Neal Wanless, 23, accepts a ceremonial check for winning a $232 million Powerball lottery jackpot on Friday, June 5, 2009, in Pierre, S.D.
Now people wonder how Powerball lottery winner Neal Wanless, who promised to pay the community back for its generosity to his ranching family, will fulfill that commitment. Wanless, who is 23 and single, won $232 million and opted for a one-time payment that will be about $88.5 million after taxes. Wanless didn't elaborate, but people who know him and his parents, Arlen and Nancy, say they have been struggling. The family's farm equipment is in bad shape, and Neal Wanless often baled grasses in ditches along roads "for cheap feed," says Larry Lucas, a Democratic state representative and former teacher who was Neal's high school cross-country coach. Neighbors loaned a truck to the family if theirs wasn't working, and landowners let them cut hay on their property for free. Neal was a bright student who attended college briefly before returning to the 320-acre ranch to help raise cattle and sheep, Lucas says. About 30 miles away in Winner, where Wanless bought his ticket, real estate agent Mike Whetham says the community often bands together to support sick residents and their families through auctions and benefits.
In Winner, population 3,137, several residents volunteered to pay some senior citizens' utility bills last Christmas, says Mayor Richard Lewis.
In an often dry land where money can sometimes be as sparse as the rain, some say being generous is the only way to live.

If Wanless is looking for ways to help the community, he could help pay for the $2.4 million swimming pool that opens July 1 in Winner, Lewis says.
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A mobile home owned by the Wanless family was repossessed last year, and records show they fell $3,552 behind in their property taxes.
Terri Grablander, wife of Mission Mayor Timothy Grablander, says Arlen Wanless often provided sheep for mutton busting, a rodeo event that allows children to bronc-ride sheep.
People were buying pies for $100, and some were even donating back their pies to be sold again.
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They brand cattle, dig neighbors out after blizzards and free tractors from mud — all without expectation of repayment.
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