Workshops are for coaches looking to develop their multi skills knowledge and apply a new thought process into youth coaching. Includes educational pack, branding, clothing and license to educate coaches in your locality. It’s been that way since she fell in love with the sport as a five-year-old, attracted above all by jumping and performing. Serious training began at the age of eight and before long she was a national competitor, winning the Novice bronze medal in 1977.

Simultaneously, her tendon repaired, the seventeen-year-old began to coach on weekends at the Orillia Skating Club and Mariposa School of Skating. Her love of jumping continues, and she has become a world expert in Dartfish, a sophisticated computer analysis program that allows her to break down and measure motion frame by frame. Held to date at several national championships, the 2011 Grand Prix Final in Quebec City, and the 2013 world championships, the initiative provides a unique opportunity for international coaches to share their experiences, strategies, and knowledge. I treasure how much coaching means to the people I help and how gratifying it has been for me.

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