The Institute of Health Sciences is committed to providing the highest standards of education and training in nutrition and health in Ireland and the UK. At IHS we believe that as humans, our present health and our health destiny is the sum of our genetics, diet, lifestyle choices, environment and emotions. The goal of IHS is to be a centre of excellence for education and training in nutrition and health. Choosing a course is the first step to a new career or a new way of life so it is important that you choose the college that will provide you with the best training to suit your needs and will support you throughout your studies. The goal of IHS is to be a centre of excellence in Ireland for education and training in nutrition and health.
In this 100% free unit, you will explore the definition of health and wellbeing, focusing specifically on how contemporary diets and lifestyles impact overall health. IHS courses give students the practical skillsĀ to maximise their future revenue streams and help their clients make real, useful changes to their health.

Choose from our academically accredited and industry recognised part-time and distance learning courses in nutrition and health. And as no two humans have exactly the same combination of the above factors, the same symptoms suffered by one person are unlikely to have the same root cause as these symptoms in someone else. We are committed to furthering the standards of practice for training in Ireland, the UK and the rest of the world. With over 230 students currently enrolled on our various courses, we pride ourselves on the support that we offer our students throughout their time with us and also after they graduate.
We are committed to furthering the standards of practice for training in Ireland and worldwide. You will also consider the principles and practice of Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and how it fits into the healthcare model. Our part-time in-class, onlineĀ and blended learning courses combine both traditional and research based methods of healing with a contemporary perspective.

As different diseases may manifest as different symptoms from one individual to another there is no one treatment option to resolve any common health concern in all sufferers. To achieve this goal we have developed up-to-date and scientifically relevant course material and have established a passionate lecturing team of experts. To date, over 400 students have graduated from IHS, including more than 150 Nutritional Therapists.

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