Wexford University is partnered with ITCA and NESTA to provide you with your complete path to mastery in your chosen area of expertise. Accelerate your triathlon coaching & fitness career with the additional gifts you'll receive! CTI is a pioneer in positioning coaching and relationship management as core leadership competencies.
Explore deeply the growing body of neuroscience research which reveals that the tools of Co-Active Coaching® profoundly help clients develop positive new neural networks, respond more calmly to stress, make choices more easily, and access much more of their creativity. When you register now, you will enjoy this one-of-a-kind 100% Online Corporate Wellness Coach Program including official manual (PDF format), comprehensive step-by-step and easy-to-follow video presentations, engaging audio interviews with corporate health and wellness experts, and much more!  One of the key strengths of Corporate Wellness Coaching is that it continues to refine itself based on history and the advancements made in technology. You will make the difference for your corporate clients, and have a rewarding career that pays you for doing what you love.
As a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, you will help employers reduce overall health costs and improve employee absenteeism, while enhancing a thriving and vibrant corporate community. Corporate Wellness Coaches are in High Demand and Your Time for a Successful Career in Corporate Wellness has Never Been Better! Comparing our Wellness Coaching Course and this Corporate Wellness Coaching program: Our wellness coaching program is designed to give you the tools and skills to consult, educate, and be an effective coach for individuals and groups wanting to improve their wellness through all available and appropriate means. Coca-Cola’s fitness program recouped $500 per year per employee, despite the fact that only 60% of their staff was enrolled.
Corporate wellness statistics from Prudential Insurance reveal a benefit expense of $312 per person enrolled in their wellness system, but $574 per non-enrolled employee. The great thing about being a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach is that you have endless career and business opportunities. NOTE: Many people who are already in the fitness and wellness industry earn this designation to quickly increase their career options and income potential. Now is the time for you to enhance your education, gain a valuable credential of distinction, and increase your career options while helping others improve the quality of their lives. One of the most important aspects of corporate wellness – you will learn how employees and employers look at corporate wellness programs different than employees do.
Since Corporate Wellness programs are delivered at different intensities of interaction or to different populations, you’ll want to pick the best options for your population in order to be effective and to maximize results. In the same way that you market yourself, the Certified Corporate Wellness Coach has to market work-site wellness programs to employees. Your programs will identify needs and seek to improve health and wellness – and then need to be evaluated.
BONUS MATERIALS: You will also receive over 15 White Papers, Professional Research Documents and PDF educational papers from leading, experts, coaches, universities and corporate health and wellness authorities.
Course Description: This comprehensive, self-paced professional corporate wellness coach certification program gives you everything you need to become qualified to manage and facilitate health promotions, health risk assessments, and corporate wellness programs for a wide range of clients.
Course Details: Your course includes specific training on corporate wellness and health promotion concepts, motivational strategies, scope of practice, health care cost reduction strategies, training in health risk assessments, legal responsibilities and limitations in the workplace,and a list of assessment tools and techniques. Study Format: 100% online learning, self-paced program which includes your official corporate wellness coaching manual, Powerpoint video presentations, audio interviews with leading corporate wellness experts (including full transcripts of the interviews). Certification Exam Requirements: Passing a 100 multiple choice, non-proctored online exam with 80% or higher.
Retest Fee: $95 re-test fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the second exam attempt. The Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program is an intensive 12 week program created in 1999 and designed to provide entrepreneurs like you with the knowledge and marketing savvy to build a highly successful marketing coaching business. Over the last 15 years we have trained over 400 Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coaches throughout the world.
My Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification training has significantly impacted our day to day business. Today there are 38 Guerrilla Marketing books in 41 languages, and more than 15 million copies have been sold worldwide.
In 30 Days began when I took this course and Mitch Meyerson introduced me with Jay Conrad Levinson to co write GM30 .
You will begin a 50 minute private session with Mitch Meyerson, Founder of Guerrilla Marketing Coaching to assess your business, define your goals and review the course content. Mitch Meyerson is a dynamic speaker and the author of eight personal and business development books including Mastering Online Marketing, Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire, When Is Enough Enough?, When Parents Love Too Much, Success Secrets of The Online Marketing Superstars, Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines, Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet. Since 1999 Mitch founded four groundbreaking Internet based programs including The Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program which has certified over 400 Guerrilla Marketing Coaches worldwide, The 90 Day Product Factory, The Online Traffic School and World Class Speaking Certification . The Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification program is the business equivalent of sky-diving,or deep-sea diving.
Guerrilla Marketing Coach and all of our online businesses are Powered by Easy Web Automation. As a Certified Results Coach, you will attain the highest level skills to help your clients achieve their dreams, goals and desires.
Through our proprietary coaching system, you will have the expertise to get your clients powerful results in health, sports, relationships, business and more!
Results Coaching is focused on taking a challenging situation, determining what is currently holding the challenge in place, and defining the results wanted after the challenge is resolved. Quick Overview of Your Training Program: 100% online program including 40 extensive training videos, comprehensive digital manual (PDF), supplemental textbook (PDF version) and multiple-choice online exam. We teach you, the Certified Results Coach,  how to help your clients use their brain to get the results their heart wants! We have researched the science of how the brain processes information and developed a user  friendly technology, which we teach you.  Then Magic happens! This very comprehensive online training course is designed for new and experienced coaches and trainers.  All clients, regardless of their goal want results.
When we are changing unwanted behaviors or habits and moving toward healing, it’s necessary to find the deep structure or original intention behind the behavior. Gaining conscious access to these resources at appropriate times and places will enable a person to move from present state to desired state. We are always sending messages in the three major sensory modalities, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The congruence of a message can be validated when the message is the same in all modalities.
Having only one way to do something is being stuck; and having only two options creates a dilemma. Unconscious Competence – Having practiced sufficiently, information transfers from a conscious focus of attention, to an automatic ability to utilize the assimilated learning or new information. When you complete your training and become a Certified Results Coach, you will feel the confidence to know whatever the client brings as a challenge – you have the skills, awareness and technology to bring that challenge to resolution.
As a Certified Results Coach, you will help relieve anxiety, panic attacks and phobias permanently.

You can identify when a person is “at war” within their own brain and how to resolve those inner confusions and critical self- talk giving the client a congruent, balanced and centered approach to life. You will guide clients to reach their true potential, and teach them to self-motivate to reach a desired goal and to influence and inspire clients to higher levels of success.
You will show your clients how to negotiate win-win outcomes and have both sides satisfied with the results, while you change (transform) a limiting belief formed at the time of a past trauma into a current belief that re-powers the client. You will be able to recognize the dynamics of a relationship and the level of the problem.  Then, you will  know how to guide your clients to communicate in a more honest and educated way. You will be able to get people out of those double-binds of “darned if I do and darned if I don’t” situations, and help the client get clear about a goal or outcome and bring their dreams into reality, now! Challenge: A young couple were not getting along, arguing, feeling ignored, no negotiation skills, Not feeling heard or understood etc. Result: Each person took responsibility to “think” before making a request or proposal so that the message could be best understood by the other. Resolution: We taught him how to access his right hemisphere to gain the ability to create a visual image from written directions. Challenge: A mother concerned about her 5 year old child who was struggling in Kindergarten with learning and behavioral problems that were feared to be autism.
When someone is not getting the results they are wanting in life it indicates an incongruence and as a Results Coach people will seek you out because they are wanting different results. Hope is an example of incongruence – part of me hopes for X and part of me doesn’t believe X can or will happen. Some affirmations are another example of simultaneously or sequentially creating incongruence. Sequential incongruence is when a person says, “yes” in the moment congruently and then later follows with an action or words that demonstrate “no.” If someone says, “Yes, I will be there for you on Saturday” and then doesn’t show up, this is an example of appearing congruent in the moment and then demonstrating that there is a conflict by not having the words and actions match. Being congruent is having all elements of a system aligned around a particular action or relationship.
The purpose of future pacing is to attach (anchor) a new learning to events in that are likely to happen in the future. Mentally, future pacing is done with the imagination and visual imaging predicting success.
Future Pacing can take the form of direct homework to practice or visualize a particular change or action step.
Learning Format: Online access of materials including video Powerpoint lectures and PDF manuals and supplemental materials, and non-proctored online exam. Certification Exam Requirements: Passing a 58 multiple choice, non-proctored online exam with 80% or higher. Retest Fee: $95 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the second exam attempt. Estimated Completion Time: Course and exam should be completed within one year of purchase. A health coach might be one of the coolest jobs around a€“ coaching and encouraging people to move more, eat better, find greater satisfaction in their careers and relationships, and live all-around better and more enjoyable lives. Just like an athletic coach cheers his or her team on with special strategies, plays and plans, a health coach helps people bring every aspect of their lives together in balance, including emotional health, environmental health, financial health, intellectual health, physical health, occupational health, spiritual health and more. You can become a health coach through an online certification program, which allows for self-paced progress and flexibility, as well as through in-person classroom certification programs, depending on your current needs, interest and lifestyle. During your health coach certification program, you will learn how to help people become healthier in their bodies, relationships, work lives and more by learning motivation strategies, the condition for creating and promoting optimal health, how to work best with other industry professionals, and how to incorporate exercise, stress reduction and nutrition as an effective health coach. Working as a health coach involves more than just working with the physical body, it also involves a lot of heart, as you really get to the heart of the matter with your clients, whether you are working in a small or large group setting or one-on-one with individual clients. As a health coach, you can honestly help people look better, act better, feel better and live better. Earn your initial certification(s) through ITCA and NESTA, and then continue your education with Wexford University. This is the best time for you to become a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach so you can offer corporate health, fitness and wellness programs to companies of all sizes locally or nationally. The Corporate Wellness Coach training course is designed to teach you how to manage and facilitate corporate wellness programs, work with the human resources department, create a wellness culture in a company and promote health to reduce company costs and improve overall morale of the organization.
You will be able to prepare proposals to senior management executives when you can understand how much value there is keeping employees healthy.
A lot like the creative minds that you will hear in our audio segments, this is probably the most creative part of the process that you will go through as part of becoming a corporate wellness coach. The Corporate Wellness Coach candidate is encouraged to consider all angles of the program decision process. This helps to drive program content just as much as the HRA (Health Risk Assessment) process does. This process is in response to the constant need that Corporate Wellness Coaches face to maintain vital support for corporate wellness programs.
You are required to complete 2.0 units (20 hours) of CEUs (continuing education credits) to keep your certification valid.
You will also receive dozens of documents you can model from successful wellness programs, employee health risk analysis programs, case studies and promotional pieces used all over the world.
You may begin your studies immediately after registering, or log in to your student account later to start your studies. Our GM coaches live in Australia, Tokyo, UK, Bulgaria, Spain Sweden, Germany, Canada and all over the US. We would never be where we are today without Mitch Meyerson, Jay Conrad Levinson  and the Guerrilla Marketing Certification Program”. We would be happy to speak with you on the phone or via email as there are no refunds after your payment is processed.
Subsequently I've been through book after book and workshop after workshop and absolutely nothing comes close to matching the experience and the results I got from the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program. His books appear in 24 languages and he has been the featured expert on the Oprah Winfrey show. You'll be challenged, enlightened and come out on the other side totally equipped for a new business adventure.
Then, the coach and client develop a strategic action plan to achieve the goal, and develop a support system for success. Having the skills and tools for communicating at a deeper understanding of how information is sent and received allows the Certified Results Coach to quickly assess the roots of a challenge, and then know how to bring about the change that is required for success. We then create new and better choices to preserve the positive intention and update old ineffective or sabotaging behaviors.
You will learn to recognize where you are in any process of learning and give yourself grace as you move through the stages more and more easily, enjoying the journey. Once the couple learned that they had very different ways of naturally perceiving “reality” and they learned the communication skills to honor each other and to identify and focus on the goal – they were excited to know there wasn’t something with either of them – they just had different ways of thinking.

They went on to learn tools for respectful negotiating and stopped the painful habit of blaming, fault finding or defending their position. He was a good artist and could draw his own visionary ideas – however, he needed the Hemispheric Integration Visual Memory Process “thinking strategy” to be able to take the printed directions of the exam into a visual image so he could render the proper drawing.
He occasionally comes to me to work out new challenges with school and his peer group as he matures – and the old challenges of him feeling he is “stupid” or “never listens” or “you’re not working hard enough” are no longer present for him. Our goal for you is to use your curiosity and detective skills to gather information about where your client is now, where they want to go, and what appears to be the current road block. This gives an opportunity for the client to move forward into new adventures more easily since the brain will already be familiar with the new behavior.
There is an old saying, “practice makes perfect” – an update to that is “perfect practice makes perfect.” If a client continues to predict negativity, failure, or practices something full of errors or dysfunction – the results cannot be positive! Choose a stimulus that is naturally occurring in the future environment to attach to the X, too.
Represent the stimulus in all modalities if possible (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic – VAK). This will give your client a way to take progress or action steps into their world with more chance of successfully making the desired changes. It sets up an accountability with the Results Coach and the client so that the client’s success can be supported and any saboteurs will be revealed. The average student can complete the course if they dedicate approximately 40-50 hours of study time. As a health coach, you can work in sports and athletics, with corporations and their employees, with individuals or as a supplement to any other career in the wellness fitness industry, such as personal training, life coaching, fitness management and more. It is a career that looks at people as a whole, rather than just trying to promote health in one area of aspect of their lives. To get started, you first need to complete some training and certification to prepare you for this career of a lifetime. When you are researching health coach certification programs, focus on the elements that matter most to you and make sure that the organization you ultimately select is well-recognized in the industry, offers a variety of success stories and student testimonials and meets the items on your check list.
If you are passionate about health and wellness, you might find these lessons a little more interesting than the ancient history or grammar lessons you took previously.
Great health coaches understand how to make connections and impressions, how to motivate and encourage and how to help people change their lives for the better.
Understanding the different dynamics of corporate wellness is your first step in your training and certification process.
Our course puts you right in the middle of the current field of corporate wellness coaching. You will learn how to plan and launch a wellness program on the management level, and then to the general employee level. You will not be tested on this portion of your program.  These documents are included for your further research, review and learning. This course will provide the experienced fitness, wellness, psychology, human resources or coaching professional with all the needed tools to facilitate effective corporate wellness and health promotion program.
You may already have some experience with Hemispheric Integration, neuro-linguistics and cognitive processing.
When there are three choices considered the brain becomes generative and thinks beyond the issue. Then they could use the “Platinum rule for relating: Do unto others as they need to be done unto!
The visual memory strategy also served him well in working with clients and engineers once he was hired into the field. His mind was full of ideas that flowed so fast it was hard to understand his communication. Simultaneous incongruence in demonstrated with two or more systems sending messages at the same time that are at odds with each other. This is the person you can count on – their words and actions match!   And with our clients they may be aligned in many situations and are just being stuck with an old anchor in one area of their life.
The brain learns incrementally and needs to practice a new experience with enough rehearsal or repetitions to move the information from the right hemisphere (new information) to the left hemisphere of facts and data update. For instance a confident state of being is triggered by picking up the pen or pencil before taking a test. Content is provided in an online format which is accessed through an online secure website. Topics include: Programming, case studies, cost savings to corporations, assessments, motivational strategies and incentive programs, work site fitness programs and much more.
This is a simple process that keeps you informed and up-to-date with industry trends and research. For others, these concepts are new and will become more and more familiar as you move through this course.
I taught him the tools of how to regulate how fast his brain was processing, and skills to focus and shift from right brain to left brain, by choice and when necessary to “hear” what the teacher is saying. You have the drive and ambition, and we will provide you with the tools, resources and education.
You can become an expert for authority websites such as WebMD, eHow and Livestrong.  You can become a frequent expert guest on podcasts, radio shows, TV talk shows, news programs or in industry publications.
It is entirely appropriate for you to begin where you are, and then stretch your comfort zone to encompass this information.
Helped him to see he wasn’t bad, he just had to learn to in control of his actions in a more effective way.
Helping a client become internally congruent at each of the Hemispheric Levels of Experience allows the client to make choices from a place that is truly best for self. Other examples are when a person’s verbal words say “yes” and the body gestures, facial expression or tonality says “no” or vice versa. In return, they want to know more and they are directed back to your Facebook fan page or blog for details.  Of course, you can post your videos to all video sites for an even great reach. In return, they want to know more and they are directed back to your Facebook fan page or blog for details.  Of course, you can post your videos to all video sites for an even greater reach. Adding your business to Yelp is also a great idea.  It gets ranked high on Google which makes your job even easier.

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