naval Air Station from 1939 until his early retirement in 1965. The proposed road course will be the hub of an innovative motorsports community including a race team performance center, privately-owned racing chalets, guest cottages that overlook the Yadkin River and a spacious RV campground. He can't develop as a driver going around tracks in circles at 100% throttle and there is zero chance his skill level will keep pace with other drivers who stay on the road course path, especially the young Europeans.
Membership privileges will include use of the track on select weekdays and evenings, access to all track events and exclusive access to a club lodge. Risdon, who acquired the mill property in October 2001, has already begun demolition of the 400,000-square-foot mill building. At the moment it still doesn't look like it."The C24 is the first car to be wholly developed in your own wind tunnel. I didna€™t know exactly how much input I was going to have, but it was more than I expected. Sawyer invested in Richmond International Raceway-then known as "Atlantic Rural Fairgrounds"- with Virginia native and legendary racer Joe Weatherly in 1955.
Construction on the multi-million-dollar track project is expected to start in the fall of 2005 and be completed by the summer of 2006. High Rock International Raceway, located in Rowan County, NC, is positioned to become one of the worlda€™s premier road racing venues. It was a lot of fun to do, and to see it come to a head and here it is in my hands, ita€™s pretty amazing.
Sawyer bought Weatherly out of his interest in the tracks and took control of the facility in Richmond in 1956. The 200-plus-acre development will cater to racing enthusiasts with features such as a race team performance center, privately-owned chalets and country club amenities. High Rock International Raceway hopes to attract race series of all kinds -- from sports car and motorcycle club races to nationally sanctioned professional road-race events. It's just a question of time."At the moment, everyone's focusing on the test times, and in that regard Sauber Petronas hasn't turned in any brilliant results yet. They would get a mold to me, and me and Boris would kind of talk about it, and then would take back the things wea€™d like to see different.
Sawyer ran Richmond International Raceway until he sold the track, along with the surrounding property, to International Speedway Corporation in 1999. What I wanted was something that you could wear with a suit to the banquet if you wanted to, or here at the racetrack in jeans and a t-shirt. It kind of transcended from if youa€™re on the lake in shorts and a t-shirt or if youa€™ve got a formal engagement. He is a member of the 2003 class of the Virginia Motorsports Hall of Fame and the 2002 class of the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. And it's extremely difficult to make a direct comparison because you never know exactly how much fuel the competition has on board.
Wea€™re going to come out with a pair each year, keep designing different pairs, different styles. He was honored with the NASCAR Founder's Award as part of NASCAR's 50th anniversary celebration in Hollywood, CA in 1998 and in 1997, he received both the Pocono Raceway Bill France Award of Excellence and the Buddy Shuman Award, which has been presented annually since 1957 to the person or persons who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to NASCAR's top series. He also received the Meyers Brothers Award from the National Motorsports Press Association in 1996. But when you look further down the list and come to Toyota, who have also set top times, you suddenly begin to be careful with interpreting test times."Toyota is one of Sauber Petronas' immediate competitors. When you look at their strong performance in the tests, do you get a little nervous?"We would need a direct comparison, and we haven't had that yet. Sawyer received an honorary doctorate in commercial science from the University of Richmond in 2001.A  Mr.
Sawyer is survived by his two sons, Wayne and Billy, three grandsons, one granddaughter and four great grandchildren.
Toyota's entering the fourth year, and when you consider their potential, you really have to respect them."In comparing the two Sauber drivers, Felipe Massa has almost always been setting the pace thus far. Sawyer was married in 1939 to the former Virginia Weaver of Norfolk, who passed away in 2003.
Sometimes the gap was greater than it should have been when you consider the speed of the two drivers. Although he wasn't familiar with the car, the gap between him and Fernando Alonso a€“ a very fast driver a€“ was small right from the start. In the final qualifying session in Suzuka, Villeneuve was even a little faster than Alonso."How does it look from a personal level? Have the two dissimilar drivers become friends in the meantime?"I don't think so, and I also doubt that they'll ever be friends. Having professional collaboration in the team's interests is much more important."In contrast to both Renault and McLaren, Ferrari hasn't hit top gear yet.

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