GTA Real Estate agent Ryan Chelak's blog featuring news and Real Estate Information on Condos, market updates and information, new home and condo projects and other Real Estate ramblings. A condominium is a form of home ownership in which individual units of a larger complex are sold, not rented.
When you purchase a suite or unit in a condominium,  technically you own everything from their walls inward.
Those buyers who would prefer to own all of their amenities and maintain their own lawn and garden may be better off looking at single home ownership options instead of a condominium.
One thing to be aware of when living in a condominium setting is the political reality of an owners' association - condominiums are communities within themselves. Affordability: In Oakville there are condominiums for every price range - from affordable low-rise condo apartments to luxury condos with exceptional views of Lake Ontario.
Amenities: Many condo properties offer use of a wide range of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centres, tennis courts, saunas, hobby rooms and other facilities that would be far too expensive to have all within a single-family home. Equity: Unlike renting where your monthly rent payments go to your landlord, condo ownership allows owner to build and maintain equity like an other real estate purchase.
Security: One of the most populars aspects of  'condo living' is being able to just lock your door and leave. Location: There is often a high concentration of condominiums in downtown locations where land is at a premium. Condominium Association: Every unit owner is a member of the condo association, which also has an elected board. Condominium Community: Many condominiums have a built-in community feel with planned social events. Sales within the City of Toronto totaled 3,481, down 18% from the 4,238 recorded in June 2007. Fernbrook Homes and Cityzen Urban Lifestyle will be bringing resort style condo living to the shores of Bronte Harbour in Oakville. The modern, 10-storey structure was designed by architects Page & Steele and boasts interiors designed by Brian Gluckstein. The building will feature 200 suites with expansive views of Lake Ontario and Bronte Harbour. FSBO properties and what people that want to sell their properties themselves have to be aware of.I recently visited a popular FSBO website and thought I'd go through some of their 'information'. Political Action Committee, spent considerable amounts of money stuffing my mailbox with ads decrying the certain danger of passing a proposed Colorado ballot initiative mandating that utilities get at least 10% of their generated electricity from renewable sources. I will disclose any of these stocks I hold at the end of this post but, in the spirit of full disclosure, let me first tell you that I am not formally trained in business.
On April 1, the Research Matters team launched a fun online campaign to highlight the 50 game-changing discoveries made in this province’s universities over the last 100 years. We asked you to vote for your favourite, both online and in person with our Curiosity Cruiser staff who travelled the province this summer.
Gary Johnston develops the Yukon Gold potato, giving new Canadians the kind of yellow-fleshed spud they had back home – its popularity has made it a household name. Wilbur Franks develops the anti-black-out suit, giving Allied pilots the advantage in WWII, and enabling high speed flight as well as space travel. Paul Hebert proposes DNA barcoding, a major breakthrough in species identification with applications ranging from protecting global biodiversity to curbing food fraud. Fred Possmayer extracts and purifies natural surfactant from a cow’s lung, helping premature infants breathe and saving millions of children worldwide.
John Thompson discovers a gene that determines if a cell lives or dies, resulting in opportunities to enhance cancer therapy and prolong the shelf- life of fresh produce. Ellen Bialystok finds the lifelong use of two languages can help delay the onset of dementia symptoms by four years.
Susan Cole and Roger Deeley discover the gene coding for a multidrug resistance protein (MRP) that prevents cancer-killing drugs from working.
Charles Drake pioneers the first surgical treatment for cerebral aneurysms at the base of the brain, a milestone in neuroscience.
Gary Johnston develops the Yukon Gold potato, giving new Canadians the kind of yellow-fleshed spud they had back home - its popularity has made it a household name.
John McGarry’s work on the Northern Ireland conflict redefines the terms of debate and informs the successful Good Friday Agreement. Alan Plumtree and Alfred Rudin develop an easily repairable and inexpensive hand- operated pump, ensur- ing long-term access to clean, safe water in developing countries. John FitzGerald pioneers public health and disease prevention in Canada, manufact- uring life-saving public health products such as diphtheria and tetanus vaccines. John Polanyi’s research in chemiluminescence leads to innovations like chemical lasers and earns him the Nobel Prize.
Lap-Chee Tsui and Manuel Buchwald isolate the CFTR gene that causes cystic fibrosis, a milestone in fighting the disease.

Physicists at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory discover that neutrinos have mass and redefine the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Bruce Holub discovers trans-fats have a significant negative impact on human health, resulting in the virtual elimination of them from supermarket shelves.
Jacalyn Duffin reveals the role of faith in medical practice, helping canonize Marguerite d’Youville as the first Canadian-born Catholic saint. Ben Barry opens Fashion Diversity Lab, a global hub for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in fashion – changing our views of beauty. Alan Davenport defines the modern field of wind engineering by developing an equation to measure wind loads, making building structures safer and more economical.
David Hulchanski provides ground-breaking evidence of income and geographic polarization in Toronto, putting critical social and neighbourhood disparities on the public agenda. James Till and Ernest McCulloch discover the hematopoietic stem cell, making bone marrow transplantation possible. Michael Geist changes Canadian government policy on copyright into one of the most significant, user-oriented and progressive reforms in the world.
John Smol uses lake sediments to show that acid rain causes declining pH in many North American lakes, exposing the long-term negative impacts of humans on aquatic ecosystems. Tak Mak helps identify the T-cell receptor gene, a vital component of our immune system and a major advance in immunology and cancer treatment.
Elizabeth Eisenhauer discovers a method for administering a commonly used cancer drug Taxol® that reduces toxic side effects in patients.
Decisions may be made in monthly meetings which will cost individual owners more money, but not necessarily deliver equal benefits for all.
Keep in mind that although condominiums have a wide price range, the lower range caters to the budgets of first-time buyers and singles who may find single-family houses unaffordable. Condo living means someone else takes care of the plumbing problems or roof maintenance for you.
The association serves to enforce bylaws, handles maintenance and repair issues, and deals with disputes with developers or between unit owners. The aim of this blog is to keep you informed about the local Oakville and Mississauga Real Estate market, condo resale information, tips and advice for condo living and information and releases of new condominium developments.This blog is provided by Ryan Chelak. Sales within the 905 suburbs, at 5,119, were also down (as a whole) 18% from the 6,213 recorded during the same period last year.In the Town of Oakville, Real Estate sales for the month of June 2008 totaled 158, up 3% from the 153 trasactions reported during June 2007.
The lower two floors will include a dramatic lobby with circular staircase leading up to the building's ammenities on the second floor. I do not buy a lot of traditional economic theory (and as I recall, I sort of struggled with microeconomics, but that was probably because of my distaste for the increasing dominance of 'rational choice' perspectives in the social sciences.
The list included well-known ones, as well as those with less profile, but just as much impact.
Now this would only be viewed as a marginal increase, but considering the performace in the rest of the GTA, Oakville's Real Estate market appears to be remaining stable and active.Not only were the number of residential Real Estate sales up, the average home price in Oakville for June 2008 was $532,969, with homes selling on average for 98% of listing price. The setting offer's residents picturesque views of the Bronte Harbour and Marina as well as Lake Ontario.
Condominium living may be more advantageous financially than apartment rentals, but it does require more active participation in community events. From kitchens that will feature stone countertops and the very best in today's appliances to hardwood floors throughout and luxurious 50 oz. Also at street level will be townhomes with private patios and second floor terraces or balconies. The math is the easy part, what they don't address anywhere is everything else that is involved in selling your home. Floors three through six will offer a variety of different sized suites, all with 9 foot ceilings. If they did that they would drive away most of their potential customers.The bottom line is that they are not providing their service out of the goodness of their hearts. It would appear however that the Oakville condo market is turning into a buyer's market with the number of active listings increasing, buyers are starting to be more selective. The penthouse level takes full advantage of it's prestigious posititioning and features ceilings that are a lofty 12 feet. Jack and Jill went up that hill, but Jill wasn't wearing a bra under her blouse when she came back down. Many of our graduates go on to careers in politics, Hollywood, or broadcasting.Learn how to lie, cheat, and be a real Fake person today!
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