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I have come to the conclusion that it is not enough for us as teachers to simply tell our students to listen. Home Folder Motivator - The Cube Stack: Each day that ALL of the children in the class return their signed home folder to school, we add a cube to our stack. This year, I am teaching 2nd grade and have changed my "behavior report" into a weekly reflection.
Lip Sandwiches or Platypus Lips: When I need students to be quiet quickly, I will give a quick shout and say "Lip Sandwiches!". Goal of the Day: I find this activity very helpful if you deal with a large amount of behavior problems in your classroom.
Misbehavior: This is the mild sort of misbehavior that occurs in children who are impulsive and do things without thinking about the consequences.
Bad Behavior: This is a deliberate, mischievous behavior that is usually planned and not as frequent as impulsive behavior.
Really Bad Behavior: This is the sort of behavior that is irrational and comes from a child who has control issues. I find just this small bit of information so helpful because all of my students who have behavior problems fall into one of these categories. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Ron Walker speak at a workshop or conference, I highly recommend him. Students who have had their papers approved to submit to the archive should turn in a copy of the paper on disk in Apple works (claris works), or MS Word.
It is important to note, however, that if a student loses a stick, they can always earn it back by following directions and working hard in the classroom. Warm Fuzzies—I feel that it is also very important to reward positive behavior in the classroom; therefore the students are able to earn warm fuzzies throughout the day as they are practicing good first grade behavior. SWPB–School-Wide Positive Behavior is a management system that encompasses the entire school community.
In my future classroom I want to have referent authority because it is defined as, "Teachers like their students & are interested in their welfare". I have yet to have a student to come to school and actually know how to listen on the first day.
I have posters posted in my classroom to show what Whole Body Listening looks like and I read the book Whole Body Listening Larry At School.
Having routines and procedures does not mean that you have to be boring and totally predictable, it just means that your students know exactly what is expected of them in most situations and transitions.
For the first couple months of school, I keep a chart of their names posted for them to copy in case they are still struggling.
I have heard these folders called BEE folders, MOOSE folders, TIGER folders, BEAR folders, etc. My home folders aren't as cute as the ones above, but I tried to keep them cheap and practical. In this section is notebook paper for a continual journal to go back and forth from home to school. The pockets are labeled as "Notes to return" or to "Keep at home" for notes and work coming from school. In the past (kindergarten) I've used a three prong folder with a calendar inside to mark students behavior. The Weekly Reflection sheet is added to each student's home organization folder (see above) and replaced each Monday.

A lip sandwich is when a student holds their two lips together with their fingers like a "sandwich". After that say in a normal voice "If you can hear my voice, clap twice." In a whisper voice, say "If you can hear my voice, clap three times". Our compliment chain uses colored plastic manipulative links but you can also use large paperclips if you don't have the plastic ones. Make a poster in your room that says "Goal of the Day" or you can download a small 8.5 x 11 poster below.
Children who show this kind of behavior are aware of the consequences but do it to fulfill their attentional needs.
He is passionate about children and is so knowledgeable in his area of expertise which is behavior and classroom management. In my future classroom I wish to set up a system of authority by having the students' input on what they would like to be the class rules.
Most of them have never been told what it means to listen, they have never been shown how to listen and they have never learned that you need more than ears to truly hear someone. The sneakers are ordinal numbers from 1st to 20th (that is how many students I had at the time). The white basket is for notes from home, the blue basket is for homework, and the red basket is for the take home folders.
Students will add reference materials for their homework for this section as well as the homework itself. This year, I am using a Weekly Reflection daily report (see below) for my students and I attach it with staples to the "Notes to Return" section. We set a goal of how tall we want our stack to be and each day we return our folders, we get a little closer to our goal. Students breathe in for five counts while each finger is raised for each count, and breathes out for five counts while each finger is brought back to a fist for each count.
Jewels are the flat decorative glass beads that you can get at the craft store for flower arrangements and fish tanks. He spoke about the three types of childhood behavior problems and explained the characteristics of each type. Providing these children with consequences and appropriate attention will usually correct this behavior. For a child with this sort of behavior to adapt and change, a personal connection and relationship between the child and teacher must be present. When I see a student during circle time that is Whole Body Listening I point it out to the class and praise them for their listening skills—this usually makes students who aren’t listening with their whole bodies take note and begin to listen correctly. Teaching procedures and routines in your room will eliminate a multitide of behavior problems and opportunities for chaos. I used a pocket chart to store my job chart and it is located at the front of the room by the door. Sometimes when I forget to move it, the children say "Shouldn't the signal say 'quiet' because we are taking a test?'" and ask to change it. Here are some links to teacher sites that explain these many types of organization tools for you. I have tried and tested many other visuals for behavior management but this one has worked the best. Since they do not think of consequences when they act, they are very resistant to consequences being given to them.
I feel that this method is better than the coercive authority because many students struggle with this type of authority at home, and I rather create a community of learners instead of a power struggle in the classroom.

It is a skill they will need to learn to accomplish all other tasks in the classroom so it comes first. I love whole body listening and it is less restrictive than “criss cross applesauce hands in your lap” because as long as feet and hands are still and bodies are facing the speaker students can sit however they are comfortable. Each job has a photo and is attached to a library pocket (also bought at the teacher store.
This takes a little bit of getting used to, but after a short time, the children know exactly what to do when they come in. This report initialed by the parent daily and signed at the end of each week to show that the parent has seen the weekly progress report. Each time the children get a compliment from another teacher for their behavior, we add a link to our compliment chain.
If a student has only their red stick at the end of the school day, they will take a behavior slip home, which must be signed by a parent and returned to school.
Plus it is hard to demand authority from students when they do not feel you have earned it. I have tried in the past to give every child a job, but I found it to be a little difficult to manage.
I like that the jobs are not permanently "attached" to the pocket chart so that I can change them around as needed. This also prevents everyone throwing notes and homework and lunch money at you first thing in the morning. In the past I have used the Ellison machine to die cut frogs, but this year I found some cute calendar cut outs from the teacher store.
We add links in patterned sequence, so the children also have to guess what color we will use next on our chain. Introduce your children to the goal of the day each morning and discuss reasons why it is important and what the rule means. The book , Teaching children with Special needs in Inclusive Settings mentions that “Most teachers expect to be respected, while most students expect their teachers to earn their respect”. It is exactly what it sounds like—listening not only with your ears, but your eyes are looking at the speaker, your mouth is quiet, your body is facing the speaker, your hands are still, your feet are still, your brain is thinking about what the speaker is saying and your heart is caring about what the speaker is saying. Each student decorated their little "people" cut outs on the first day of school and I wrote their name across the arm span. If you are looking for a similar program to Kelso's Choices, I would suggest using Positive Discipline (see links below in "Professional Resources"). When starting out the chain, give the children a goal such as making the chain go to the end of the whiteboard or as long as the window or all the way to the floor.
Tell the students that if the goal is met at the end of the day that they will receive a treat (5 extra minutes of center time, a lollipop, etc.). This gives children who have a multitude of behavior problems the opportunity to focus on one behavior at a time.
This year I am using my file cabinet to host my behavior chart so each of the frogs have a piece of magnetic tape on the back. I suggest that when you first try this activity that you use a goal that can be accomplished relatively quickly and then make the goals a little harder each time.

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