ConnectEd and the Los Angeles Small Schools Center invite you to explore the rewards of becoming a Linked Learning coach. There are seven modules in the training series that include both in-person and online sessions.
Obtain a Complimentary Fitness and Health Tracking Spreadsheet to help you stay on the fitness and health path. So many people start off the year with a renewed commitment to fitness and health.  As you might guess, many of these people fall off the wagon only a few weeks or months into the new year. Most of the people I coach have health and fitness goals in addition to other personal and professional goals. To obtain your Complimentary Fitness Tracking Spreadsheet click the link below or cut and paste it into your browser.
You’ll achieve better results toward your health and fitness goals when you use this handy tracking spreadsheet to monitor your progress throughout the year. You’ll also receive my complimentary¬†e-newsletter full of news you can use to help you achieve all your professional and personal goals.

If you are helping out by assisting a coach, you do not need a formal qualification to get started.
To coach independently, clubs and governing bodies of sport usually require you to have a minimum standard of training - often leading to a Level 2 sports-specific coaching qualification.
To progress in your coaching, you may wish to take a Level 3 qualification or deepen your skills in a particular area (such as coaching disabled sports people) by attending a training course. Regardless of the sport or activity and the level at which you're coaching, the Code of Practice for Sports Coaches provides invaluable guidance on rights and responsibilities. Many governing body programmes are UKCC-endorsed – meaning that they meet an agreed set of standards. You can be assured that your UKCC-endorsed qualification is nationally recognised against the government's skills agenda. Recognising that people learn in different ways, we have worked with many partners to create a range of e-learning materials to support different programmes. Email address is collected for an opportunity to follow up, and will not be displayed to the public.

Executive Director of The Great Lakes College and Career Pathways InitiativeIs your school climate right for learning? Here’s to making good choices and working on what we can control as it relates to our health and fitness.¬† Enjoy!
This gives you a clear vocational pathway, which increases your opportunities for personal and career development.
All our workshops are designed to deepen your knowledge in a particular area and put your learning into practice.
Your club, centre or group may also require you to have knowledge of first aid and safeguarding children as well as a DBS check. UKCC-endorsed programmes provide a positive learning experience, focused on helping you coach safely and effectively at different stages of your coaching career.

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