Central Board of Secondary Education on Tuesday notified supplementary material on additional sub-topics included in the Class XII physics theory syllabus for March 2015 examination.
The Board Exam preparation is a source of unlimited Sample Board Question papers in the prescribed blue print format for Standards X and XII Math and Science. The Sample Board Question papers are generated in a printer friendly format, which the student can print and practice. Gives the student an idea of the type of questions expected, and the level of difficulty in the Board Exam. Continuous working on the Sample papers makes the student more systematic and confident in answering the question paper during the Board Exams.
Our sample papers come with a brief description or tabular about the question paper design. While attempting to work on all the papers in our Board Exam Preparation, the student reach an understanding of subjects or chapters that need focus and meticulous study.

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We provide the education of Maths science english and if any student wants to get the education of social than we also provide that. Hardik Baruna 12th Class StudentIt provides best study material and material is so different as compare to others. Our logic for the perfect performance in the final examination is simple: perfect every chapter of the syllabus and automatically your result will be perfect. Although the material was notified as part of the CBSE syllabus, in June 2014 many students were unaware as it was not there in the prescribed NCERT textbooks. We make this available to the Educational Boards of CBSE, Andhra Pradesh and the Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board. They state the number of questions, the type of question – long or short, the weightage in marks given to the different chapters or lessons, and the difficulty level of the questions.

Since many schools and students didn't have the access to the content the board has decided to upload it online.
It is an exhaustive database of Board format questions and all the question papers of the previous Board exams.
All papers generated are stored for easy reference giving the student unlimited scope to practice and verify the answers. And the competition among student is also so tough.I wish that all the coaching should be like s2.

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