A freckle-faced girl (Annes Elwy) goes on a psychedelic picnic in the countryside - with crisps and glue on the menu - in the video for Play by Gulp (Guto from Super Furry Animals), directed by Mark James, photographed by Ryan Owen Eddleston.
The video opens with a lavish setting complete with pool and various ornaments and material possessions, depicting the 'high-quality' of lifestyle, reflected in the lyrics. The colours and imagery are exciting and interesting, and you will certainly be entertained watching.
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Katy Perry has officially released her new song, online today on her vevo channel on YouTube.
Her previous tracks (more specifically 'Work' and 'Bounce') have been catchy and stylistic; 'Change Your Life' is no exception.

Now, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but I suggest you give Azalea a chance and listen to a few of her songs, so why not start with this one right here. Iggy reclines against the diving board over the pool waters whilst rapping the opening to the song, wearing red bikini bottoms and gold top.
Azalea performing in a Las Vegas-type show, complete with elaborate head-dress, neon palm tree lights & sparkly night-time themed background. Afterwards, we can see Azalea playing around with fun hats and talking to her dancers in the backstage dressing room whilst the chorus for 'Change Your Life' plays in the background.
Our names are Melissa & Yasmine, we're both 23 and identical twin sisters (no, seriously), and above all, love to write. There's no question in my mind that Iggy makes the track, which may have sounded a bit repetitive and tedious if in the hands of a few other vocalists.

To close the video, Iggy can be seen dancers in front of a neon sign, whilst simultaneously a video of the cops taking Ms. The video is in a similar style to her previous MV's, with feisty, entertaining and fun imagery mixed with some interesting elements and a lot of colour.

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