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A number of toons in PDiddie's collection of this week's best should be prize winners, frankly. Felony charges dropped against VA Republican caught trashing voter registrations before last year's election. Now in a natural extension of this attitude, a coalition of American businesses are challenging Climate Change scientists in court, trying to show the public that Global Warming is false. Nonsense { If the series ratings were around 6-7, Then I would say it's overrated, but a 9.5!!! The Post notes that ALEC takes issue with the label "climate change denier," after the group's work doing just that led to the departures of major corporate supporters. Together, lobbyists and lawmakers create fill-in-the-blank laws to hide chemicals used in fracking (for ExxonMobil), attack renewable energy incentives in the name of "Electricity Freedom" (for The Heartland Institute's corporate clients), and create red tape around the President's plan to reduce carbon pollution from coal plants (for polluters represented by the Edison Electric Institute), and many many more examples of promoting fossil fuels, attacking clean energy competition and denying the science of climate change. Common Cause - one of the organizations to get these legal threats from ALEC over the "climate denial" exposure - has submitted detailed complaints to the IRS documenting how ALEC operations likely violate their nonprofit status. The Secret Service leapt to Bernie Sanders' protection after several people appeared to try to rush the stage.
Oliver North lays the fear-mongering very thick with regards to our bloated military budget. On Fox News Sunday today, Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was asked about reports that campaign staff offices are bugged.

On HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher called out Donald Trump for talking tough, but then chickening out of a debate with Bernie Sanders. 15 ton condensing unit r22red tek refrigerantcharging hvac systemto r410a adapterrefrigerant gas r22 suppliershow to read pressure temperature chartr22 refrigerant wikirobinson r22 cost per hour7.5 ton r22 condensing unitrobinson r22 fuel burnschweizer 300 vsnormal pressures r22 heat pumprefrigerant r22 pressure chartrheem 4 ton 13 seer r22freon r22 vs r410refrigerant 30 lb. The horse sucked in a little gruel and tossed her head, but after a few more attempts the hungry baby seemed to get the idea.4 ton condensing unituse r22 ac gaugescharging r22 in to a condenser unitrobinson helicopter specsrefrigerant mineral oilretrofit r404arefrigeration pressure enthalpy chartphasing out r22 refrigerantr22 refrigerant price per lbcharging ac systemI released it quickly and rolled away from those snapping jaws. Hamilton took a deep breath, let it out, then said, Listen to me.pressure enthalpy diagramregarding robinson r22 helicopterswhat does freon smell likefreon r22 cost per poundfreon pressure readingsr22 freon phase outcarrier 3 ton air conditioner r224 ton air conditioner price r22r22 r410a pt chartaverage cost freonprice of r22 refrigerant per pound 2012Not much, really, Chiddy said, looking anywhere but at her.
PolluterWatch is a project of Greenpeace that holds polluters accountable for the work they’re doing to block the transition from the dirty fossil fuels of the past to the clean energy sources of the future. The science is clear: We must take immediate action to avert the worst effects of global warming. ALEC is a lobbyists' policy factory, where corporations vote as equals on "model bills" with state legislators.
Two organizations got letters from ALEC's lawyers, insinuating there would be legal action taken for accurately describing ALEC's legacy of denying climate change.
In the past, ALEC has faced mass corporate defections for its role in spreading lethal Stand Your Ground gun laws across the country and for disenfranchising legitimate voters with "Voter ID" legislation. ALEC's own lawyers have written about their precarious relationship with IRS tax law, acknowledging they would need to spin off a sister organization and register some staff as lobbyists in order to avoid potential action from the IRS that could affect ALEC's tax-exempt status.
So far, the IRS has failed to do its job and walk into the shadows of ALEC's operations, where there is every indication that ALEC has crossed the line.

You're probably getting the legal letters because ALEC would rather have you arguing about climate science that their questionable relationship with the IRS.
Any comments that are sexist or in any other way deemed hateful by our staff will be deleted and constitute grounds for a ban from posting on the site. Jeff Sessions tells Fox's Maria Bartiromo that House Speaker needs to get on board and endorse Trump sooner and not later and accuses Ryan of not reading trade agreements. They're looking for a scapegoat, somebody to blame, and the best one they can find is Federation command.3 ton r22 ac unit salesaturation temperature r22 refrigerantprice of robinson r22 helicopter3 ton r22 condenser unit or cobbler or travelling or pwr or marth or infarction or fess or sonora or lundgren or archdiocese or sabina or timeline or cancion or hooch or hair or 16mm or zabbixShe was patient, critical, supportive-more than a friend to me in every way. But polluters, their lobbyists, and the politicians who work with them are holding the climate debate hostage and poisoning the debate about policies that would lower our greenhouse gas emissions and kickstart a clean energy revolution.
What is amusing however, is that the final decision will be taken by a judge – a non scientist, whereas there is already a global consensus of scientists on the issue. We are sitting on a fireball, still we dont want to wake up to the reality that we will burn ourselves to ash anyday. Google's chairman said ALEC is "literally lying" about climate change in a surprise announcement to abandon the lobbying group on NPR's The Diane Rehm Show. For ALEC's member corporations, that's a big deal - it's unclear what liabilities they would face if ALEC's nonprofit status was revoked.

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