In this workshop we explore and inhabit the women of the story of Passover, imaginatively and creatively giving them voice, filling out their presence, and composing a new Haggadah that tells the inspiring tale of our liberation from slavery in the Voice of Our Mothers. Carol Fox Prescott, professional actor, singer, director, acting coach, and playwright, combines her lifelong passion for theater and the creative process with her love for Judaism, and she explores both through her unique lens of breathing, awareness, and joy. Susan Rosen is the founder and spiritual director of Miriam’s Well, a holistic retreat center in the Hudson Valley. Do you long to move, to fill your lungs, to sing out, to more fully express the life that flows through you?
Our experience will be rich and joyous and will forever change your understanding of the power and purpose of prayer.
He graduated from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, in 1989, and in 2014 was awarded their doctor of divinity degree. You have an audition coming up, a presentation to make, a speech to give, a meeting to attend.
Join us in this introductory workshop, which will serve to introduce you to Carol’s soul-nourishing and specific, physically based techniques designed to bring ease and joy to your spiritual offerings.
With her special combination of theatrical skill, teaching experience and devotion to Torah, master teacher Carol Fox Prescott, is beautifully attuned to assisting rabbis, rabbinical students, cantors and Jewish educators.

Depending on the needs of the individual or institution, a variety of formats can be created, ranging from one or two day workshops to semester long classes.
I recommend her to any seminary that wants to deepen the experience and capability of its students. The eighth annual week long intensive in expanding your acting skills through breathing, awareness and joy. Have you ever stood by a piano and let your voice ring out while waves of joy surge through you? We hope that workshop participants will attend the Seder and help present and perform the fruits of their creative work together! Since opening it in 1999, she has brought philosophers, poets, spiritual leaders, and teachers in many traditions to thousands of people. The answer to our prayers is in the experience we can attain when we pray of being more fully alive.
Through movement and voice, creative improvisation, text study, and a sacred and safe environment, we will move beyond the self-consciousness that often inhibits us and we will become a praying community, joining our energy to the chorus of life that is joyously resounding throughout the universe.
Imagine that every time you receive a breath you are inhaling divine love and guidance and every time you express yourself, that your words, melodies and silence come forth to generously share your truth, your knowledge and what is in your heart.

In this sacred setting you will journey with us as you embody Breath by Breath techniques, sanctifying your communications, kavanah and prayer to become ever more authentic, spirited and generous as creative transmitters of the depth and breadth of Judaism.
Carol's skills as an acting teacher, commitment to Jewish community, and compassion for where each student was at that moment all converged to make it a transformational opportunity for the class. Such is the nature of our ancient text, but the absence of women’s voices is a great loss for our tradition.
Rabbi Jonathan Kligler and Carol Fox Prescott bring decades of experience to the beautiful work of helping people to fill themselves with life, and you will be held in their safe and loving hands. For decades he has practiced the art of improvisational dance, performing and teaching adults. Intuitively, she recognized what we all needed, and we profited on a tachlis professional level and a personal, spiritual one. What you experience as nerves, anxiety and fear is really a rush of creative energy that can be harnessed to move you on to powerful, interesting and creative performance.

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