You must tell the Ministry of Transportation within six days of changing your name or address. The chart on this page shows the documents you will need to change the name on your driver's licence. Demerit PointsHow demerit points are administered in the ACT and also how your licence is impacted by demerit points. Moving to the ACT?Changing over your vehicle registration and driver licence for new ACT residents.

ACT Governments Safety Camera ProgramLink to Justice and Community Safety Website which contains information on the ACT Government Safety Camera Program. Proof of Identity RequirementsHow you can prove your identity to the Road Transport Authority. Most Popular PagesTake a look through this list of popular pages that are the most accessed this week. Take the documents you must show (see the chart on this page) and your current licence to a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office.

When you get it, destroy your old licence and carry the new one with you whenever you drive.

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