The purpose of Change Zone’s Quality Management System is to establish, document, implement and maintain a quality management system for Change Zone, and continually improves its effectiveness, so that to exceed customer’s expectations. Change Zone is committed to provide the best quality and serves Excellency in Change zone’s training programs and make sure all learning outcomes for all programs are being met in effective and efficient way.
Systemize the value-creation process that ensures consistent quality in programs, through acquiring an international accreditation in education, and the continual improvements in the internal processes.
Change Zone conducts a regular quality management meeting to design, plan, and review and improve quality systems and Change Zone’s processes.

Change Zone Creates and maintains a Quality Management Improvement Log, where suggestions and ideas are captured and maintained, in order to review and implement the ones which make improvement the quality systems in place.
Change Zone Creates a quality management systems repository to maintain and access forms, policies, and processes specifications.
Change Zone aims to establish and execute innovative customer-centric processes that continually drive customer delight, business growth, and positive change to relevant stakeholders and targeted market segments. Change Zone is committed to design and develop the best educational deliverables for the learners, and apply all Quality Management Systems criteria such as IACET, and ISO 9001, criterion on its all training programs.

With the aim to continually improve customer perceived and delivered value, and actively stimulate innovation in marketing and execution of strategy.

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