Being able to change bookmark folder icons can be really helpful when you have too many folders in your bookmark. The add-on has a large supply of icons from simply colorized icons to icons that come in different shapes. After you change the icons, you will be able to see the result instantly in bookmark toolbar, bookmark sidebar, bookmark menu and library view.
Right click at your bookmark (Bookmark menu, Bookmark toolbar, Bookmark sidebar, Bookmark manager); the popup menu with option "Change Favicon", "Reset Favicon", "Remove Favicon" and "Export Favicon" will appear. File types support are ico, bmp, dib, gif, jpg, jpe, jpeg, jif, jfi, jfif, png, apng, svg (every file types that Firefox or SeaMonkey support including URL).

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged firefox bookmarks toolbar or ask your own question. What scientifically would make it possible that certain large bodies of water be impassable? What is a fast command line way to switch between multiple directories for system administration? Will people get confused when they see 'Some of our customers speak Spanish, English, and German'? Bookmarks Folder Images is a Firefox add-on that brings the ability to Firefox so that you can change icons for bookmark folders in just a few clicks.

I get the DNS site's icons all over, on another case I have the Facebook icon on a TOTALLY irrelevant bookmark, so the question is: How can I change the icons on my bookmarks in the bookmark toolbar?
It also comes with a help file should you need help in understanding how it works and how to add custom icons.

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