About 4 years have passed away since the government made the announcement about the introduction of mini buses in Chennai. With more than five years of data on dozens of luxury goods and services categories, the Luxury Institute sought to identify 'best practitioners' that have consistently scored above competitors. It was told that the bus bodies are getting built at Karur and that 25 chassis have reached the city before a couple of months.Nevertheless, not even a single indication is noticed by anyone about these mini busses getting ready to travel amidst the city’s traffic. View basketDescription Draping (also known as modelling and working on the stand) is a fun, creative and intuitive way for anyone interested in developing shapes and silhouettes for fashion and garment designs. Just like a sculptor would, you work three-dimensionally on a mannequin (dummy) by smoothing, pleating, and pinning fabric until you are happy with the shape achieved.

It will also teach you the rules of draping, measuring, preparing your dummy and fabric and marking your drapes so they can be transferred easily onto paper to create a pattern.
The real-time chat sessions are fully interactive allowing you to communicate easily with the tutor at the same time as fellow students. All online learning courses include weekly chat sessions with your tutorand other students on the course, which are conducted through an interactive seminar (called Blackboard Collaborate).
You may be expected to dedicate between one - two hours a week to these self-study projects. This will allow us enough time to provide you with login for the online short course learning software.

She works with LCF courses such as BA Womenswear, MA Fashion and the Environment, BA Fashion Studies.

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