Manny’s full-time position in TN was serving as the Executive Director and Director of Coaching for Tennessee State Soccer Association where he oversaw the Olympic Development Program, State Coaching Schools and day-to-day operations of the association. Montgomery YMCA Capital City StreaksThe Montgomery YMCA Capital City Streaks is a Premier Soccer Program that offers team in the Under 9 to Under 18 age groups. Want Team Results Published?Have someone from your team write a short paragraph describing your game or tournament and SUBMIT THE ARTICLE. Offer Your Input…Do you have other comments or suggestions of things you'd like to see included in our website?
He was named team MVP and Goalkeeper of the year during the Memphis Storm’s Championship season in 1988-89.

Teaching the game to not only help them become better players, but better individuals by using the above core values in life, wherever it may take them.
I pledge to make sure that we are competitive and ensure all the tournaments or leagues we play in are at the highest level possible. Put the team first, support each player on the team, and ensure proper communication is passed down to parents in a consistent manner as well making sure that I am available to answer questions and concerns from parents and players by providing constructive feedback. Managing expectations and staying the course even when challenged is important to building credibility, but also keeping a straight forward honest rapport with  not only the team but the club as well!
He also coached the TNFC ’89 U18 Boys team, which won the Region III Premier League Championship in 2004 and the SMSC Velocity Premier U14 Girls 2005 State Champions and 2006 State Finalist.

The negative consequences can last a lifetime: Some kids develop bad habits and poor skills and can become discouraged. This means more of them will grow into healthy, active adults with a lifelong love of the game.Read more in our Long-Term Player Development: A Community GuideCurious about the recommendation to eliminate league standings in youth soccer under LTPD?

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