At a glance a teacher can see who is out of the classroom and where in the case of an emergency. We all know that sometimes students don’t end up where they set out to go or end up spending waaaay more time than they should in the hallways. You can provide documentation should you ever need it and all you have to do it add a pen or pencil next to it and you’re set to go.
Hopefully these ideas from creative teachers will help give you a system or spark and idea that may work for you. Thanks creative teachers – your ideas will make many many classrooms run smoother! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out. Teach JunkieLeslie {aka the original Teach Junkie} digs learning new things that makes teaching easier and saves time. Whether you are a new beginning teacher, a casual relief teacher or an experienced veteran teacher, there is some good classroom management advice here for you. So, below I have outlined 65 quick and easy classroom management tips and strategies that will help you to be even more effective. This works best in primary classrooms where students aren’t switching classrooms regularly. This example uses a large oil pan and duct tape to create bright sections making a functional board.

This simple poster and pass method allows you to see which student is in the restroom at any time and is also a visual that other students will need to wait.
She enjoys featuring classroom activities, organizational tips and fun lesson plans from creative teachers. You'll find hands-on learning activities, themes, and printables for Pre-K, Preschool, and Kindergarten kids. Here are some simple classroom management procedure ideas for when students leave the classroom to go the the bathroom, nurse, office or for services.
Giving a magnet to each student means that they can use it to sign in and out of the classroom. If you want students to track how frequently they are using the restroom and build accountability, this idea may work for you. Some teachers will use sign language so that students can ask to use the restroom discreetly.
Classroom management is a ‘hot topic’ for teachers and I am always being asked about it – so I decided to compile a list of tips, ideas and strategies that have worked for me over the years. If you’ve got students leaving the room then you may feel the need for some levels of accountability, especially from older students.

If you have a blog, be sure to leave your link so we can read more there if you have more to share. Teachers can create whatever categories work for them and their class and it can even be used for more functional things like taking attendance and lunch count.
This version is very quick and may work if you don’t need to document the time students spend outside of the classroom.
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