The Directory of Puerto Rico, Corp., establecida en 2008, con sede en Mayaguez, es una empresa netamente puertorriquena, que posee anos de experiencia en la navegacion de Internet como una solucion viable para el desarrollo de negocios.
The Directory of Puerto Rico, Corp.,fue creada especificamente para ofrecer a las empresas en Puerto Rico una presencia en la red en un ambiente que, ciertamente, es muy competitivo. Ademas, utilizamos lo ultimo  en metodologia de buscadores ciberneticos para obtener visibilidad en Internet para nuestros clientes. Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching, and Keeping the Best People by Bradford D. The formation of TEAM INSPIRATION is the result of a wonderful journey I have been honored to be a part of with my friend Kristen who is a cancer survivor. Two of the most amazing triathletes in the sport, Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander have joined Team Inspiration as Inspired Warriors. Follow the personal stories of our Inspired Warriors – both close to home and around the world.
Team Inspiration empowers individuals living with cancer by providing exercise & wellness programs that improve their physical, mental, and spiritual quality of life. Learn more about our pilot program designed to help cancer patients decrease fatigue, increase activity tolerance, and improve quality of life through exercise. The Inspiration House offers programs and resources to support our power to heal through yoga, Reiki, Qigong, meditation and relaxation techniques. Coaching is not an isolated practice--it's a management discipline that influences both development and performance. The report, which is now available exclusively to i4cp members, reveals four key findings that demonstrate how high-performance organizations are addressing coaching:1. Organizations with the strongest coaching cultures use coaching broadly and deeply to help individuals reach their full performance potential and to help them strengthen targeted skills.
In a case study included in the report, Campbell Soup Has the Right Recipe for Coaching, Emily Riggs, director, global talent management, describes how the Campbell Way for Coaching ensures that coaching is a critical ingredient in the organization's global talent strategy.2. The use of coaching for knowledge transfer can accelerate collaboration, improve performance, boost engagement and help maintain institutional knowledge--it's good for the enterprise level as well as the individual level. The visible support and modeling of coaching by top leaders goes a long way toward creating a culture of coaching. Coaching skills aren't widely mastered: 49% overall Providing training to internal coaches is correlated to both having a coaching culture and to coaching effectiveness, and 53% of high-performance organizations do provide such training. Coaching accountability is not consistently enforced: 50% overall Including coaching in managers' accountabilities is correlated to both having a coaching culture and to coaching effectiveness, and twice as many high-performance organizations as low-performers do include such accountability.

Outcomes of coaching are not measured: 49% overall Measuring coaching success is correlated to both having a coaching culture and to market performance.
A culture of coaching helps employees to reach new goals, teams to achieve greater synergy and companies to accelerate their productivity. Members can download the full Creating a Coaching Culture report now (non-members, download the preview edition). Nuestra compania ha logrado un exito rotundo consiguendo una presencia web dominante en el internet para nuestros clientes, los que nos convierte en su mejor eleccion. Ya contamos con una gran base de clientes satisfechos en Puerto Rico y nuestra lista de clientes continua en expansion. Smart Report this PageGreat companies don’t just depend on strategies—they depend on people. We uses Search API to find the overview of books over the internet, but we don't host any files.
Learn how you can become an Inspired Warrior and help unite cancer patients with endurance athletes. Become an Inspired Warrior and show your support for our cancer warriors along with Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander. Join our team with Inspired Warrior Ambassadors Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington as we unite the cancer warrior community and the endurance athlete community! Team Inspiration is proud to have BethAnn as one of our fantastic Inspired Warrior Ambassadors!
When embraced, valued, and demonstrated enterprise-wide, a culture of coaching prevails, which significantly correlates to market performance. In the new i4cp report, Creating a Coaching Culture (non-members, download the preview edition), only 20% of the 274 respondents rate their companies highly in using coaching effectively, with 37% stating they are barely or not at all effective.
What's more, they invest in training managers how to coach and also leverage the talents of peer coaches. In fact, five times as many high-performance organizations as lower-performing ones use coaching to transfer knowledge.
Grainger Leverages Peer Coaches for New and Senior Leaders Alike, senior manager, management development Don Stanley shows how the company's alumni network for Grainger's First-Time Managers program developed peer coaching skills in participants that facilitated the sharing of learning from the program.3. High-performance organizations do so through measurements at the individual level (such as changes in productivity, targeted behavior or performance evaluations) and at the organizational level (such as retention of those coached or bottom line impact on business).
It doesn't arise simply from launching a new initiative--it is created from the individual and collective efforts of those who coach effectively and those who are effectively coached.

Ella esta muy comprometida con la pueblo de Puerto Rico ayudando al desarrollo de a las empresas y corporaciones con la presencia en Internet que se merecen.
All document files are the property of their respective owners, please respect the publisher and the author for their copyrighted creations. Some of our warriors are on the front line as survivors inspiring others as they go through their treatment.
These less-than-stellar results are mirrored in how well companies model a coaching culture, with just 23% performing at high levels and 42% performing poorly. Statistically, half of all employment decisions result in a mishire: The wrong person winds up in the wrong job. Het is normaal dat iemand -meestal- met plezier naar zijn werk gaat; als dat niet het geval is, staat er kennelijk iets in de weg.
In overleg worden de mogelijkheden overwogen: kan de organisatie zich aanpassen, kan de werknemer zich aanpassen of is het verstandig om vroeg in het traject een oplossing buiten de organisatie te zoeken?
Eigen krachtSTUIM-trainingen gaan uit van de eigen kracht en mogelijkheid om te leren en te ontwikkelen.
Most of the book is about why the hiring decision is so important, and why it's important to retain top talent. Een STUIM-training bevordert de professionele competenties van deelnemers en daarmee hun werkvermogen. STUIM-trainingen worden samengesteld aan de hand van vooraf besproken doelen en resultaten.
Zie verder ook inhoud Leidinggeven-basis en Leidinggeven-uitgebreid.Coaching of training?Training en coaching liggen in de praktijk dicht bij elkaar, maar STUIM maakt toch een theoretisch onderscheid. Training kan goed in groepen en de relatie met de trainer is belangrijk, maar niet essentieel. Het contact met de coach is persoonlijker, de relatie belangrijker en het traject is vaak wat langer. Coaching steunt en stimuleert deelnemers om zelf sturing te geven aan hun persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling.

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