Although Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry in stately style, Kate has decided not to follow tradition and travel to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey in the Glass Coach as William's mother, the late Princess Diana, and William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth did for their weddings. This photo from 1947 shows a happy Princess Elizabeth with her new husband, the Duke of Edinburgh as they leave Westminster Abbey after exchanging vows. Kate and Prince William will follow tradition when they leave the ceremony in the 1902 State Landau which is what William's father, Prince Charles, rode in to his wedding to Princess Di.
Prince William is familiar with this carriage and rode in it with his brother, Prince Harry during the Queen's Golden Jubilee procession in 2002. Speculation has arisen that Prince William and Kate will use the new State Coach Britannia, however that hasn't been confirmed. Fit for a Queen is a fascinating video showing the history of Britain's Gold State Coach along with photos of other coaches and carriages of the Royal Mews. If you're planning a wedding several options are available to ensure you receive the wedding of your dreams. For example, you can rent this Cindella Coach from Honolulu Carriage for a price starting at US $550. If you were planning a wedding with an unlimited budget, would you choose a horse-drawn coach or carriage and if so, which one?
Anita Mae Draper is retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and lives on the prairie of southeast Saskatchewan, Canada with her hubby of 30 plus years and 2 of their 4 kids. Find history, education, museums, kid's games, citizenship, publications, & multimedia.
Learn about current research, including archaeology, architecture, digital history, & the Library. In a scene repeated many times a day, guests have a carriage-eye view of Colonial Williamsburga€™s Historic Area. Period authenticity reaches classrooms with a combination of old technology and new in this Electronic Field Trip shoot. A coach makes the ideal backdrop for a familya€™s memory of a day spent in the 18th century. For half a century now, tens of thousands of Colonial Williamsburg guests have opted for a carriage ride through the Historic Area.
The Racks said their experience was a€?great.a€? They also wondered what it takes to keep these vehicles going. Like a fleet of modern cabs, Colonial Williamsburga€™s carriages get a lot of use, far more than their eighteenth-century counterparts did, so maintenance is constant. The drivers especially seem to love the work, in part, they say, because it never gets dull. Of all they learn on rides, guests seem most surprised by the slow pace of eighteenth-century transportation. Some days bring special assignments, like appearing in the filming of a Colonial Williamsburg electronic field trip or cooperating with a Hollywood crew.
Coachmen have to understand the horses and know how to handle the vehicles confidently and safely.
Drivers must be be good with people, able to make passengers comfortable, and answer their questions, which touch on the animals, Williamsburg, and colonial history.

Hard, a coachman since 1991, said, a€?Ia€™ve probably worked with over a hundred horses in my life.
Clearly, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep the carriages rolling through the Historic Area. Ed Crews, a Richmond-based writer, contributed to the winter 2008 journal story about Colonial Williamsburg's Canadian horses. The new Charley Crossbody has a relaxed shape and a playfully oversized horse and carriage logo embossed on the side.
It's the newest carriage in the fleet manufactured by an Australian master within the past couple years. In my research, I discovered many businesses which rent coaches and carriages for your special day.
When a coach appears with the horses clopping along, people on the sidewalks stop, look, wave, and snap photographs. Ita€™s a long day, seven days a week, 365 days a year,a€? coach and livestock director Richard Nicoll said.
That means checking the horses, making sure theya€™re healthy and fit, feeding them, cleaning vehicles, polishing harness brass, checking leather for wear, and noting whether special events will require extra preparations.
They groom the horses, get them in harness, make last-minute checks of the vehicle, change into costumes, help put the horses to the carriages, and head for the Historic Area to pick up passengers.
Iron rims on the wheels wear out, and the blacksmiths and wheelwrights have to repair them.
Other times, drivers must deliver interpreters portraying a royal governor or Martha Washington to a program. Schedules must be met, tickets accounted for, and emergencies, like a harness breaking, handled. Because the demands of being a driver are so diverse, Nicoll said it is hard to find the right people for the job. Crafted in richly pebbled leather with beautifully plated ring hardware, the midsize design sits perfectly on the hip when worn long on the shoulder or as a crossbody. The carriage body and the wheels are made from 10mm thick clear acrylic, with elegant smooth flame polished edges. Artifacts and materials from historic buildings, ships, etc have been incorporated into the carriage so that it's a mobile history presentation. She writes old west stories set on the prairies of Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. People ask me, a€?Whata€™s a normal day?a€™ We wouldna€™t know one if we saw one,a€? Dan Hard said. Then there is the steady stream of dignitaries and celebrities who, over the years, have included presidents and prime ministers, governors, kings and queens, Mr.
The wheel axles are made from 50mm and 30mm diameter hollow tube, therefore can be filled with petals,sweets,fairy lights etc.
This coach may look like a conveyance from the past, but its modern conveniences include electric windows, heating and hydraulic stabilizers.
She knows what she's getting into and as a commoner she knows how to stand up for herself.

Rogers of PBS, Wheel of Fortune letter-turner Vanna White, and actors Ed Harris and Richard Dreyfuss.
It involves developing an understanding of how a team works and an intuitive feel for the animals and vehicle. Anita Mae likes to write characters who sit up and notice when that special person God’s chosen just for them walks by.
How long it takes to learn depends on the person,a€? said Karen Smith, supervisor of stable operations. Flatpacked 12 pcs for easy transportation and storage.1050mm Long, 500mm Wide and is 550mm High. I know all young brides dream of fairy tale weddings, but I don't think fairy tale weddings lead to good real life marriages. The centre plate (18" Diameter) is large enough to place our 7 tier cup cake stand, should your requirement be for individual cakes.
And guests are welcomed five days a week when the popular stables tour brings them through the area. Anita Mae has finaled in the 2009 Linda Howard Award of Excellence contest in the Inspirational category, the 2008 Gateway to the Best in the Contemporary Series category, and the 2008 Golden Gateway in the Long Contemporary category. Although I appreciate romance and tradition, I encourage my daughter to be realistic about her wedding as the beginning of a lifetime of marriage. The center plate (18" Diameter) is large enough to place our 7 tier cup cake stand, should your requirement be for individual cakes.
Meanwhile, she’s working on another story and trying to keep her imagination in check. We had a limited budget and stuck to it, and we had a Christ-based ceremony and a fun reception (which is what I wanted).This is going to be a fun week at the Inkwell, with five wedding and marriage posts!
As for the pics in the post, Canada has a State Landau too, but the basic model compared to the British one. The 40 seconds of scarlet Mounties on their black horses certainly adds to the pomp, though.I suppose I could switch the video if interest was shown. I ended up hiring a friend who was studying to be a photography at the nearby community college. Unfortunately her photos were too dark and I only have a few of them during the ceremony itself and then the one of us cutting the cake that I posted on our anniversary post. Probably because I'd have to go to Vancouver to see that in Canada.Where you married in California?
For the coaches, being the non-outdoorsy type I am, I will go with the new version that comes with climate control options. Once I sell a couple books I'm finally going to go and visit her and stay at her chalet. Kudos, kid!When you and Boats renew your vows, perhaps you could ride off on a pair of Giant Seahorses?

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