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I so hope you will take this the way I intend it but I love seeing and hearing you struggle!
Another goal that I’m working on is trying to grow my handmade craft business to the point where I can eliminate my full time position.
2nd I LOVE hearing how God brought Alex in your life to show you that your dreams can be your reality!!!
Linda Kuhar coaches women around the globe in building stronger intimate relationships with Christ.
As your Christian Life Coach I will empower you to dig deeper than ever before in your relationship with Christ. Certified Christian Life Coach, Board Certified Life Coach, Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Writer, Speaker, and Mentor.
After watching a women pray to the point of tears and sweat I am inspired to step up my prayer life. Everyone who comments today will be entered to WIN a signed copy of Limitless Life by Pastor Derwin Gray of Transformation Church. Be sure to click here to sign up to receive my blog post. I will be giving away more of my favorite books throughout December right here on my blog.
SPECIAL NOTE: I will be increasing Coaching fees in January due to client volume and limited availability.
As another year comes to an end I like to spend a little time intentionally reflecting on the past year.

Either I’ll carve out a day to get away to a quiet place or I’ll take a little time each morning for a few days to reflect.
Just a few months ago for my 40th birthday I connected with a group of girlfriends for a nice dinner but instead of having any old conversation we focused our time together on thoughtful questions to ponder. As your Christian Life Coach I want to encourage you to schedule a time of reflection, maybe even today?
When reflecting, I like to take out my journal and write down all the sacred simple moments I encountered throughout the year.
Be sure to click here to sign up to receive my blog post. I will be giving away three of my favorite books throughout  December right here on my blog. Leave a comment below let me know if there’s something you are struggling with so I can pray for you. Be sure to click here to sign up to receive my blog post. I will be giving away four of my favorite books throughout November and December right here on my blog. Shipping charges are calculated based on your individual order, the weight of the product you are ordering and the location being shipped.
My goal was to learn and apply coaching skills to my ministry skill set as a pastor of a multi-staff, multi-campus church. President and founder of CCI, Janice LaVore-Fletcher brings loads of coaching education and experience along with years of corporate experience into the CCI training process.
What are you doing right in your life? How are you consistently fueling your mind, body and spirit throughout the day or where do you need to start? Of the three I am fueling my mind and spirit but still need a lot of work on my body but I will continue on this journey I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength I just have to Believe …I am going. I had a tough day yesterday as I was writing for a Bible study deadline, my first since being chosen by God and the ministry for this role. Today I made another sweaty video and thought I wonder if they ever get tired of seeing me like this? She personally invests in each student so they have the opportunity to become the best coach possible.
No matter where you are in your goals, lets give ourselves a pat on the back and say something positive about ourselves. I’m learning to lean into my weaknesses instead of resist and fight with them because I end up fighting the wrong enemy. I was over thinking everything, so trapped in my thoughts and doubts I just couldn’t get anything out but I didn’t run away from God.

I wake up with the Lord and spend at least an hour with Him reading the word and then additional time in specific prayer. But hey I just want this to be a place where we can hang out together so it’s all good Love you!!! I am properly preparing for the right food I need throughout the day, I am doing that right.
During our coaching sessions you will learn how to push through resistance, doubts, fears and uncertainty and immediately begin to move forward.
In each call you can hear it in her voice how much she genuinely cares & has a deep desire to help.
And how to trust the certainty of God’s promises when we are uncertain of our circumstances and emotions. CCI provides comprehensive Christian Coach training that thoroughly equips individuals to become knowledgeable and effective coaches in whatever niche they decide to pursue. I prayed, asked for prayer and had Worship music playing nonstop and eventually I realized what was holding me back and squashed those lies and wrote a great first draft! During meals I do watch TV but then am right back with the Lord spending time in fellowship, prayer and pretty much always have Praise and Worship music playing and then I fall asleep to His word being read over me thanks to the YouVersion Bible APP.
I am fueling my food of course with good food, I am fueling my mind by trying to be positive- reading self help books and I am fueling my spirit by reading my daily devotional. Read how our Christian Life Coaching Courses equip people to do this as a Christian Life Coach.
I am having a little trouble with getting more devotional time throughout the day so that is an area that needs most work. After you complete the assessment, you will receive information about Christian Life Coaching. When we stop hating the struggle and accept it for what it is (an opportunity to rely on God) oh how much joy is found!!!! Register for one of our free, informative, live Professional Christian Life Coach Training Introduction Webinars.

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