This page provides value added content referenced within the book that readers of Taming Change can download, as well as other relevant resources for those responsible for managing the cycle of change within their organization. The last two years posed interesting challenges for PMOs -- due in no small part to the economic downturn and how the organizations they support responded to it. Streamlining Change at the Speed of Business: Are You Ready to Surf the Next Wave of Innovation?
Join co-authors Pat Durbin and Terry Doerscher for a series of deep-dive sessions reviewing key concepts and practices discussed in their book, Taming Change with Portfolio Management. The objective of ITMS is to model a highly complex, city-wide ITMS that can automate the process of traffic management by predicting the optimal traffic routes, traffic signal junctions, minimizing the traffic congestions and waiting times, integrating with emergency services such as ambulances, fire vehicles, etc., modeling external factors and city road network topology, VIP movement clearances, GUI based and GIS representation of complete system functions and features.
A SMART CITY uses digital technologies or Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance quality and performance of Urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. You can subscribe to this service by sending a SMS to 09219592195 with the following JOIN HTP.

You can subscribe to this service by clicking on the ‘subscribe’ button below the group box.
Free SMS Alert will be sent to the subscriber’s registered mobile number by Traffic Control Room. We take all precautions to see that only genuine violators of motor vehicle Act and road rules are punished. The person whom you had sold the vehicle may not have got it officially transferred on his name.
To maximize value from these video insights, each session has been assigned recommended chapter readings, suggested to be completed prior to participation.
Sectors that have been developing smart city technology include government services, Transport and Traffic Management, energy, health care, water and waste.
Now we are also collecting the images of all violations along with date and time and storing them in our archives.

Smart city applications are developed with the goal of improving the management of urban flows and allowing for real time responses to challenges. A smart city may therefore be more prepared to respond to challenges than one with a simple 'transactional' relationship with its citizens. Major technological, economic and environmental changes have generated interest in smart cities, including climate change, economic restructuring.

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