Youth Basketball Practice PlansBasketball practice plans and award certificate templates for youth basketball coaches. Includes 50 softball award certificate and coach handout printables packaged in a downloadable PDF file that works on PCs and Macs.
By whatever name you call them — softball awards, blank certificates, sports certificate templates for kids, softball certificate templates, certificates of appreciation — you and your players will loves these softball certificates from The Well-Prepared Coach. The softball award certificate maker and coaching forms come as a PDF that works on Mac and PCs. When you purchase this ebook, you’ll be immediately sent a link enabling you to download the PDF. The ACA program gave me more insights into working with parents, and greater confidence in working with the athletic program, my assistants and players.
I also have a better understanding of practice planning and more ways to reach and encourage my players. How those coaches easily convince players, administrators, colleaguesa€¦ and even parents to follow their every instruction without fail and without question?
Here's the formula: You take any group of athletes and demand nothing less than their absolute best. And you demand it by communicating with them in a way that resonates deeply and moves them to action. Other coaches and administrators are starved for the unifying energy they bring to the table. And once you understand the needs of your players, their parents, and your colleagues, establishing yourself as the Alpha Coach is flat-out easy. Did you know that 91% of the 2.46 million amateur coaches in this country have had little to no training on how to be a coach? Theya€™re just thrown into the job and expected to magically become a€?coaches.a€? As if a silver whistles have some sort of magical power. An alpha coach is the coach that every player wants, every coach wants to be, and every parent respects. The coaches who motivate their players to thrive under pressure and win biga€¦ even if they lack talent.
The kind of coach who automatically commands the respect of team parents, so they dona€™t butt in and undermine every decision. But most importantly, theya€™re the coaches that players lovea€¦ that players look up toa€¦ and that players remember forever as having had a positive, life-changing impact on their lives. The fastest way to become an Alpha coach is to take the right knowledge and use the right skills in real life scenarios so you can get the right experience.
The bad news is that there are so many resources, and so many ways of getting the skills knowledge and experience, that it can be overwhelminga€¦ unless you pull together a team of expertsa€¦ and have THEM put together the process for you. And if thata€™s not enougha€¦ take a look at the high marks that these pro-level experts give us! What sets us apart is this: Not only do we give you the knowledge, skills and experience that you needa€¦ we also teach you how to use those tools to communicate with your team. When you can do that, everyone around you will instantly understand that youa€™re the one to trust. Theya€™ll automatically recognize that you have that one-in-a-million quality to take charge and get the job donea€¦ in every situation.. You simply cana€™t take dry theory and abstract instructions and apply it effectively to living, breathing kids, parents and colleagues.
All the principles and theory and rules and instructions fly out the window when confronted with real people, real conflicts, and real opponents. And we havena€™t even factored in tuition (up to $12,000 for one certification program!), and textbook costs, and the virtual impossibility of finding a program near you that works with your schedulea€¦ and within your time frame. Even correspondence courses force you to conform to their arbitrary deadlines, rather than letting you work at your convenience. It would be an awesome program for a new coach but even an experienced coach can get some new ideas or verification of some of what they already do. I got specific examples on how to coach individual athletes as well as a team, and also how to handle parent influences. I just finished working in a hockey school where I was instructing groups of goaltenders from ages 7-15. The ACA certification has caused my confidence level to rise, and my ability to teach and motivate has also been quite effective. The materials covered in the ACA certification course will definitely get you started in taking action to realize your goal as a coach.

They literally throw stuff into the mix of requirements a€“ lectures, class attendance, deadlines, research papers, textbooks a€“ and then PRAY that it makes you a better coach. Because they haven't got a clue about what really DOES work to consistently create effective, inspiring, and respected coaches who make a difference in their playersa€™ lives. Players wona€™t fight to get on teams just because a coach has the best drillsa€¦ or went to the best schoola€¦ or read the most books. They fight to get on teams that have coaches who have earned respecta€¦ who inspire those around thema€¦ and who make the players believe in themselves.
What you DO need is to allow the simple secrets of how to customize your coaching to be introduced directly into your brain. In fact, it's truly simple to accomplish, especially with expert guidance at your fingertips. The system we teach is an eight-part simulation to walk you through the real-life scenarios faced by every coach at one point in their career or another. When players got bent out of shape about Coach Holbraya€™s callsa€¦ or when their raging hormones led to emotional meltdownsa€¦ Coach Holbray had to deal with viciously protective parents.
Coach Holbray had a mellow personality and found these situations excruciatingly painful to face.
Taking this course gave me the real-world skills and knowledge I can use to make tough decisions when it matters most.
Often, you don't even need to run through the entire course before you and your team benefit from the simulations.
And wea€™ll walk you through scenarios to prepare you for situations before you encounter them in real life. But dona€™t get me wronga€¦ this may sound like complicated, rocket-scientist stuff, but ita€™s not. ACA switches on your hidden power to communicate the right message to the right person at the right time to get the response you wanta€¦ without fail! And all because we give you a roadmap on how to customize your communication so that you approach every single interaction with confidence and conviction. Because youa€™ll finally be crystal clear about how to put all your knowledge and skills into actiona€¦ you will be UNSTOPPABLE! Whether they do it to be closer to their own children, or because they want to have a positive impact on children in their communitya€¦ ita€™s not always easy.
They got into coaching to spend time with their own children, or because they wanted to make a difference in their communities by helping out local kids. So your athletic track record really has nothing to do at all with your success as a coach. ACA injects your brain with the most sought-after, field-tested, inside secrets to successful coaching. Scenario-based lessons form the foundation of the American Coaching Academy certification system. The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. The tickets, ticket quantity or date and time you've requested are no longer available, due to previous sales.
Sorry, your requested ticket quantity exceeds the number provided by your promotional code. Sorry, you need to enable javascript to place an order.How do I enable JavaScript on my computer?
We couldn't process your order because you have this event open on multiple tabs in your browser. This Certificate in Wellness Coaching looks at balancing needs, personal effectiveness and sense of self-fulfillment for clients in their personal and professional lives. In the work-place, there is a high demand and an urgency for individuals and clients to be well. We are still learning so much about how we operate as humans, the latest research on how the brain works is allowing us as coaching professionals to tailor our language, strategies and skills to support our clients overall health and well-being.
Our Wellness Coach Training is a structured one-to-one process to help clients look at and create a healthy balance in their lives leading to a better sense of well being and satisfaction. Are you aware of how your brain is functioning  - does it currently enable or disable your well-being ? If you need some answers to the above questions – then this course will definitely  be for you.

We are an established learning and development company whose mission is to provide a professional positive environment for individuals and groups to develop their awareness and enhance their skills through our core services of Training, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching and Learning and Development Masterclasses in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. What you get with Positive Success Group is a genuine interest in you, your company and your challenges and complete dedication in helping you to succeed.
We help you to improve and increase your employability by providing learning which is accredited and professionally recognised with FETAC and FAS awards. Upon completion you will achieve the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching(10535NATVIC).
As a Registered Training Organisation (21858), Open Door will issue your qualification and is committed to ensuring your receive the highest quality coach training. You can complete the Certifcate IV over a 6 to 12 month period according to your own preferred pace. You can complete the program via our intensive face-to-face method (see dates above) or via our on-line method. Our courses have been purposefully designed to accommodate corporate and professional people - busy people who understand the demands of the workplace and the pressure of time. If you have skills and experience that meet the competencies of the Certificate IV, recognition of this learning is also potentially possible. We also enable participants to receive direct credits for applicable study previously undertaken and recognition of prior learning as applicable. The Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching (10535NAT) provides you with all the core skills to have coaching conversations with individuals and your team in the workplace. You can download a copy of our Student Information Handbook to assist you in making an informed decision about your training, simply click here. Players will appreciate the award recognitions and parents will like being kept in the loop with the handouts. In no time, you’ll have professionally designed certificates and coaching forms that look fantastic. These professionally designed certificates look great on refrigerators, bulletin boards and bedroom walls. Use this certificate maker to print rewards for players, assistant coaches and team parents. By having someone spend some time to carefully think thru what's to be taught and when to teach it gives you a distinct advantage. So while others were still searching for the information a€“ he was at practice using his new coaching skills. Sure, a lot of them give some good information, but leta€™s be honesta€¦ most of the books are drier than a cow skull in Death Valley.
Plus, you have the interminable period of waiting for your CDs, DVDs and manuals to arrive.
The younger kids were never an issue it was always the older athletes and especially the more talented ones. THEN whatever coaching activity you do a€“ team practice, administrative meeting, parent participation, competition a€“ you will have the juice to motivate, connect, and inspire everyone you meet. Coach Holbray learned the right way to communicate with her players and eliminated the meddling and undermining attempts of the a€?bad applesa€? among players and their parents. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase.
With the imbalance of too much stress and not enough coping skills,  we are at serious risk of being change averse and unable to deal with every day challenges. Here’s a cool way to give your players, assistant coaches and team parents a feel-good boost. You’ll get instant access so you can review the product in full and begin making coaching forms and award certificates from the professionally-designed templates. These softball award certificate templates and softball coaching forms templates will make you look polished and well-prepared.
What ever the reason – it is having a huge toll on the individuals and is an enormous  cost to employers and businesses in low productivity.

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