There is a wide range of coaching activities in Middlesex, supporting all levels of recreational cricket. The Middlesex Coach Pathway provides Middlesex ‘volunteer’ coaches working in the coaching environments at clubs and at the performance-level with a pathway to enable them to progress from being a member of the cricket workforce ‘helping’ in a club, school or other cricket organisation, all the way through to managing and coaching county age group squads. The majority of Coach Education provision in Middlesex prepares coaches for delivering in a club environment. The Middlesex Cricket Participation Team is responsible for the management and delivery of the programme of coach education courses to gain formal ECB coach qualifications and to prepare coaches to work in schools and in the community.
The Safeguarding Young Cricketers Course is available online and a link to access the accreditation will be sent to candidates who register on a Coach Support Worker or Level 2 Course.

Throughout the year, coach development events are held to supplement the programme of formal ECB coach education courses.  These are normally organised by the MCoA and delivered by Middlesex coaches from the Youth Cricket Department or Participation Team.
Continue to build the ‘sense of community’ amongst Middlesex coaches by sharing knowledge, experience and friendship.
Two examples of these courses held recently are ‘introduction to the new ECB approach to coach education’ run by the Participation Team for coaches who passed the old Level 2 Course to bring them up to date with the approach in the new Level 2 Course and ‘talent identification’ run by the Youth Cricket Department, both of which were organised through the MCoA.
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