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Nowadays, it is common for working moms to leave their children, typically from 0 – 8 years of age, at child care or day care providers during moms working is days. In the United States child care is increasingly referred to as early childhood education due to the understanding of the impact of early experiences of the developing child.
Since child care centers have to manage and monitor many children, recording their attendance every time their parents leave their children should ease both their teachers and parents to keep track of their children. At a recent training with teachers involved in the PNC Grow Up Great with Science grant, we explored the properties of liquids and some unconventional ways to experiment with color mixing. We are delighted to announce the launch of our new schedule for QQI Attendance Learning courses commencing in May & June 2016.
For further details please click here  or above course links or if you wish to discuss any course please call us on 01 2061828.
Did you know that after 2015 learners cannot carry over any exemptions for any old module components completed onto the new common awards if over 5 years old? FETAC awards and other awards in the NFQ QQI recognises awards previously awarded by FETAC and the other former awarding bodies FAS, Failte Ireland, NCVA and Teagasc. Where former awards are not mapped to a CAS component, then direct exemption is not possible. However, it is open to the provider to use assessment as a form of recognition of prior learning.
An exemption may only be claimed for the purpose of and at the time of achieving a compound award i.e.
CAS components achieved by exemption will be neutral in the calculation of the grade of the compound award. Holders of HET major awards at Levels 6 to 10 of the National Framework of Qualifications can be exempted from Communications at levels 5 and 6 where the provider is confident of the currency of the awards.
A learner holding an award which, though not part of the NFQ, is deemed appropriate by the assessing provider can seek recognition of that award through (1) exemption from a CAS component(s) or (2) through RPL.

It will be possible for the provider to give the learner a grade for the work assessed through RPL but the normal procedures for quality assuring validity of assessment outcomes must apply. Please call us on 01 2061828 if you have any questions on old awards that you are unsure of. As well as giving staff more time and opportunity to get their qualification, the department will also compile a list of approved qualifications by the end of 2015, and this will be of use to students, employers and the Tusla inspectorate. Click here to access our full range of QQI Childcare course and get your qualification in time. Pobal Funding, on behalf of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, will reopen again for applications for 2 weeks from 6th Nov-14. The Learner Fund 2014-2015 by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) will provide funding in the form of a training subsidy to assist existing staff working directly with children in registered early years services to attain the mandatory minimum qualification requirements for September 2015. The Open College has been approved to provide Pobal Funding training for those who wish to complete the Level 5 and Level 6 Major Awards in Early Childhood Care & Education. Learners should see the Pobal website for information on how to apply for the training subsidy.
Our new QQI Train the Trainer 4 day course is Commencing again on Wednesday November 19th or Saturday 15th November.
Each student will gain a full understanding of the montessori method of teaching language and mathematics.
Students will learn how the Language and Mathematic exercises can be implemented into everyday life and within the montessori and childcare field and will recognise the importance of the language and mathematics exercises and how to develop extensions of the exercises so that exercises can be individually catered for each child depending on their abilities and developmental stage.
The Open College has been approved to provide Pobal Funding for those who wish to complete the Level 5 and Level 6 Major Awards in Early Childhood Care & Education.
Pobal have advised that Learner Fund will be open to receive online applications for 2 weeks in October 2014 (dates to be confirmed). The Open College are delighted to announce that we have been approved as a provider of QQI Early Childhood Care & Education programmes at level 5 and level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications under the POBAL Learner Fund.
We are now taking applications for these programmes from learners who have been approved for funding.

Working moms have option to leave their children in their home by hiring nannies, but with benefits offered by child care providers, parents usually think that their children will be guarded by more people, taught about disciplines, and get a preschool education. The majority of child care institutions that are available require that child care providers have extensive training in first aid and are CPR certified. This child care or day care sign in sheet will give you ideas on how to record the attendance. Karo syrup provides a unique experience, because the colors don’t mix immediately but instead slide over one another creating a variety of shades and patterns and sometimes allowing the primary colors to re-emerge. They have postponed the minimum Childcare qualification requirements for existing services to September 2016.
Students will be introduced to the montessori materials used in language and mathematics and the presentation of these materials to the child.
For more information contact your County Childcare Committee as to options and choice of provider or call us on 01 2061828 to discuss further. If you would like to list your courses on, please click below to book.
In addition, background checks, drug testing, and reference verification are normally a requirement. If you are working in or plan to open a child care center, you can personalize this template to suit your child care business style. But, sometimes parents are just choosing the nearest care center from their office instead of just reviewing benefits that they will get. In most cases we can get all of the details we need from your website, which means less work for you! Regardless of type of care chosen, a quality care provider should provide children with light, bright and clean areas to play as well as separate sleeping and eating areas and be the kind of person you can have confidence in leaving your child with.

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