Presentation on theme: "Liliana Chiorean (1), Radu Badea (2) Residents education using ultrasound.
Learn best when there is an immediate need to know Retain information learned when they can apply immediately Thrive in a safe learning environment promoted by teacher They want to be the origin of what they learn Adult education theory We are what we repeatedly do. Source: Edgar Dale (1969) After two weeks, we tend to hold… I see and I forgot, I hear and I remember, I do and I understand. Method of one-way communication Not involve significant audience participation Passive way of data acquisition Truncate retaining of study material Learning through courses Change is the final result of real education. When case method is the best Short time to teach One professor, small number of residents A single clinical aspect It is always more efficient when connected to direct patient care A very good modality to involve the residents The only thing which interferes with my learning is my education. A familiar scenario Every case has something that can be learned Unique teaching opportunities Integrating the patient in case discussions increasses his satisfaction Ultrasound department Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that what its valuable cant be teached. Learning clinical models Learning communication skills Time management Role in developing behavioral models Ultrasound examination Only an educated mind is able to sustain an idea without accepting it.
It can be done in front of the patient Establish the residents needs Observation and evaluation of the knowledge base, examination skills, clinical reasoning Direct observation Education is not how much you stored, not even how much you know. Find out what residents know and build over Start from general to specific Be organized Include general rules Engage residents in discussion Putting into practice Education is the key who unlocks the door to freedom.
Suggestive style Brings suggestions and alternatives Can share opinions and personal practical experience Although a simple renal scan may be useful, a CT examination without contrast agent is a better diagnostic tool for this patient.

Collaborative style Socratic approach oriented towards residents Explore the clinical rationality with challenging questions Produces feelings of belonging, of teamwork Follows the residents collaboration capability How should we proceed?
Keys to success Selection of interesting and educative cases Sharing personal experiences Mutual trust Preparation, enthusiasml Needs time and effort, but the reward is great The initial direction of a mans education is the one which will determine his future.
At the end Conclusion of discussions Focuse their attention to articles and studies which are relevant for the discussion topic Connecting case analysis to theory If I would start again my studies, I would follow Platos advice and start with mathematics.
Resident as a teacher Preparation of clinical case presentations for teaching others Documentation and cases preparation in order to publish articles Obtain a solid theoretical basis The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Conclusions Near the US machine you can take advantage of the opportunities offered to teach Case presenations are suitable to the theory of adults learning They are enough in order to provide essential informations in a short period of time Data are not information, information are not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom. Principles of Learning and Teaching Course Module Two Unit (4) Teaching and Learning Strategies.
Kazakhstan Health Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform Project Teaching and Learning in a Clinical setting. Wilmington College Cooperating Teachers Wilmington College Cooperating Teachers Virtual Orientation Workshop. Teaching Methods & TechniquesPart 2 (Module 6)1 Cooperative Learning strategies by Phawani Vijayaratnam FOLA,INTI-UC.
Today we will be orienting ourselves to some of the principles and qualities we look for and try to exhibit as Leaders in NA.

As a medical secretary or administrator, you would provide administrative support to hospital consultants or departments, GPs, health service managers or medical researchers. As well as GP surgeries, health centres and hospitals, you could work for medical schools, pharmaceutical companies or complementary medicine practices. Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Educational Objectives u Develop skills to become a better clinical educator. You would be office-based but in some jobs you might also spend some time at a reception desk.
Instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening is often fragmented and lacking in a coherent.
Effectiveness of the One-Minute Preceptor Model for Diagnosing the Patient and the Learner: Proof of Concept.

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