Please refer to District Polices 5000 series for Personnel to find direction and currently approved policies.
With only a few weeks left in this school year, it is a great time to be reflective on our practice. Reflective practice has the potential to make you uncomfortable: You’re going to be looking at some areas that need growth and, in other instances, identifying strengths. Just as teaching is complex, so is your collective musings, resulting in a mental process that creates reflection.
By regularly reflecting on these questions, you are processing the day’s events and thus transferring information from short-term memory to a mental folder within your long-term memory. More structured reflection processes could come from using tools to guide the reflective process. If there is a particular area of concern—such as questioning strategies, student engagement, student misbehavior or student-teacher interaction—using an observation tool or a teacher portfolio to gather ongoing data is helpful. Regardless of the level of structure or formality with which reflection is undertaken, reflective teachers audit their professional behavior, knowledge, skills and abilities. Provo City School District supports equal opportunity for students, staff, parents and guests and complies with state and federal law regulation including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Title IX of the Education Amendments.  The District does not discriminate in programs services, activities or employment on the basis of religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, or disability. Inquiries regarding students, programs, services or activity compliance may be directed to the Executive Director of Student Services at 280 West 940 North, Provo, UT 84604 801-374-4814. Inquiries regarding employment compliance may be directed to the Executive Director of Human Resources at 280 West 940 North, Provo, UT 84604 801-374-4938. Coaches Corner is located on Seven Mile and Farmington road right next to the Wintergarden. A: As I said I was exposed to baseball at such a young age and enjoyed it very much so the progression was natural. A: The NYPL differs from the other levels in that it is an indoctrination into pro baseball for most of these players so the amount of learning that takes place is huge.
Q7: Both of your brothers played professional baseball as well, who was better Steve or Mike? Q8: Having coached both college and professional baseball, which one would you rather establish your coaching presence?
Q9: With past coaching experience in the NYPL, how do you go about helping the players get comfortable playing professionally? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The following are trademarks or service marks of Major League Baseball entities and may be used only with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. For those contemplating visiting with the Coach on Thursday Feb.
He thanks everyone for their best wishes and concern.
At this time he does not  feel up to having visitors. If he feels well enough he will respond to your telephone calls.
Some months ago I did send out press releases to all media in the New York area. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle said they would do a story about the Coach.
I personally want to thank all players and alumni who contributed to making the Coach's website a worldwide phenomena. For those interested in putting on the pads again, there will be seniors game between the Florida Barracudas and the Ostro Warriors at the Six Feet Under Stadium. Remember that you are the chosen few who have been selected to put on the pads and show what you are made of.
I have taken it upon myself to send the letter below to a sportswriter at the Sun Sentinel newspaper in Miami, Fl.
I ask you to use the letter format to send this letter to a newspaper sports writer in your city, state or village.
On his 99th birthday a group of players and coaches presented him with a plaque expressing their sincere thanks for his mentoring. I was there (1948 to 1951) to chronicle the life of a man who gave so much and asked so little.
Take your readers back to the past when we played not for fortune or fame but for the love of the game. If you cannot attend, send the Coach a note or email and include your phone number so that he contact you. Please forward this email to any alumni or friend's of the Coach who may not be on my email list.

Any news, comments, interesting events are always welcome to be included in the Coach's newsletter. I would appreciate a reply to this email if you are still interested in receiving the newsletter. Of course any photos, comments, birthdays, anniversaries or just plain talk is appreciated. We have all been fortunate to have participated in the Golden Years in Brooklyn with the Coach.
Take a few hours and Google his name ART METRANO to read all about his star studded career and the obstacles he has overcome. Just a reminder that Coach Ostro will be celebrating his 97th birthday on Sunday February 19th. If you have any memorabilia from the old days, I would be glad to put it on the Coach's website.
If you will call the Coach to have lunch or spend some time with him, he has agreed to reciprocate and will call you when you are 96 for lunch.
Since this is a newsletter and I have nothing to report, I will take this opportunity to tell you what I have been doing.
Coach wants all to know that he appreciates hearing from all who emailed and called him with birthday wishes.
In going through some of the correspondence I have received from the Coach during the past 26 years, I found his original copy of THE CREED OF THE LAFAYETTE H.S. Vince has been good enough to forward me his collection of articles and photos of that entire season etc. I am currently working on restoring and copying these yellowed with age newspaper stories.
The stats are too many to mention in this short note, but I look forward to gleaning every detail about lots of Lafayette players that are written about in those games. The biggest birthday of the Year is February 19, 2011 when Coach Ostro will celebrate his 96th birthday. The Coach would like to wish all the alumni, players and friends a joyous Holiday and Healthy New Year. I have been in touch with Coach Vince Gargano (1947) he has forwarded his collection of newspaper articles, photos and what he did after graduating Lafayette HS. The Coach’s website grows bigger and bigger and I have heard from some of the former players family. Keep checking the Coach’s website as I will be posting the unbelievable wealth of material I have received from Coach Gargano in subsequent emails. Anyone have information about Marty Grossman, Gerry Friedman, Joe Masiello, Frank Host etc. Vico comment: When I entered Lafayette HS I vividly recall watching Bob and Chippy Aspromonte hitting, fielding running basis out on the Lafayette dust bowl, hour after hour, good weather or bad. Vico comment: I remember Angelo playing stick ball on West 5th Street and Quentin Road prior to attending Lafayette HS. The photos, emails and comments I have received have trickled down to a drop in the bucket.
Any information as to the whereabouts of the above or any others will be met with sheer joy! Had a nice visit from Danny Teitlebaum, Lafayette (1953) who looks like he can still take the field.
Once again I have gotten him to promise to respond to everyone who calls or sends a card, when they reach 95.
Most everybody is into kayaking and when they are not cayaking they are in the boats powered by outboard motors. I received a call from Sandy Belkin (Lafayette HS) and when I get organized in my apartment we too will get together for lunch.
There was a very cautious man who never laughed or cried, he never risked, he never lost, he never won or tried.
On learning of Nick's passing, Coach Ostro offered his heartfelt condolences to his family. The Alumni Association are planning to celebrate Lafayette's 70th Anniversary with a grand party.
Just got off the phone with the Coach and for those of you who would like to call him, he is spending the summer at his home on Oak Island, NY. The Coach's Newsletter is always open for suggestions, comments, memorabilia and anything you want to contribute. An ex-Lafayette HS footballer who remained friends with many of his teammates throughout the years. The Coach maintained his friendship with him for more than 50 years and commented " He met all the high standards that were presented to him while on the team.

While there is still time, please contribute any stories, newsprint, photos to be used in this very important project.
Whether it be the joy of victory or the agony of defeat, it all plays a part in documenting this era for future generations. Go back in time with Art and enjoy the acting and comedy he has excelled at for more than fifty years. The Coach has asked that I write this newsletter to let you know that he is feeling great and continuing to lead an active lifestyle. So many players who he coached and instilled the principles of desire, determination and discipline who have gone on to be highly successful in their occupations. Remember Mike is the linebacker at Brandeis who had 5 broken noses before he realized that a face guard might be a good idea.
Mel Freibaum has overcome his medical problems and is back on the field instructing tomorrow’s All Star place kickers. Coach was never one to brag of his exploits but it has never stopped me from setting them in stone via this newsletter for now and forever.
He fought valiantly to keep our country free and was seriously wounded during this face to face combat with the German enemy. As always this newsletter is open to all who cherish the memories of those golden years and would like to contribute comments or memorabilia. Reflection may be both formal (such as required by regular conferences in which teachers discuss their instructional practices) or informal (such as driving home from school and thinking about the day’s lessons and student learning); in both instances, there is a growing body of evidence that teacher reflection results in improved teacher quality.
In considering what should be remembered for the future, the day is prioritized and sometimes an “action plan” is created for the next day to address a concern or share a good experience.
Another data-gathering technique would be reviewing a videotape of a class or inviting a colleague or coach to use an observation form while visiting your classroom. A 22nd round selection of the New York Yankees in 1987, Turgeon is coaching his third season in the NYPL and first with the Jammers.
Wherever I am at it is about impacting the player as a person and a player and helping him get better. To come to work every day to get better and to compete to the absolute best of our ability at 7 o’clock every night. It will be a black out night game where all lights will be turned off after the kick off and both teams will sit around and recant what great players they once were. MY TEAMMATES AND i KNOW THAT WHAT COUNTS IN THE GAME OF FOOTBALL IS NOT THE FANCY UNIFORMS, THE DIFFERENT FORMATIONS OR THE NOISE WE MAKE. He excelled in college football and won many awards and accolades for his gridiron prowess. I had been searching for Stan Silberg for many years and received an email from his niece that Stan had died at age 40 in an automobile accident. Of course anyone who followed their baseball careers knows that it all paid off big time in the major leagues.
It is about 11 miles from Jones Beach and it is opposite Oak Beach which is on the Ocean side. Coach's beloved wife Audrey was interred at Arlington National Cemetary on April 26, 2005. The accolades it receives can be attributed to the faculty, friends, former students and players who lived in that amazing time in Brooklyn's history. Art was also a stand out football player at Lafayette HS and college where he was voted Junior Collegiate All American.
It is more than a year since we had the dedication of the Coach Harry Ostro Athletic Field (Oct. This season will be his third with the Pirates organization after spending five years with Virginia Tech as an Associate Head Coach and Pitching Coach. He has put together a tough schedule of opponents and is very optimistic that you rough tough football alumni will meet the challenge. This leads me to believe that all the rough tough footballers are either dead or have forgotten the Golden Years of playing football for the Coach. WE KNOW THAT IT IS TOUCHDOWNS, WE MUST EACH KNOW AND CARRY OUT OUR ASSIGNMENTS WITH ALL OUR HEART.
Reflection should not be a chore; if the approach seems burdensome then regroup and try another way.
I MUST BE UNSELFISH AND UNTIRING IN MY EFFORTS SO THAT OUR TEAM SPIRIT WILL BE UNCONQUERABLE. In the final analysis, the ability to critically examine one’s professional practice in a constructive manner is a healthy and rewarding component of effective teachers.

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