The following resources may be used instead of detention or given to students once they show up for detention! Below you will find many necessary resources that will be needed for the start of the school year! It includes student information forms, sample syllabus, syllabus templates and more!
FACS student information card and photo release form-cards work even better when printed on cardstock. Make class sets of the instructions, illustrations and graphs that are generated for future use.
If your school’s library has enough computers with Internet access, have the students complete the lesson there.
Integrate the lesson into your normal teaching routine and complete the lesson as a class for understanding.

Student groups could take parts of the lesson and, when finished, come together as a class and report the findings to the rest of the class for comprehension. Using a video projector, the students could provide the teacher with instructions for the activity. Have group members take turns at the computers, completing individual steps while the rest of the group begin to make connections and answer the questions. Create handouts from the procedure questions and have students generate only the illustrations part of the lesson to use in answering the assigned questions. Please help us out and share your thoughts by participating in our brief survey — just a couple of minutes! Have students work on individual sections at home, and finish the lesson as a group in the classroom.

This allows the students to see the steps as the teacher completes them from start to finish, just as if they had their own computers.
Then all could see the end result (graph, chart, etc.), and could complete the questions at the end of the lesson. Or, you’re welcome to continue using the MY NASAacronym for National Aeronautics and Space Administration" class="glossaryLink ">NASA DATA website.

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