A number of PAT buses were headed to the Collier division and a radio call was put out to have them pull into the busway station on their way there. BCTA posed two of their D4500 buses for our group, one of each in the different paint schemes.
Used buses also include Gillig Phantom 3042 from 1991 (serial 15GDD0914M1084236) which is ex-Foothill Transit F259. Low floor Advantages are in all three lengths (30, 35 and 40 feet) including 40′ suburban models which are used in the Pittsburgh service. Also at the garage were two vehicles that are part of the AMCAP (American Motor Coach Association of Pennsylvania) fleet. Coach USA brandings used for directly controlled services (clockwise from top left): Standard, sightseeing, Megabus, and UK Bus (yellow school bus not shown). Coach USA LLC is a holding company for various American transportation service providers providing scheduled intercity bus service, local and commuter bus transit, city sightseeing, tour, yellow school bus, and charter bus service. Coach USA traces its history back to 1922 as Lackawanna Bus and later Consolidated Bus Lines, a small outfit operating local service in Bergen County, New Jersey and later along the Jersey Shore and throughout the New York metropolitan area founded by Jim and Denis Gallagher.[1] Community Coach, today the headquarters of Coach USA, began operations in 1958 under Denis's brother, John. Retrenching, Stagecoach sold its companies in New England to Peter Pan Bus Lines.[8] Companies in the Southwest, West, and Rocky Mountain regions were sold to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts to form Coach America,[9] and companies in the southeastern United States were sold to Lincolnshire Management, rebranded as American Coach Lines (which was merged with Coach America in 2006),[10][11] all at heavy losses. Coach USA's operations today consist primarily of scheduled services in New York metropolitan area and Chicago metropolitan area, with a number of charter operations near Pittsburgh and scheduled operations in the Southern Tier of New York and southern Wisconsin. Northeast: Based in Paramus, New Jersey, this division consists of Coach USA companies based in the New York metropolitan area and the Southern Tier of New York State. North Central: Based in Des Plaines, Illinois, this division consists of Coach USA companies based near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Chicago, Illinois. In the midwestern and northeastern United States, Megabus, a no-frills intercity bus service, consists of two networks of services based out of Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, servicing cities in the Midwest from a hub in Chicago and in the Northeast from a hub in New York City. USA Today All-USA high school baseball team — Each year, USA Today , an American newspaper, awards outstanding High School baseball players with a place on its All USA high school baseball team. 36 to 49 Passenger Deluxe Highway CoachPerfect for the mid-size group who demand safety and luxury.

Deluxe Entertainer Crew Sleeper and Star CoachTop of the line motorcoaches designed with the long tour in mind.
The group was only there for a brief time but we were able to get a few shots of PAT buses including dark blue NovaBus Classic 2761.
Lenzner operates Vanhools (C2045, T2145), MCIs (J4500, 102DL3) as well as cutaway type vehicles. In the shot of DD432, it is scrolling through the various destinations on the sign including one of their newest State College, PA.
They also brought out one of their New Flyer D30LF buses which have a very striking paint scheme.
McCarter mainly operates MCI E4500 buses, but they do have one 102DL3 left in the fleet which was pulled outside for us. Upon our arrival, they had dessert and beverages set up for us in the board room of the garage.
Gillig Phantom 3043 from 1989 (serial 15GCA0914K1082786) is ex-Central Contra Costa Transit Authority # 1000 (Concord, CA).
After a short visit at the garage, we headed to the downtown terminal which also includes a park and ride facility for the Pittsburgh commuters.
Butler Transit Authority operates 6 Gillig Phantom buses, including one that is quite bizarre.
Our arrival at 4:30 PM resulted in minimal buses on the property due to the weekday peak periods. AMCAP is going through some tough times lately and have had to scale back their fleet somewhat but Port Authority has been gracious in allowing AMCAP to store their vehicles at their garages. GMC 1129 is a TDH-4519 that lasted into the early 1990’s after receiving a mid life refurb.
The latter took over the operations of Consolidated Bus Lines, using the operating authority of another company that the Gallagher family had purchased in Paramus, New Jersey three years prior; through other acquisitions by the Gallagher family, six of these companies would become subsidiaries of Coach USA at its inception in 1995, when Frank Gallagher sold the firms to Notre Capital Ventures.
The contract transit division was flipped to competitor First Transit.[12] As a result of the sale of most of Coach USA's operations, the company's headquarters were relocated from Texas to the Community Coach garage in Paramus, New Jersey.

Megabus also operated from a hub in Los Angeles to points in California, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada (contracting with Coach America to provide the service), but because of insufficient ridership, service in the western United States was withdrawn on June 22, 2008 after only 10 months.
These buses are ideal for tours, nights on the town and where luxury is the most important factor. They also provide contract service for the University of Pittsburgh using Bluebird transit type vehicles.
The Expressway Transit Centre has a park and ride lot, a terminal for local bus routes and is also the garage. The origins of McCarter goes back to the horse drawn carriage (thus the elaborate graphic on the side of their coaches) and they also have a restored horse carriage which was inside the garage. Bus # 841 is a Gillig Phantom that has had a package added to make it look like a replica trolley. Call us today and let us check our national inventory of buses to see whats available, where and when you need it.
All of the Gilligs were in service that day but during our stay, three buses came into the transit terminal at the front of the garage which allowed for photos. While I have seen this style on low floor Advantages, I had never seen it on a high floor Phantom before. Please consult your account executive to discuss bus availability, prices and models for your charter. The two exceptions are two Orion 1 buses (107, 108) that are ex-Erie Metro Transit (8936, 8933).

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