Doesn’t every teacher dream of an efficient classroom where no problems occur and lessons run smoothly? Tip 7: You may need to limit options if you find your students become overstimulated or overwhelmed. Tip 9: A sense of humor can go a long way in helping to create a happy, well run classroom. Tip 10: Implementing class meetings are a great way to improve communication and cohesiveness of a class. Tip 12: Remember to be confident and enthusiastic and use your voice clearly to explain concepts and keep students on track during a lesson.
Tip 19: Use a variety of questions to engage your students, check for understanding and extend their thinking. Get Email Updates Would you like more great teaching tips and to save time?
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. TEFL provides an English Teachers a very useful article, which will definitely help them to run the class. Obstacles to this rapport may involve the classroom set up, which can create problems, such as with rows.
An alternative, he suggests, is to arrange the chairs and tables into a three sided box shape. Training students to do what you want them to do, when you ask them to do it, is the side of discipline management called Responsibility Training.
Maintaining good order in classrooms is one of the most difficult tasks facing young inexperienced   The task has become more difficult  over the past few decades as young peoples respect for authority has changed dramatically. The primary cause of misbehavior, in the classroom, is attention, power, revenge, self confidence and problems at home. We can identify that the student is looking for attention and cries out for it with every action.

The consequent mistakes, which can be made by the teacher, can be to avoid the student, or not deal with the problem at all. Never yell at the student, is sound advice, instead take the student aside and communicate. Putting the student down and making them feel immature in the classroom is a recipe for disaster. The ways to get a routine of positive behaviour is to reward them with more than just a pat on the back.
When someone annoys us we get upset, and when you get upset in the classroom we can open our mouths and yell, without the students even listening to us. Stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, turn slowly towards the students and simply wait.
How do you control a student that just sits there looking at you instead of getting back to work? This resource pack includes 18 template pages that you can use in your classroom for various classroom management needs. Yes I know probably not a reality, but I believe there are definitely strategies and processes that you can put in place to assist with the smooth running of your classroom. This might mean that you get your students to line up in two lines each time, with line leaders at the front. Children will often behave inappropriately because they do not know what is expected of them. I’ve put together a poster below that you can have on hand to help you use positive language. These are a great way to resolve any problems, plan fun activities and improve communication skills.
Do you use a variety of teaching strategies to entice your students in the first few minutes of the lesson? Select one social skill to focus on for the month and take note of when you see students practicing the skill.

Ask your students to repeat directions for procedures or list the main points of your instruction. Arrange the class so that all students can see and maintain student attention throughout the demonstration. In this fashion, every student is in the first row and the teacher can freely move around the room while talking, and therefore giving personal contact.
To look at one example of misbehavior is when the student, that is the loudest in class, is commonly known as The Loudmouth. Even though this is not a natural response, it takes training, but it is a skill that all natural teachers master.
You’re probably already doing some of these classroom management tips and tricks or you are familiar with them. You could give early finishers free time or maybe you could buddy them up with another student to assist them with finishing their work. Use paraphrasing to help you understand your students’ thoughts, feelings and concepts.
Write important points from the demonstration on the board as you go as it can assist with review. To act on the students problems, this one included, we need to pinpoint the students needs. Relax, keep your mouth shut and give yourself a moment to think to signal to students that you mean business.
But, I hope you find some new ideas in this list to help you with your classroom management. Try different approaches to see what is the least disruptive to the other students still working.

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