Now you know what a thought record is and, hopefully, why I think it’s such a great tool.
Join me as we learn the next, important steps of using a thought record in: How to Challenge and Change Thoughts Using a Thought Record!
When I first started seeing my therapist she said something that upset me, so I went home and wrote out a thought record.
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Christina Hibbert 14 Comments ShareIn Thought Management, Part 1, we learned about the connection between thoughts, feelings, the body, and behavior.
Certain feelings will come up often, and will usually be related to the same types of thoughts.
I certainly didn’t write the book on it, but I use it all the time, professionally and personally! My websmaster assures me everything is fine, but I do believe that in a certain browser, it might not work as well.

Change is not a easy thing, however, anyone has to change sometimes, because it’s inevitable. We learned about the thousands of automatic thoughts that run through our minds each day, and how one little, unnoticed thought can lead to a whole lot of trouble if we do nothing about it. Most of the time, we think about changing when we want something better, something good.As you know, life goes on and you will see a lot of new things every day.
In time, a thought record can also help you identify and alter false thoughts and beliefs into something more helpful and truthful for you. It often helps to talk out your situations and have someone else help you identify your thoughts. It’s so much easier to deal with thoughts and emotions when you can see them as the separate entities they are. Writing them down gives you the chance to come back later, with fresh eyes, and see the truth of the situation. I don’t use them much anymore either, but every so often, when I get really overwhelmed or out of whack, I pull one out and have at it. It might be boring if you do not change and just do the same thing from this day to another day.

Therapy is great for this–I have clients bring empty thought records to me and we fill them out together. It always helps me calm down and see things as they are rather than getting caught up in my crazy emotions.
When you focus on changing in positive way without any expectation, you will be surprised with the results. I think it has been awhile since I’ve been able to catch and hear all those negative thoughts and beliefs. I’m sure you are well-versed in how to alter and challenge thoughts–what a useful tool! Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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