Change might be the opposite of consistency, but the only thing consistent in every organization today is change. When an organization implements a change, they cannot stop working until the transition is complete.
Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage it is a critical component of high performance.
However, most employees resist change either because it asks them to come out of the comfort zone they have been enjoying or they fear already tough things getting worse for them.
It may be because organizations do not know how important change management is for the success of an ERP implementation. When employees understand that change is for the good, they will be ready to adapt to the change.

When employees understand the importance of training, your training investment will not go in vain. When your ERP budget is well managed and the end-users are well trained, your people and processes tend to yield positive returns from the investments you made in the ERP implementation. With every initiative comes the immediate need to continuously communicate status, challenge and progress to all the stakeholders involved. In ERP implementation, your employees must understand why it is important so that they become ready to adapt to it. Also, change management helps you reduce the cost of change by allowing you to better manage your budget. When your employees see that you have taken the time to consider their pain during the ERP implementation, they are more likely to perform better and get more involved.

Change management helps you gradually adapt to the change while you still manage everyday work. If employees are ready for the change, they will be better prepared for the challenges that may arise during and after the change.
When you manage to put the right people in the right place, you will reduce inefficiencies and avoid exceeding the budget.

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